Italian elderly care home resident dies trying to get out by hanging his bedsheet around his waist and lowering himself from a window.

  • A care home resident aged 91 died after trying to escape.
  • He tied the bedsheet to his waist and attempted to lower his head from a window.
  • Director of the Italian retirement center said that he was shocked.

A 91-year-old man has died in an accident while trying to escape his care home in Italy by lowering himself out of a window with a bedsheet tied around his waist.

Mario Finotti, an Italian resident living at Opera Pia Francesco Bottoni’s retirement home in Papozze was once a resident.

His room was on the 1st floor. To leave, he had lowered his body from the window using a sheet tied around the waist.

Finotti had been living in the carehome (pictured) for around a year at the time of his escape

Finotti was in the carehome for about a year when he was forced to flee. 

According to local newspapers in Italy, a slip could have resulted in a fatal compression of his lungs. He died as he fell.

Local newspaper Corriere del Veneto reports that Shift workers saw his body in the window around 6.30am Tuesday.

Finotti was brought up in the town, and he has lived there throughout his adult life.

He did not have any children, and was unmarried. In his latter years, he refused to take caretakers.

Luca Avanzi, director of retirement home said to Corriere della Sera that she was shocked at what had happened.

The body of Mario Finotti was found dangling from the window of his carehome at around 6.30am on Tuesday after he tried to escape his by tying a bedsheet around his waist

Mario Finotti’s corpse was found hanging out from the care home window on Tuesday morning. 

“Mario Finotti was healthy, and he wasn’t suffering from any degenerative diseases. He was calm psychologically so it’s not possible to determine what went through his mind.

“Also,” he said, “Also,” his niece talked to the psychologist last week via video chat and the psychologist had gotten a clear psychological picture about the older man.

Francesco D’Abrosca, the prosecutor of Francesco D’Abrosca, has stated since that no third party was criminally responsible for this incident.

It is unclear if authorities are conducting an investigation.

Since then, the emergency services removed the body from the scene and gave it to relatives so that a funeral could take place.

Finotti lived in the retirement residence for approximately one year. 

Pierluigi Mosca from Papozze, who was acquainted with Finotti, said that Finotti was passionate about politics and would often make excuses for him to come visit his office.

Finotti claimed that Finotti was likely fleeing from loneliness because he couldn’t visit his family due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

His home had been depopulated by the pandemic. The Mayor added that Finotti has never stated any interest in moving into retirement homes.

Italy’s oldest inhabitants are 22.8%, according to Statista data.

Covid-19 was more severe than the other countries in that it reported over 140,000 deaths, compared to over 120,000 in France or 90,000 in Spain according to Our World in Data.