After being crushed by the OWN car’s wheels as he tried stop it being stolen, an elderly soldier in the army is unable to walk. The 37-year old cowardly criminal is now serving 14 years imprisonment

  • Ronald Kenny, aged 88, was submerged under the wheel of his vehicle during the robbery 
  • Ian Gibbons, 37, abandoned Mr Kenny’s Ford Fiesta nearby and was arrested
  • Kenny sustained ‘life-changing’ injuries and is now unable to walk. 
  • Gibbons was sentenced to 14 years in prison after he admitted intent to cause serious bodily injury, robbery, and dangerous driving.

A cowardly criminal ran over an elderly Army Veteran who was barely able walk, throwing him off his car’s bonnet.

Ronald Kenny (88) was hit by a car and crushed beneath his Ford Fiesta while he tried to stop Ian Gibbons from entering an off-licence area in Rochdale.

Former soldier who served more than 30 year in the Armed Forces and was honored by Queen 1992 for his service, sustained ‘life-changing’ injuries including a broken femur. He also had to have surgery for a replacement hip.

Gibbons of Rochdale abandoned Kenny’s car close by, and was then arrested, Greater Manchester Police reported.

It emerged that he had attacked another man and stolen £5 as the victim put change in his pocket following a visit to a Morrisons. Gibbons received a suspended sentence at that time for theft.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard Mr Kenny say that he now struggles to take care of his wife, who is blind and has been infirm for 63 years.

Gibbons (37) was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment after he admitted intent to cause grievous bodily injury, robbery, and dangerous driving.

Mr Kenny stated that he just remembered feeling disoriented and in pain. He was surrounded by a lot of people.

Ronald Kenny, 88, was rammed into a parked car and then crushed under the wheels of his Ford Fiesta as he attempted to stop Ian Gibbons (pictured) outside an off-licence in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, a court heard

Ronald Kenny, aged 88, was struck into a vehicle and then crushed underneath his Ford Fiesta. He tried to stop Ian Gibbons from driving past an off-licence located in Rochdale. 

“I’m utterly dissatisfied with the male’s actions. He could see I was elderly, threatened to steal my car, and then drove it at me.

According to police, Mr Kenny stood before the bonnet of the car that was being driven toward him. He was then knocked down.

He stood up and stood again in front Fiesta. But Gibbons reversed the process and ran him over with car number 2. 

Juliet Berry, the prosecutor of the case told the court that Kenny was unable to move and had difficulty living with his wife.

“Mr Kenny” drove to his house and stopped outside of a shop. According to her, he left the keys in his ignition. She said that Mr Kenny arrived at the garage in less than one minute and got into his car’s driver’s compartment.

In a statement at Minshull Street Crown Court, Mr Kenny said he is now struggling to care for his blind and infirm wife of 63 years

Minshull Street Crown Court was informed by Mr Kenny that he has difficulty caring for his wife of 63-years, his blind and incapacitated wife.

Mr Kenny came to the shop in order to sit with the defendant. By getting onto the bonnet, Mr Kenny attempted to stop Kenny from driving the car. If he wanted to leave the car, he said that he wouldn’t chase him.

“But, the defendant then accelerate while Mr Kenny was riding on the bonnet to a stationary car in front. To escape, he reversed. He was then thrown onto the road. The accused drove away from the scene and then abandoned his car.

“The key was hidden under a bush by the defendant. The steering wheel contained DNA. Many people witnessed the accident and someone with medical training came to his aid.

‘Mr Kenny sustained injuries and was taken to A&E at Salford royal hospital. His right hip fracture required him to be resuscitated and undergo plastic surgery.

Andrew Whitehill, Detective Constable of Greater Manchester Police stated that “Gibbons’ cowardly and callous actions have left an elderly man suffering serious and potentially life-threatening injuries.”

“The victim was able not only to resist Gibbons’ tactics but to also survive the horrors of this attack.