Surprise visit! Surprise visit!

  • James F Jonell found the elk using his Colorado doorbell camera
  • Jonell claimed that deer began to eat his floral display, which also included flowers
  • Inadvertently, the elk bumped into the front doorbell of the porch while it was sporting its antler.  

Colorado resident was surprised when large elk visited his home to eat Christmas flowers and then ring his doorbell. 

Colorado’s giant ruminant entered the house and began to eat flowers. 

James F Jonell shared the video showing the Elk visiting his Colorado home at Estes Park. The footage was taken by his motion sensor doorbell camera. 

The elk paid a visit to the porch of James F Jonell at his home in Estes Park, Colorado

The elk paid a visit to the porch of James F Jonell at his home in Estes Park, Colorado

The large ruminant enjoyed munching on the floral display on the porch of the house

Large ruminants enjoyed eating the flowers on the front porch. 

After eating flowers beside the front door, the elk switched its attention to a wreath on the pillar

The elk ate flowers near the front door and then turned its attention towards a wreath at the pillar.

After just a couple of seconds, the video picks out the sound from the doorbell being rung.  

After having eaten some fresh flowers, the elk turns around and takes a look at a Christmas wreath that is placed on its side. 

James F Jonell uploaded the video online, and people started commenting about the bizarre footage. 

One individual wrote, “So adorable! As if there was something yummy on the wreath, he sniffed it.

 Another said: ‘Whew! This is a very large visitor. It’s possible that he thought that nobody was home.  

One more: “Did this Elk just ring this house’s bell?” What the hell!!

He said, “Hello, anybody home?” It’s time for me to eat!