The Savoy Grill is Gordon Ramsay’s pride and joy — and is where Margaret Thatcher used to dine with her husband, Sir Denis, by the Thames.

And the TV cook painstakingly picked a celebrated young chef — who has won a spate of Michelin stars for top hotels — to run the kitchen.

After only seven months, I was surprised to learn that Matt Worswick has abruptly been dismissed.

“We are all shocked,” said my silver spoon-wielding man. “There was an explosion in the kitchen, and Matt then announced that he would be leaving.

Gordon Ramsay (pictured in February 2020) painstakingly picked a celebrated young chef - who has won a spate of Michelin stars for top hotels - to run the kitchen at The Savoy Grill

Gordon Ramsay, pictured February 2020. He carefully selected a young celebrity chef who won several Michelin stars for top hotels to lead the kitchen at The Savoy Grill.

Worswick, now 55, was being hailed as Ramsay’s protégé. He was reminiscent of the diminutive Glaswegian and showed tremendous promise when he won a Michelin star at 26.

His hiring was a great decision for Savoy Grill. He had previously worked in Cheltenham at Le Champignon Sauvage (double-starred) and in Scotland at Glenapp Castle. This was where he earned his first Michelin star.

Masterchef: Professionals viewers may recognize him as he made it to the semi-finals of 2010.

He was so pleased with the Savoy, he was invited to open The River restaurant in September.

The chef confirmed that his journey had ended at the Savoy. For all of their hard work, I want to thank everyone, both past and present. I wish Gordon Ramsay the very best of luck and success in the future. 

Ramsay is believed to have been abroad during the incident.

So I'm surprised to hear that Matt Worswick (pictured), 28, has suddenly been fired after only seven months in the role. He was being trumpeted as a protege of Ramsay, 55

After only seven months, I was surprised to learn that Matt Worswick (pictured), 28 has been abruptly fired. He was being trumpeted as a protege of Ramsay, 55

This is just one chapter of Ramsay’s colorful career. His antics and anger made him a household name. Ramsay fired a waiter to drink water in the face of customers.

He was known for his fiery temper and once carried the late, distinguished critic A. A. Gill and Dame Joan Collins were forced to leave Gill’s restaurant by Gill, who described Gill in a review of him as a “failed sportsman” that acted like an 11 year old.

He has insulted other chefs, including Raymond Blanc whom he described as a ‘little French t***’.

Hotels are having bad luck with their top restaurateurs at the moment — I recently revealed that Claridge’s chef Daniel Humm stormed out after the hotel refused to let him turn the menu vegan.


Helena Bonham Carter was married to Tim Burton for 13 years. They lived in interconnecting homes, each home decorated according their personal taste and preferences.

So it’s surprising that Rye Dag, Rye Dag, and the actress at 55 years old have chosen to share their home with Rye Holmboe, 32, an art historian.

Helena Bonham Carter has chosen to share a home with her boyfriend, art historian Rye Dag Holmboe (both pictured), 32, despite living in inter-connecting houses with Tim Burton

Helena Bonham Carter has chosen to share a home with her boyfriend, art historian Rye Dag Holmboe (both pictured), 32, despite living in inter-connecting houses with Tim Burton

Couple adopted house rabbits to add to their home bliss and they now select art together for their North London walls.

At an exhibition of works by collage artist Nicol Allan, Holmboe tells me: ‘Helena and I have been given six of the collages — she chose her favourite ones. Holmboe tells me that her favorite collage is actually the one she made on the work of Nicol Allan.

Helena (who has two children) showed me her painting for the hall. She gushed: “Art is one of many things Rye taught me about …’

Jacob Rees Mogg is a Labour MP who has found an unlikely partner in her fight to have her baby brought into the Commons chamber. 

He said to me that he would love for him to bring his own, because he could tell them all the time, “I sat down on the benches when i was one.” 

He could make it quite crowded by bringing all six Mogglets along to listen to the debates. 

Oscar nominee Dame Helen Mirren claims she finally learnt to smile after years of sucking her lips like Posh Spice.

‘I don’t do a Victoria Beckham — she’s always got the smoulder on,’ she says. I’m no good at this anymore. 

Dame Helen adds: ‘I always had fat cheeks — and I still do, so I was always sucking my cheeks in. 

‘But you can’t suck your cheeks in and smile at the same time — it’s absolutely impossible. “So, I don’t know why I smiled.” 

David Beckham’s spouse has stated that she considers her pout her ‘armour.


One of the most influential figures in racing who has bred horses to the Queen’s honour, Sheikh Fahad al-Thani gets used to having people talk about his prospects.

Now all of the talk is focused on the Qatari royal getting married.

Melissa Margolis (his American wife) has made it public that they have separated.

Later, however, she deleted her remarks.

“It’s so sad but it’s over,” one of her best friends said to me. “She is devastated.”

