It’s quite a love story! Talulah Riley (36-year-old ex-wife of Elon Musk) splits with the pottery magnate in his 50s, and meets up with Thomas Brodie–Sangster, 31.

She has such allure that she married the world’s richest man not once, but twice. Talulah, Elon’s ex Talulah Riley and her willowy nature make it clear that she is currently seeing a young actor.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (now 31) is co-starring alongside the actress in Danny Boyle’s upcoming Sex Pisls Drama. She plays Malcolm McLaren, a pop svengali, and Vivienne Wildwood, a fashion designer.

The couple began dating while filming in the summer. Their relationship was undiscovered until Sunday’s Mail revealed that Talulah, 36, had ended her romance with Matthew Rice.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, now 31, is co-starring with Talulah Riley, 36, in Danny Boyle's upcoming Sex Pistols drama, playing pop svengali Malcolm McLaren to her fashion designer Vivienne Westwood

Thomas Brodie-Sangster is now 31 and co-stars with Talulah Rice, 36 in Danny Boyle’s upcoming Sex Pisls drama. He plays pop svengali Malcolm McLaren for her fashion designer VivienneWestwood.

Sources say that Talulah was dating Matthew for some time but their romance ended to make way for Thomas. “Talulah had been dating Matthew up to the spring and is still shocked that it’s all over between them.”

Matthew, when approached by the newspaper, confirmed that they had split. She is lucky to have anyone who gets to spend time with her, regardless of whether they are famous.

“It was such a tragedy that the meeting ended. She was so kind to allow me to attend for a little while. Although it was sporadic for some time, the dispute finally settled without any further arguments. Although we remain friends, our relationship has deteriorated.

After his iconic role in Netflix’s chess drama The Queen’s Gambit in 2017, Diminutive Thomas’s star has grown steadily.

The pair began dating during filming over the summer and their relationship remained undetected until The Mail on Sunday learned that 36-year-old Talulah's previous romance with Matthew Rice had come to an abrupt end

The couple began to date during summer filming and their relationship was not noticed until Sunday’s Mail revealed that Talulah, 36, had ended her previous love with Matthew Rice.

Talulah was much older than her recent friends: Matthew, ex-husband Elon, is fifty and Elon is 59. After Matthew’s 2018 divorce from Emma Bridgewater, a ceramics designer, in February the MoS announced that they had been silently seeing each other. Emma Bridgewater was his wife for 30 years.

Emma and Matthew share four adult children and began their pottery enterprise 36 years ago. This was before Talulah was. Matthew dismissed any notion that his separation from Talulah might open the door to a renewed romance with Emma (61). He said, “I believe the idea of my returning to Emma seems very unlikely.” This would be a terrible waste of everybody’s time.

Matthew answered Matthew’s question about Talulah’s move to Mr Brodie–Sangster. He said, “He’s very fortunate man.” But I’m not sure if anyone is available, so please feel free to ask. I am always on the lookout.

Talulah, who was married in 2010 to PayPal and Tesla tycoon Musk, split 2 years later. They remarried in 2013. After filing for divorce in 2014 by the billionaire, he withdrew his application. Riley applied for divorce two years later. It was finally finalized later in the year.

Elon told me that Elon had taken some time off for several months so that I could see if it would affect the ability to love. It didn’t.