Like his moneybags father, Euan Blair is already said to be a multi-millionaire on the back of his blue-chip apprentice business, but I can disclose that the company has still amassed losses of more than £18 million.

His business, Multiverse Group Ltd, lost £10.9 million this year on top of more than £5 million in 2020, according to newly released figures. Including previous years’ losses, the total reaches £18.8 million.

The firm is being kept in the black after a huge influx of investment, including a reported £95 million from American investors this year, as it scales up its operation.

Tony Blair’s 37-year-old son is now the chief executive officer of Multiverse. Multiverse matches top-ranking apprentices to high-ranking companies like Morgan Stanley and Facebook. 

It had revenues of £10 million, but operating and sales costs meant a loss for the year of £10.9 million.

Explaining the loss in the year to March, the company says: ‘The movement in net loss year-on-year reflects the ongoing investment in the business and our commitment to building support functions that will allow the organisation to scale.’

Euan Blair is already said to be a multi-millionaire on the back of his blue-chip apprentice business

Euan Blair is already said to be a multi-millionaire on the back of his blue-chip apprentice business

Euan Blair and his wife Suzanne leave All Saints Church after getting married on September 14, 2013 in Wotton Underwood

Euan Blair, his wife Suzanne and Wotton Undergroundwood were married September 14, 2013.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair with his family outside 10 Downing Street following a visit to the Queen

Tony Blair, ex-Prime Minister of Britain, with his family after visiting the Queen

It adds: ‘We have made significant investments across all teams at Multiverse to set ourselves up for greater scale.’

The accounts signed off by Euan also say the company had ‘over-delivered’ and grown sales by 300 per cent, while employing 181 people earning a combined £14 million a year, including pension and social security costs.

The company has opened New York offices earlier this year and provided apprenticeships for businesses such as Google.

Euan is Blair’s eldest son and is now said to have a fortune worth £160 million — more than triple his father’s £44 million.

He founded the company in 2016 with Sophie Adelman, whom he met while working in investment bank Morgan Stanley’s graduate training scheme.

Multiverse Group’s spokesperson could not reach us for comment.

Do not exit Countdown — Rachel’s Keep your feet on the ground!

On the previously calm Channel 4 quiz program Countdown, tensions reached so high that Anne Robinson was reportedly considering leaving.

Riley, who is 35 years old, says she’ll be last woman standing. 

‘This will be my 13th year — and I’ve apparently been telling everyone that I want to beat Carol Vorderman’s record of 26 years,’ she says.

‘I don’t remember saying that, but why wouldn’t I want to beat it? 

‘Being on Countdown is the best job in the world, and I hope I’m there for ever.’

Countdown's Rachel Riley (pictured) at the British Takeaway Awards in London in 2018

Rachel Riley from Countdown (pictured at the British Takeaway Awards, London 2018, 2018

Of Nick Hewer’s 77-year-old successor, Riley says: ‘It’s true that Anne Robinson’s arrival has given the show a slightly different vibe. 

‘Admittedly, she doesn’t mind giving the contestants a bit of a bruising.’

Riley adds in Saga: ‘Someone asked me if I’m going to stop being “naughty” now that Anne’s in charge. 

“Sorry. This is me. What you see is what you get.’

Lady Kitty Spencer married a man five-years older than her father. But she still feels like a tiny girl.

Princess Diana’s niece, who exchanged vows with 62-year-old fashion tycoon Michael Lewis earlier this year, celebrated her 31st birthday in South Africa with a child-like mermaid-themed party, including an elaborate cake (right).

The bash was attended by the model’s twin siblings Lady Eliza and Lady Amelia Spencer, 29, who paid tribute to her as ‘the best big sister anyone would ever wish for’.

Aristocrats are usually busy with their shotguns at this time of year, but the Marquess of Salisbury’s son and heir, Viscount Cranborne, has his sights set on a wedding instead.

I hear that Ned Cecil, as the 51-year-old Viscount is known to chums, is due to exchange vows on New Year’s Eve with journalist Constance Watson — great-granddaughter of satirical novelist Evelyn Waugh — who’s two decades his junior.

Cuddly Ned, who has a daughter from a previous relationship, stands to inherit a £335 million fortune, which includes one of England’s largest historic properties, 17th-century Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, and its £150 million art collection.

After a deal made with Tony Blair, his father was an outcast among Tories. He vowed to remove hereditary peers from Lords, so long as they kept their seats.

The family declined to share the good news, which is curious.

Saboteurs can’t spoil Mrs Mogg’s day out…

With There are gangs of hunt-supporting hunters coming to blows this week. To be brave, you need a whole family who is willing to take on these toff-hating saboteurs.

Helena Rees Mogg, the wife of House of Commons leader Jacob, was a great choice. She took three of their six children, including Mary, 13, on the Mendip Farmers Hunt, Somerset. 

Helena (43), a former Master of hunting, has no doubt grown accustomed to rude behavior from sabs. 

Jacob and Helena Rees-Mogg pictured together at the General Election count at the Sports Training Village, University of Bath, on December 13, 2019

Jacob and Helena Rees-Mogg pictured together at the General Election count at the Sports Training Village, University of Bath, on December 13, 2019

But, even so, she had to put up with comments from assembled louts, who insulted her ‘long skirt and daft-looking hat’.

Helena and her family are strong and happy and managed to have a great day.

Miranda Hart, a comedian, isn’t amused at the television schedules. And she blames the stations’ bosses for the ‘lack of warmth’ on our screens.

‘That genre of live audience sitcoms is lacking on TV at the moment,’ says Hart, 49, who’s best known for her BBC hit Miranda.

‘There was a bit of an explosion of it with Mrs Brown’s Boys, which came after Miranda.’

The Call The Midwife star adds: ‘I find a lack of warmth generally on TV — there’s just a lot of crime and thrillers.

‘It’s odd because people in the industry are lovely, good, kind, warm people, but it doesn’t necessarily seem it’s been translated in the comedy narrative.’

Prince Harry can be as wealthy as Croesus with his Netflix, Spotify, and other deals. 

Cressida Bonas his wealthy ex-girlfriend is struggling to get a decent living through her own performing arts enterprise. 

The actress, 32, who was praised for her performance in the hit ITV crime drama White House Farm, has seen the capital and reserves of Cressida Bonas Ltd dip to £7,150 in the year to March — less than half the £18,295 held in 2020. 

Harry Wentworth Stanley, Harry Wentworth Scottanley’s husband is a much higher-paid estate agent.