I hear Sheikh Fahad Al-Thani's American wife, Melissa Margolis (both pictured in November 2018), has publicly tweeted that they've split up

Melissa Margolis, the American wife of Sheikh Fahad al-Thani (both photographed in November 2018), publicly announced that she and her husband have separated.

Melissa declines to comment when I call her, saying: “At the moment, I don’t have any further comments.”


Fahad, the first cousin of Emir Qatari who owns a super-rich fortune and where the FIFA World Cup will be held in next year’s Qatar.

Heikh Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani was his father and prime minister in the oil-rich Gulf state for eleven years. According to reports, the family has a Park Lane mansion that makes Buckingham Palace seem rather boring.

Melissa, who was an ex-showjumper, was his wife. They were married three years ago. He lives by his motto of “Never Back Down and No Regrets,” according to his Twitter profile.

A spokesman for the couple tells me: ‘We won’t comment on personal matters — particularly a deleted tweet.’

The couple could have a very lively wedding. Victoria ‘Tor’ Dashwood (professional party planner), whose ancestor established the 18th Century Hellfire Club, renowned worldwide for their scandalous soirées, is engaged.

Tor, 30, is set to marry Tyrrells crisps heir James Chase (31).

Tor claims it won’t be extravagant, saying to me, ‘We haven’t begun planning properly yet. But it will certainly be intimate.


Sir Mick Jagger’s ex-inamorata Luciana Gimenez once said that being a young lover was like getting a drip in your arm.

Now, the Brazilian TV host enjoys a renewed injection of youth.

Sir Mick Jagger's former inamorata, Luciana Gimenez (pictured), once claimed that having a 'young lover is like having a drip put in my arm'

Luciana Gimenez, Sir Mick Jagger’s former Inamorata (pictured), said that having an “young lover” is similar to having a drip placed in my arm.

I hear Luciana, 52, who is the mother of the Rolling Stones singer's son Lucas, 22, has split up with her toyboy, millionaire businessman Eduardo Buffara, 29, after two years together

After two years of being together, Luciana (52), who is the mother to the Rolling Stones singer Lucas has separated from Eduardo Buffara (199), her millionaire toyboy.

She's already enjoying a passionate new romance with another Brazilian businessman, Renato Breia (pictured), who, at 35, is still 17 years her junior

Renato, another Brazilian businessman is already in her life and she has a passion for him (pictured). He’s only 35 years old, but still 17 years older than her.

After two years of being together, Luciana (52), who is the mother to the Rolling Stones singer Lucas has separated from Eduardo Buffara (199), her millionaire businessman.

She’s happy that she is already in love with Renato, a Brazilian businessman who, although he is 35 years older than her, has a passion for another Brazilian woman.

Her friend said that they have been together for two months now and are inseparable.

He regularly gets into spats with his three brothers and feisty mother since he sold the splendid London HQ of The Lady magazine, earning him £12.4 m.

Ben Budworth (56), who lives in Bylaugh Hall, Norfolk is currently involved in a legal case along with his neighbor. 

Andreus Medler (52), is charged with theft and causing harm to Budworth’s beautiful lawns. He performed ‘doughnuts’ in a vehicle. 

Yesterday’s statement by Medler to the Norwich Magistrates Court was enough to cause it to be adjourned until February.


Although it might seem impossible to host Britons in holiday homes around the Mediterranean and Florida, A Place In The Sun’s presenter Laura Hamilton said that this job has left her with a need for cosmetic treatments.

The Channel 4 star reveals that her mum believed she was crazy for botox. 

“I had a bit between my eyebrows because of the freckles from the sun. It’s my 40th year and I wanted it. 

Showing Britons round holiday homes would seem like a fantasy job, but A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton (pictured) says that it's left her needing cosmetic treatment

It might seem impossible to show Britons around holiday homes, but A Place in the Sun host Laura Hamilton (pictured), says it has left her in need of cosmetic treatments.

Hamilton was once Dancing on Ice’s runner-up. He adds, “I considered a boob reduction surgery in my teens.

“When I was 15 years old, my boobs suddenly grew to 28FF and I had an unproportioned body.

The doctor described the procedure as scary and I realized I still had the rest of my life to get settled into my body. It was a terrible decision. 


Guy Pelly, like Prince Harry, moved to America to be with his American wife.

Pelly has had a difficult time lately, as she is married to Elizabeth Wilson, Holiday Inn’s heiress.

Elizabeth revealed to us that her newborn daughter needed to be admitted in an intensive care unit in a Virginia hospital.

She says that baby Maple, her newest addition to the family, received excellent medical care during the first weeks of her existence. “We couldn’t be more grateful for their care.”

Pelly was a nightclub manager and is now the godfather for Prince Louis, the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge’s younger child.

He is a close friend of the princes from childhood.

The couple visited Harry and Meghan last year at their Californian house to assist them in settling into American life.