Dachshund in the snow The Christmas photoshoot saw eight cute pups wearing festive bonnets, mince pie hats, and festive mittens.

  • The 8 adorable dachshunds behaved perfectly during the photoshoot 
  • The Christmas photos feature all eight dogs in festive outfits 
  • Zoe Green, owner of the photos, says that she hopes to make a Christmas calendar from them

For a Christmas photoshoot, eight adorable dachshunds were dressed up in mince pie hats and festive bonnets.

Zoey Green (37), from Sheffield, South Yorkshire said that her dogs behaved well during the two-hour shoot. 

Each of the eight dogs is dressed up in festive attires including snowflake scarves and Christmas pudding caps.  

Zoey helps her husband with their groundwork business. She is also a mother to six. Now, she hopes to transform the photographs into a festive calendar. She has already printed some photos for Christmas cards. 

Eight adorable dachshunds have shown off their festive spirit in a photoshoot in Christmas outfits

The photoshoot featured eight adorable dachshunds in festive Christmas costumes.

Zoey Green, 37, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, has had a photoshoot with her 'perfectly behaved' dogs, which only took two hours

Zoey Green (37), from Sheffield, South Yorkshire has taken a photoshoot of her dogs. It took only two hours

She is now hoping to turn the pictures into a festive calendar, and has already printed some shots into Christmas cards

The photographer is planning to use the images in a holiday calendar. She has even printed some photos for Christmas cards.

Clover the dachshund with a Christmas flower crown. Zoey owns eight dachshunds in total

Clover the Dachshund in a Christmas flower crown Zoey currently owns eight Dachshunds.

Zoey stated that the dogs were so good-mannered, they know what to do and how it is done.

“The shoot took around two hours. However, that doesn’t include regular breaks.

“It is unfair to their to constantly get them to behave, so we allow them to have some play between outfits to ensure they aren’t stressed.”

Zoey stated that it is easy to change the dog’s appearance and pose them up. She also shares images of the dogs on her Instagram.

She explained that they run on blankets as soon as we get them out.

“They are quite content for me to gently nudge them so they all line up for the camera.

Gypsy the dachshund in a bowtie, one of eight belonging to the same woman - who also has six kids

Gypsy, Gypsy’s dachshund dressed in a bowtie and one of eight owned by the same woman. She also has six children.

Zoey said it takes minimal effort to get the dogs changed and posed up, and she shares the images on the dogs' Instagram account

Zoey shared the photos on Instagram and said that the effort required to make the dogs change and pose up is minimal.

Photographer Imogen Moon with Lunar Photos, also said she was impressed with how well behaved the dogs were

Imogen Moon, a photographer for Lunar Photos also stated that she was amazed at how well-behaved the dogs were

“Imogen is a dog and animal handler. She’s able to snap pictures fast while the animals are still in their place.

“As soon I put one on and take it off, they get jealous and start to want the other.

Imogen Moon of Lunar Photos said that the dog’s behavior impressed her.