According to reports, Elon Musk secretly lives in Austin’s $12 million home, despite the fact that he claims to be living at SpaceX’s Boca Chica launch location in a $50,000 rent module.

For the past year, Musk has been spending at least part of his time in the lavish waterfront estate owned by his fellow PayPal alum Ken Howery, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Howery disputed the report and told the Journal in a text message: ‘Elon does not live at my home, he lives in South Texas. When he was visiting Austin, he stayed in my house occasionally as my guest.

Musk, SpaceX’s CEO, declared that last year that he wouldn’t own a house and sold his California properties for $144million.

He wrote, “My primary home is literally the Boca Chica/Starbase house that I rent through SpaceX,” in a June Tweet.

According to the Journal, Musk spent much of his time secretly in Howery’s home, however.

The lavish 8,000-square-foot mansion sits on the Colorado River in a gated neighborhood, and boasts waterfront pool, jacuzzi and private boat slip.

For the past year, Musk has been spending at least part of his time in this lavish waterfront estate owned by his fellow PayPal alum Ken Howery, according to the Wall Street Journal

According to Wall Street Journal reports, Musk has spent at least some of his time over the past year living in this luxurious waterfront property owned by Ken Howery.

Musk claimed to have lived in a 375-square foot box.

A model layout of a Boxabl Casita)

Model layout for a Boxabl Casita

Elon Musk claims he is currently living in a Boxabl modular home measuring 375 feet by 375 feet, according to Teslarati and The Houston Chronicle.

The man stated that he would rent the property for around $50,000.  

Musk hasn’t confirmed the identity of the company, but a Boxabl unit is visible on Google Earth.

It is a small, but very stylish home that the company offers. The homes have an open concept living room, kitchen, and bedroom with an adjoining bathroom.

These properties can be assembled using a box that is made from concrete panels and steel.

Teslarati reports that Musk’s motel is a prefabricated mass-produced home called the Boxabl Casita. It measures 20 feet by 20 feet.

Boxabl did not confirm whether Musk lives in its home, but it announced in November that it had constructed a Casita to accommodate a high-profile and highly secret customer from Boca Chica.

I have a $50k Boca Chica house that I rent out to SpaceX as my primary residence. He wrote it in June.  

Experts estimate that the property would have a value of several million dollars in 2019, even though it was sold at a record price in Austin.

Musk may have compensated Howery, but it isn’t clear if he did. 

Musk is the wealthiest man on the planet, with a value of $240 billion. However, much of this is due to his Tesla stock holdings. 

Some suggested that he might have been motivated by the opportunity to sell off his property in order to get cash for stock options, which will run out next August.

These options have been exercised by him over the past month, and he also sold stock at an alarming pace. 

The Journal further reported that Musk had been involved in a very secretive house hunting operation for a trophy property’ located in Austin. This is where Tesla’s headquarters are.

According to two sources, Musk has visited multiple homes personally. 

Musk claimed Wednesday that his stock sales were ‘almost finished’ after he had sold more than $14 billion for the past month.

He made some confusing statements about whether or not he was going to achieve his goal of selling 10% of Tesla shares.

In an interview with Babylon Bee, he stated that he had sold enough stock for 10% and the option exercises stuff.

He suggested that he could not complete the sale on Wednesday. Tweeted “This assumes that the 10b sale is completed,” in reference to his prearranged sales strategy related to his options.

Later, he tweeted, “There are still several tranches remaining, but almost done,”

Tesla filings show that he used his Rule 10b5-1 trading strategy in September to exercise stock options which expire next year. A portion of those stocks was sold to pay taxes.

Musk has over 3,000,000 stock options remaining after a frenzy of sales. They expire next August.

It comes amid claims that Musk ‘paid nothing’ in federal income taxes in 2018 and less than $70,000 in 2015 and 2017.

Senator Elizabeth Warren dubbed Musk ‘the world’s richest freeloader’ amid a row over the billionaire’s taxes.

Musk addressed her concerns by stating that he will pay more taxes than any American this year.

