On Wednesday, a Bronx baby was taken to the hospital in critical condition after she was shot in the head and had been caught up in crossfire.

Eric Adams is determined to end the violence that is sweeping the city, and this child is just the latest victim. 

At 6:45 PM, gunfire broke out in Fordham Manor. The girl, 11 months old, was in her car, with her mother (32 years).

The suspect shot at the other man and then the infant was hit in the left cheek. Her mother survived uninjured.

He fled the scene on foot, and is still at large.

The little girl, who turns one on Friday, was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital in critical but stable condition, before being transferred to Columbia Presbyterian.

According to Adams’ spokesman, Adams visited both the mother and child on Wednesday night at hospital. 

Police are seen on the corner of East 198th street in the Bronx following the 6:45pm Wednesday shooting

Following the Wednesday 6:45pm shooting, police were visible at the corner East 198th Street and Bronx.

Cones mark evidence from the scene of Wednesday night's shooting in the Bronx

The scene from Wednesday night’s Bronx shooting is evidenced by cones

A heavy police presence is seen in the Bronx on Wednesday night after the shooting

After the shooting, Wednesday night saw a heavy police presence in Bronx

The street is seen taped off on Wednesday night, as locals gathered to observe

As locals gather to watch, the street was taped on Wednesday night.

Police patrol cars block the street after the 6:45pm shooting on Wednesday in the Bronx

Following the Wednesday shooting in Bronx at 6:45pm, officers placed police patrol cars on the street.

Twitter: The 52nd Precinct said that ‘Due To Police Activity, Please Avoid the Area of East 198 Street Between Bainbridge & Grand Concourse. 

“Expect delays and emergency vehicles in the vicinity.”

Eric Adams, the new mayor of the city, was trying to control violence.

Adams, an ex-NYPD officer, ran for office on the promise of reducing crime. But in his first two weeks, gun violence continued to escalate.

52 shootings took place in the week that ended January 16. There were 57 victims. That’s an 15.6 percent increase over 2021.

CompStat reports that total crime has increased by 35 percent year-on-year.  

Adams spoke Tuesday night at a Times Square Vigil in memory of a Deloitte executive aged 40 who was killed Saturday by a homeless mental patient. Adams was forced to follow a train that came towards her.

Adams stated that violence must stop.

He said, “Right here, in Times Square I served as police officer and spent many hours in the early 1980s wearing a uniform as a cop officer-a transit officer, looking where we were,” to the crowd.

“Swearing and committing that we would not go back.”

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York, is seen on Tuesday night at a vigil for Michelle Alyssa Go, who was pushed under a subway train on Saturday by a mentally ill homeless man

Eric Adams, New York’s mayor, was present Tuesday night at the vigil to Michelle Alyssa Go. Go had been pushed underneath a subway car by an elderly man with mental illness.

Go, 40, is beamed on to the side of Times Square during Tuesday night's vigil

Go, 40 is beaming onto Times Square’s side during Tuesday night’s vigil

Go's friends and colleagues and hundreds of well-wishers gathered in Times Square to pay their respects

Go’s colleagues, friends, and hundreds of well wishers came together in Times Square to offer their condolences.

Tributes to the 40-year-old 'fearless' Deloitte executive, who grew up in San Francisco, were on display on Tuesday night

The tributes paid Tuesday night to the 40 year-old Deloitte executive who was a ‘fearless and fearless’ child of San Francisco were displayed.

Asians Fighting Injustice was the organizer of the vigil. Eric Wei (founder) told the New York Post that his group demands City Hall establish an Asian American task force to address the ongoing concern over anti-Asian violence. 

Anti-Asian criminality was 361 percent higher in 2021 than it was in 2020. According to the NYPD there were 129 anti Asian crime and 183 antisemitic. 

Simon Martial (61), was well-known to the police for his shoving Go. 

Although it is not known if she was affected by her race, police believe that the attack at 9:40 am on Saturday was accidental. 

Martial, who had admitted that he killed her, said publicly following his arrest that God allowed him to act like God. 

Adams on Sunday sparked widespread anger by seeming to downplay the concerns of subway riders. 

He stated that New Yorkers feel safe using the subway. 

“I believe it’s approximately 1.7 percent of crimes that take place in New York City on the subway.

“Think about this for a second. We must remove fear from our perception. 

Before the vigil on Tuesday, he retreated and said there was an issue – reverseing his earlier stance.

Adams is seen on Tuesday holding a press conference in City Hall, in which he admitted he does not feel safe on the subway

Adams was seen Tuesday at City Hall holding a press conference, where he acknowledged that he doesn’t feel safe riding the subway.

He stated that on January 1, 2001, Day One, he saw “homelessness”, the screaming, and the crime right outside the platform. 

‘We know we have a job to do — and we’re going to do both. 

“We are going to reduce crime and make New Yorkers feel secure in our subway system. 

“And they don’t have that feeling now. I don’t feel this way when I travel by train, bus or other means of transportation.