Emmanuel Macron gets left behind as Priti Paltel, a Dutch politician on Migrant Crisis, opens direct negotiations with European Ministers to address the issue of Emmanuel Macron

  • Priti Patel (Home Secretary) has begun direct discussions with European ministers following the death of at least 27 victims.
  • After he complained about an alleged violation of protocol, the French government banned Ms Patel’s participation at Calais Summit.
  • Ms. Patel met with her Dutch counterpart to secure crucial deals 

Emmanuel Macron faced embarrassment last night as it emerged that Priti Patel was seeking a new deal with European partners on returning Channel migrants.

Following the recent deaths of at least 27 persons, yesterday’s Home Secretary began direct negotiations with European ministers amid new French attacks.

After President Macron complained about an alleged violation of protocol, the French government banned Miss Patel’s attendance at Calais Summit.

The Home Office confirmed that Miss Patel had spoken with her Dutch counterpart yesterday, and reached crucial reforms agreements, despite his tantrum.

Emmanuel Macron faced embarrassment last night as it emerged that Priti Patel was seeking a new deal with European partners on returning Channel migrants

Emmanuel Macron found out that Priti Paitel, a former Channel migrant and entrepreneur from India was looking for a deal with European partners to help her return.

The French government barred Miss Patel from attending a Calais summit after president Macron took umbrage at an alleged breach of protocol

After President Macron took offense at an alleged violation of protocol, the French government banned Miss Patel’s participation to a Calais Summit.

The bitter shorting war 

Piti Patel’s decisive action to tackle the Channel crisis follows criticism from within government.

Yesterday, sources criticized the Home Secretary for taking so long to address the problem of migrants coming from France.

They also accused Miss Patel of ‘going missing’ when things went wrong at her department.

‘She has had two years to sort this out but the situation is worse than ever,’ a source told The Mail on Sunday. Another said: ‘She has talked a good game – but she hasn’t yet delivered.’

But a Home Office insider argued that Emmanuel Macron’s tantrum last week, after the PM published a five-point action plan, showed France was blocking her efforts. ‘People say she should get a grip of the situation and now they can all see for themselves what she’s up against,’ they claimed.

A Downing Street source said: ‘The Prime Minister has full confidence in the Home Secretary.

A spokesman said both ministers acknowledged that returns agreements – allowing migrants to be sent from the UK back to other EU nations – were ‘essential for breaking the criminal business model’ operated by organised crime gangs who charge more than £3,000 per illegal crossing.France has repeatedly refused to consider a deal on returning migrants from the UK. 

Whitehall sources said that they would have additional talks next week with their counterparts to discuss how to work together in order solve the crisis. The first step towards addressing the crisis of the asylum system and its pull factors is Priti’s Nationality and Borders Bill.

Yesterday, the French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin charged Britain with the Channel Crisis. He stated that if migrants have been coming to Calais or Dunkirk, it is because of England. Especially the Labour Market, which allows them to work without identification.

Yesterday’s meeting saw France agree to let Frontex, Europe’s Border and Coast Guard Agency, fly over its coast from Wednesday. France has repeatedly refused to accept aerial reconnaissance aircraft from the UK.

Sources within the UK government stated that they want closer collaboration and want to collaborate. We must all be at the table for this to occur.

According to a Home Office spokesperson, Miss Patel had spoken with Ankie BroekersKnol, the Dutch immigration minister and agreed that last week’s tragic events demonstrates the importance of European cooperation. According to the spokesman, “The Home Secretary regretted that she wasn’t able to attend.” [the]Calais meeting of the interior ministers to address this matter.

The Home Secretary and Minister for Migration discussed options for increased bilateral and EU cooperation, which included the need to combat criminal gangs involved in these deadly journeys via shared intelligence and joint enforcement initiatives. They both agreed that it is essential to have returns agreements in place to break the criminal business model.

Despite his tantrum, the Home Office said Miss Patel spoke with her Dutch counterpart Ankie Broekers-Knol (pictured) yesterday and secured crucial agreements on reforms

His tantrum aside, the Home Office stated that Miss Patel had spoken with Ankie BroekersKnol (pictured) and reached crucial agreement on reforms

According to reports, talks are scheduled with other nations this week. While trying to travel from northern France to the UK, 17 people were among those who died at Calais last Wednesday.

M. Macron criticized PM Boris Johnson’s posting of a Twitter five-point plan. That led Mr Darmanin rescinding Miss Patel’s invitation yesterday to the talks.

In Sunday’s Sun, the Home Secretary stated that he needed to think creatively about new solutions to maximize their impact. That’s why the prime minister of France and I are open to discussing ideas with French counterparts.

Health Secretary and former home secretary Sajid Javid said the PM’s strategy – including joint Anglo-French patrols and return agreements – were ‘exactly the kinds of things we need to do’. Our policy is clear, these boats should be stopped. Sky News told him that we need French cooperation.

Since the beginning of 2019, more than 26500 migrants have arrived in the UK, compared to just 8,410 for 2020.