After Musk’s name was published in Time Magazine as Person of the Year, Warren and Musk began a war of words.

Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, famously declared last year that he would 'own no house' and went on to sell off his nine California mansions for a total of $144 million

Musk, SpaceX’s CEO, declared that last year that “he will own no house” and sold his nine California homes for $144 million.

Howery disputed that Musk was living in his waterfront mansion in Austin, telling the Wall Street Journal in a text: 'Elon does not live at my home, he lives in South Texas. He stayed at the house as my guest occasionally when traveling to Austin'

Howery refuted the claim that Musk had been living at his Austin waterfront house. In a text to Wall Street Journal: ‘Elon is not here, he lives in South Texas. He was my guest when he visited Austin.

Musk, one of the world's richest men, had reportedly been living in a tiny prefab house by the company Boxabl on the SpaceX site in Texas, according to reports (Pictured: A Boxabl Casita similar to the one Musk is said to be renting)

According to reports, Musk was reportedly living in a small prefabricated house built by Boxabl at the SpaceX site, Texas.

Warren said last Monday that he wanted to change the tax code and make sure The Person of the year pays taxes.

Musk quickly responded, writing “Stop Projecting” and naming the former law professor and politician “Senator Karen”. 

Musk said, “You remind me that when I was young and my mom would randomly shout at everybody for no reason,”

Senator Karen, please don’t call me the manager. 

These are the properties Musk sold to get rid of his valuable residential real estate. 

Musk paid $6.4 million for this white Colonial home in a Bel Air cul-de-sac on Somera Road next to his other properties

Musk purchased this colonial home on Somera Road in Bel Air for $6.4 Million. It is located next to other Musk properties.

Hillsborough’s 891 Crystal Springs Rd was purchased in December 2021 and sold for $30,000,000

It covers 16,000 sq. ft. and boasts a five-star kitchen, which has been completely restored. 

Musk paid $6.4 million for this white Colonial home in a Bel Air cul-de-sac on Somera Road next to his other properties

Musk purchased this colonial home on Somera Road in Bel Air for $6.4 Million. It is located next to other Musk properties.

958 Somera Road sold Dec 2020 for $6774,500

California’s home had four bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths.

Musk also sold this Somera Road house for $4.4 million. It was built in the 1960s and has apparently not been renovated since

Musk also purchased this house on Somera Road for $4.4million. This house was constructed in 1960s, and apparently has not been renovated.

955 Somera Road was sold December 2012 for $4,443,000

Bel Air is nestled in a small cul-de–sac and has four bedrooms.

The home is listed with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms

This home has six bedrooms and seven baths. 

954 Somera Road was sold December For $29,719,000

This home has six bedrooms and seven baths. 

This 16,251-squarefoot mansion features six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a two-story library, swimming pool, and a tennis court

Six bedrooms and eleven bathrooms are featured in this 16,251-square-foot home. There is also a library on the second floor, swimming pool, and tennis court.

For $29,000,000, 10911 Chalon Road was sold June. 

The home is located across the street from the Gold Course and has six bedrooms as well as eleven bathrooms. 

It boasts beautiful landscaping and a tennis court. 

Musk lived with his three sons in the house, which he rented out for two years prior to purchasing it.  

Musk bought this home, which was previously owned by legendary actor Gene Wilder

Musk acquired this property, which had been owned previously by Gene Wilder, a legendary actor.

10930 Chalon Road, sold in October for $7,000,000

This Los Angeles residence was home to both Musk and Gene Wilder, the famed actor.

Wilder, who was killed in 2016, lived for three decades in this home. 

 It features five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a luxurious pool in the backyard. 

His one condition for selling his beautiful property was that he own Gene Wilder’s house. It must not be destroyed or stripped of any part of its soul. 

Musk said he only lived in one of the properties in the area, and purchased the others as privacy buffers

Musk claimed that he had only ever lived in one of these properties and bought all the other ones as privacy buffers.

For $20,948,500, 10947 Chalon Road sold December 2012

Hidden behind foliage and gates, it is protected by greenery.