An elegance coach has revealed the aspects sophisticated women never divulge – including future plans, finances and ‘controversial’ opinions.

Anna Bey is a splitter of her time. LondonGeneva in her most recent article YouTube Clip what the classiest ladies shouldn’t share – from sharing gossip to boasting about their great deeds.

Elle also recommended that elegant women not reveal any intimate information about their relationships – except to a therapist, or very trusted friend. 

Anna is the founder of The School of Affluence. YouTube subscriber count is 1.1million. She shows YouTube viewers how to have a feminine lifestyle in order to attract a rich partner.

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Anna Bey (pictured), who splits her time between London and Geneva, explained in her most recent YouTube clip what classy ladies should avoid sharing - from repeating rumours to showing off about their good deeds

Anna Bey, pictured, splits her time between London & Geneva. In her latest YouTube video she explains what ladies of class should not share – from spreading rumors to boasting about their great deeds

Don’t share your plans

“Elegant women never discuss their plans.” Ladies, always move in silence. Anna advised that women should never share their goals or plans for the future, nor what they are doing or how it is affecting them.

“I know it’s tempting to chat about the next move. You get that dopamine rush every time you talk about your hopes and dreams with somebody else. 

“But, I ask you to not do this. There is a reason. Your chances of achieving your goals are higher if it is kept to yourself. 

“Spare yourself from evil-like energy and, more generally, from toxic people. Don’t tell them about your activities. 

Do not talk about finances 

“Don’t share your income.” The elegance coach advised that you should not share your bank balance or how many savings you have.

It is important to keep your finances secret from your spouse or family members. 

“So, talking about all these numbers is simply tacky and inappropriate. It’s because it could sound like bragging or you might be trying to outdo others. 

You don’t want your financial position to be exploited by anyone.

“So, instead of talking about the things you want to do, you can start to do what is right for you. This will allow you to move silently and only show the results.

Don’t discuss your love life

Anna stated that the most elegant ladies don’t share their romantic lives. However, she said, “This point is very individual since I don’t believe there is any right or wrong.” Each individual is responsible for their own decisions.

Elle continued by saying, “But in my view, I don’t think it’s wise to disclose a lot about your love lives. 

“The most common female behavior among friends is to gossip about their men, sometimes even their sex lives, and then, generally, talk about their problems in their relationships. 

“And, although I did this quite often in the past. But I stopped once I realized this was personal information that should remain between me and my partner. 

“Plus, it’s also an issue of respect for the relationship as well as the other person… It’s not my business what the couple does in private, or what their problems are. 

“Now, I’m not afraid to share some general information about my relationship, which shows that there is no perfect relationship. It’s OK to be vulnerable, and it’s okay for you to talk to people around the world. 

“But, when it comes to the point where you have to share intimate information, that’s where I personally draw the lines.”

However Anna added that talking to a therapist about your relationship, or a ‘very close girlfriend who will give good guidance’ is sometimes necessary. 

Anna (pictured) also suggested elegant women never reveal intimate details about their love life - unless they're talking to their therapist or a very close and trustworthy friend

Anna (pictured) suggested that elegant women should not reveal any intimate information about their relationships unless they are talking to a therapist, or an extremely close friend.

Do not divulge the confidential information of another person and do not repeat rumors

The elegance coach said, “We all know that graceful ladies don’t gossip. And that’s an important rule that I believe all women should live by.” 

There are two kinds of gossip. It is called idle gossip, and it is something that everybody does. This is because you either speak of someone in general or in positive terms.

“The malicious gossip is when someone shares confidential information with them, or intimate details they have shared with you. You then pass it along to your friends, or worse, ladies as entertainment, when there are negative rumours. 

Share your opinions but not the rest 

Anna insists that Anna is a victim of a common mistake made by women when they share their opinions. 

“I’m referring to things like religious, political, and socially-taboo topics. Elegant ladies won’t approach sensitive topics, as it could cause offenses and friction. 

“So it is okay to have opinions. This isn’t the problem. However, you must choose your battles. You should think through everything before speaking or even read the surrounding environment to feel the atmosphere.

“And although you have never seen any evidence, it seems that you are just assuming it to be gossip. Then you continue to spread the rumours on other people, and present them as facts. 

You can see that I am going somewhere ladies. Negative gossip, especially when it comes to your own karma, is very toxic. What you put out into the universe will be what comes back to you. 

“So, you must ensure that your conscience is clear. You also have to consider what messages you are sending other people regarding your behavior. Imagine how other people will view you if this is the way you communicate with them.

Don’t brag about the good works you do  

Anna said, “Elegant women never share their great deeds.” 

“I have spoken out about the importance of giving back to society and the community. I’ve also talked about the need to help others, or donate money. 

“But, we don’t do it because then we’ll brag about the fact afterwards. 

“We do this because we feel good. 

“It allows us to feel like we’re contributing to society even if we don’t have the privilege of being privileged.” 

“But unfortunately, some people boast about it. This is something that I do not wish for you dear beautiful ladies to do. If you give to charity privately, it is best.