You are the Elf! The identity of the generous supermarket worker who delivered 150 presents to more than 150 people in Suffolk at midnight leaves residents confused

  • The village of Elmswell has received more than 150 gifts from a mysterious elf. 
  • This Morning, a supermarket worker dressed up as an elf appeared on The Morning. She refused to disclose her identity and said she loved the villagers who were curious about her identity. 
  • Her presents have consisted of flowers and plants. She says that she left them at the door of villagers who had been struggling. 

Unidentified supermarket worker has delivered over 150 presents to the village she lives in, earning her the nickname “The Good Elf of Elmswell.”

The village of rural Suffolk has been receiving gifts and bouquets of flowers over the weeks. But they don’t know who big-heartedly works at the supermarket.

The mysterious present giver, who is known to go out at night in order to protect her identity, appeared on Today’s This Morning. She stated that she loves helping people and would continue to send her secrets gifts until Christmas Eve.   

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Spotted! But residents in the village of Elmswell have no idea who the big-hearted Christmas elf is who has now left more than 150 presents on villagers' doorsteps

Spotted! Residents in Elmswell don’t know who this big-hearted Christmas elf who left over 150 gifts on the doorsteps of the village has been.

Presents have included plants and flowers - and she says she leaves them on the doorstep of villagers who she knows have had a tough time

Her presents have consisted of flowers and plants. She says that she left them at the door of villagers who had been struggling.

This doorbell footage captured the elf dropping off a large bunch of flowers on December 8th

In this doorbell footage, the elf dropped off many flowers in large numbers on December 8, 2008.

Appearing on This Morning today, the mystery gifter said she loves hearing villagers trying to work out who she is

Today’s mystery gifter appeared on This Morning. She said she loved hearing from the villager trying to find out who she was.

Doorbell footage showed the generous elf handing out large bouquets of flowers to residents on December 8th. However, she said she isn’t ready to disclose her identity yet.

On This Morning, she told Vernon Kay and Rochelle Humes how she got started in kindness after being sorry for OAPS people living in her village. 

She disguised her voice and face, and wore a Christmas hat and silver-haired wig. 

The Elf, who was seated with her back towards the camera, stated that she wanted to demonstrate to them that there were good people and they are not alone.     

Keeping mum: She told hosts Rochelle and Vernon that 'Ring doorbell is not my friend but luckily my identity hasn't been revealed'

Keeping mum. She said to Vernon and Rochelle that Ring doorbell was not her friend, but that she had luckily kept my identity secret.

She'll make her last delivery on Christmas Eve...and may well reveal her identity in January

On Christmas Eve, she’ll be making her final delivery… and may reveal her identity in January

Festive cheer undercover: A second delivery was made on the same evening - with the mystery gift giver moving quickly around her neighbourhood to deliver gifts

Christmas cheer in the shadows: Another delivery took place the following evening. The mystery gift recipient moved quickly through her neighborhood to deliver gifts.

It’s an exciting time making people smile during festive season, she admits. The excitement and buzz around the village is what I enjoy most. 

“I hear other people talk about it while I’m walking.” At the moment, the atmosphere is incredible in the village.

But she is not yet certain if her identity will be revealed to other residents. She joked: ‘Ring doorbell is not my friend but luckily my identity hasn’t been revealed. 

“I am going to Christmas Eve, and who knows?” I might reveal, I might not!’