Tesla boss Elon Musk claims he’s “troubled” by an enormous, and quite unsightly windshield wiper. This image was taken on his prototype eagerly-awaited Cybertruck. 

The new images show the wiper reaching from the roof to the top of the sunroof. This visually dominates the truck’s aesthetics.

Musk tweeted, “The wiper” being the thing that most troubles him. There is no easy solution. A deployable wiper, which can be stored in the front trunk of your car would be ideal but complicated.

Last week, the new Cybertruck was captured on video at a Fremont test track in California.

Musk can be improved upon by engineers if they so desire. Production of the futuristic vehicle has been delayed until next year.

The latest Tesla Cybertruck prototype, spotted last week in Fremont, California, features an oversized windshield wiper

Tesla Cybertruck’s latest prototype was found last week in Fremont. It features an enormous windshield wiper.

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk said on Twitter that he he's troubled by the wiper, and added there was 'no easy solution' to changing it to something more aesthetically pleasing

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted that he is troubled about the wiper. He also said there was no easy way to make it more pleasing to the eye.

Musk stated during the second quarter earnings call that the market debut of the truck was delayed due to battery shortages. Musk explained that the cost would rise up to $1 million per piece if it were made this year.

Tesla currently cannot produce Cybertrucks in low quantities. This would increase the suggested retail price from $40,000 to $70,000.

Cybertruck was first introduced in November 2019 with an armored vehicle look and angular sides that divide the internet.

When the truck was initially unveiled, it lacked rearview mirrors; Musk said manufacturers are required by law to have the mirrors installed when shipping vehicles out

Musk explained that when the truck first was unveiled it did not have rearview mirrors. However, manufacturers must install the mirrors before they ship vehicles out.

Twitter user @SawyerMerritt shared screengrabs of the truck, drawing plenty of commentary from critics and Musk himself

Tweeter @SawyerMerritt posted screengrabs from the truck. This drew lots of comments and criticisms, as well as Musk’s own.

The glass’s debut was notoriously ruined when Franz von Holshausen, a billionaire and chief of Tesla Design, took to the podium at a high-profile launch party to show that the glass is’shatterproof’.

It actually wasn’t, as a shocked Musk discovered when von Holshausen  threw a metal ball at a window at close range, smashing it. 

Musk was heard muttering ‘oh my f***ing God’ when his showpiece test failed. 

Musk took to Twitter to share the reason why his Cybertruck’s windows broke after a failure in strength testing at its launch.

Musk tweeted that the bottom of the window was already weakened in the previous demo. 

When Musk unveiled the truck to the world in 2019, he claimed the glass was shatterproof, but he was proven wrong when an engineer smashed a window in front of a live audience

Musk, when unveiling the truck in 2019 to the world claimed it was shatterproof. However, an engineer broke a window right in front of him

Production on the vehicle has been pushed back until late next year over battery shortages

The battery shortages have caused the production to be halted and delayed vehicle production until next year.

Cybertruck, along with Tesla’s Semi & Model Y will have the brand new 4680 cell battery. The latest version was announced in September 2020 by the company during its Battery Day.

The firm is still working on ramping up production, despite having’successfully verified performance and life expectancy of the battery’.

Numerous outlets have reported that Tesla received over 1,000,000 preorders for the Cybertruck.

Musk isn’t the only person who doesn’t like its new appearance.

Some people took to social media for a snarky look at the car’s exterior.

@PMack1224 tweeted, “Literally nobody is going to buy it.” It looks just like one my son’s Lego cars. He’s doing a disservice by this. His cars look so much better. He’s only 4.


Matthew Parks stated that he was disappointed by the new design.

He wrote, “These tires look horrible and scrawny. “Lastly, the trunk area should be resized. The top and bottom lights on both the bar and roof are missing. It all seems awful to me.

Added another user: ‘I’m a [Tesla] fan but I just can’t get past the shape of this thing. It’s just so damn ugly. Perhaps my opinions will change when it’s seen in person. But, I am open to new ideas. 

Some others complained that the prototype has different design elements than the original. Musk stated that the rear-view mirrors are mandatory for manufacturers when they ship out the product.

On Twitter, he said that “Owners can modify their car,”

Musk was not the only person concerned about the appearance of the prototype. Some Twitter users called it ugly and stated that “literally nobody” will purchase it.

Some people noticed the new black truck bed, which was a departure from the original stainless-steel look. 

A man claimed that the truck was different in person.

“It’s a completely different experience when it’s so close to something modern,” @CharliesAguero tweets. 

“The interior is the most beautiful place, it’s also where the best experiences are found.

Hundreds of New Yorkers lined up to see the latest Cybertruck prototype when it made a visit to the Big Apple in May

New Yorkers flocked to the Cybertruck’s latest prototype in order to view it when it visited the Big Apple back in May.

Its New York appearance gave the public a rare glimpse of the vehicle, which was in town during Musk's Saturday Night Live appearance

This rare view of the vehicle was made available to the public in New York, during Musk’s Saturday Night Live performance

'You want to have these things that inspire people and feels different,' Musk said of the futuristic Cybertruck (pictured) 'Everything else is the same, like variations on the same theme'

Musk said that it was important to find things that motivate people, and feel different. Musk spoke of futuristic Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck visited New York City in May. Hundreds of people gathered outside Tesla’s Manhattan showroom for a rare view of the prototype. This was just as Musk was making an appearance on Saturday Night Live.  

Many bystanders were amazed when the futuristic Cybertruck hit New York City’s streets.

Since its November 2019 debut, the prototype was only seen on a handful of occasions. It has also been seen previously at Tesla’s Giga Texas construction location outside Austin.