Emily Ratajkowski, a top model and feminist icon who encourages women to feel great about themselves through her book My Body has been called a feminist icon.

But she has left Saskia Connery, Sir Sean Connery’s granddaughter, shaken.

Ratajkowski (aged 30), a 25-year old fashion designer, has been accused of encouraging girls to strive for unhealthy bodies by posting this online photo of Ratajkowski’s taut stomach.

Saskia says she has a 'big issue' with the London-born model, claiming this picture is an 'eating disorder catalyst'

Saskia states she has a “big problem” with London-born models and claims that this image is a “eating disorder catalyst”.

Saskia states that she has a “big problem” with London-born models and claims this image is an “eating disorder catalyst”.

She states that this is not realistic and healthy weight. You don’t look this healthy if you eat stable food. Think about who you are sharing it with.

Saskia added: “You could be a young teenage girl following her, and think that it’s amazing to look that way and nearly kill yourself for looking like that.” That would be a Vogue cover?

Top model Emily Ratajkowski has been hailed as a feminist icon for encouraging women to feel good about themselves with her book My Body. Yet she's left Sir Sean Connery's granddaughter Saskia shaken and stirred

Emily Ratajkowski is a well-known model who has been honored for her feminist work encouraging women to feel confident about themselves through My Body. But she has left Saskia Connery, Sir Sean Connery’s granddaughter, shaken.

Although most people like a deal, Stephen Fry, a polymath insists that he is too timid to take advantage of his discount card. “I don’t say this to be humble or boastful, but I used to go so often to Paul Smith that the manager finally said, “Here’s the card. It’ll get you 20% off.” 

“But I did not go back in because I felt embarrassed.” “I never went in again because I was so embarrassed to use it.” The television personality added: “I met Paul Smith since then and he told me that I wasn’t the only one there and that I’d be welcome to pay full price, or more, if you choose.

Craig plunges into a pool party in strict Oz fashion

Craig Revel Horwood’s new year’s celebration is only for swimmers.

The acid-tongued Strictly Come Dancing Judge tells me that “My New Year’s Resolution is Always the Same.”

“Keep the swimming pool heated so everybody can go in in bikinis. I can then pretend that I’m in Australia.

Antipodean born choreographer Rietta Austin, 56, has just released “It’s Christmas, Merry Christmas!” and recently moved in to a Northamptonshire home with Jonathan Myring, 35, his horticulturalist fiancée.

Craig adds, ‘I always tell my guests to bring your bathers darling. Everyone gets in the water at midnight and takes off their trunks, bikinis, and swimsuits. We then spend the remainder of the New Year there.  

G’day everybody!

Matt Hancock is resourceful and nothing but the best. After being caught by CCTV on him and his assistant during lockdown, the MP resigned from his position as Health Secretary. He has since found new employment writing for an Employability News Channel. 

Jobs media group Finito paid £480 for Hancock’s words of wisdom. Maybe he’ll be asked next to offer marriage guidance?

Very modern ways

A lot of restaurateurs are complaining about Covid-related cancellations. But, this top chef is mad at customers who actually show up.

Sat Bains is a double Michelin-starred chef who claims many of his guests have been ‘literally made into the Grinch’ by appearing on TV’s MasterChef or Great British Menu. 

Some who come to enjoy the £155 tasting menu at his Nottingham venue, Sat Bains With Rooms, are ‘miserable, threatening and just plain rude to our team’.

Some customers complained about not being able hear the staff wearing masks. Bains blames the problem on “pandemic stress”.

Mrs May on £160k for 4 hours work!

Boris Johnson’s intimations about political death suggest that he would welcome any proof of how rich life is beyond Number 10. 10.

Despite being one of Downing Street’s least captivating speakers, his predecessor, Theresa May, has just disclosed she was paid a staggering £160,370 for four and half hours work.

For just two speaking engagements, the former PM was paid an advance by JP Morgan Chase, the U.S. financial bank.

The best part? She delivered the speeches online, so she did not even have to go to America.

Boris’s record payment for a speech is said to be £51,250, from the Irish firm Pendulum Events for a speech in Dublin. He would command much more as an ex-PM.  

Pop princess Katy Perry’s bizarre stage costumes have included a dress in the style of an upside-down bag of popcorn and a skin-tight beaded catsuit with purple angel wings — and now we know who to blame.

Orlando Bloom is Orlando Bloom’s British partner.

Perry (37), says that Perry and the 44-year-old Lord of the Rings actor talk about the costumes. Sometimes, when I am going to a fitting he’ll ask me for notes. I will show him. This is fun. And we can tell the truth.

The American singer — who has a one-year-old daughter, Daisy Dove, with Bloom — adds: ‘He’s like, ‘Babe, don’t wear that. This is what you look like. . . A. . . don’t.’

Bloom ran onto the stage last month to unfasten Perry’s corset in preparation for a gig. She was so impressed that she told the crowd, “Hero!”