Happier families After a magazine exposes their love, Emmanuel Macron’s rival and his pregnant PA, aged 63, are made public.

  • With Sarah Knafo (28), the 63-year old far-Right firebrand, the firebrand visited Marseille.
  • Closer French Magazine revealed the details on their relationship in Friday’s issue
  • Macron looks like he will be going head-to-head with Mr Zemmour for the presidency

Eric Zemmour is married and has been seen with his assistant after he discovered that she was pregnant with their child.

This weekend saw Sarah Knafo (28) and the 63-year old far-Right firebrand visit Marseille.

Closer, a French magazine, revealed their relationship details on Friday following a rejection of a privacy request. 

It ran the headline ‘Eric Zemmour is going to be a daddy in 2022’.

Next year is also when Mr Zemmour – who has race hate convictions – looks likely to go head to head with Emmanuel Macron for the presidency. 

Married French presidential hopeful Eric Zemmour has been spotted with his assistant following the revelation she is pregnant with his lovechild

After learning that Eric Zemmour, a French presidential candidate was married to his secretary, he has been seen with her after revealing that she is pregnant by his child.

The 63-year-old far-Right firebrand visited Marseille with Sarah Knafo, 28, over the weekend

Sarah Knafo (28) and the 63-year old far-Right firebrand, visited Marseille over the weekend.

On Saturday, he reacted in kind to an abusive gesture from a passerby during his trip to Marseille.

Kritikers interpreted this incident as a signal that his campaign was in decline. 

While Mr Zemmour hasn’t yet officially declared his intention to stand, he continues to poll well. 

The magazine journalist turned TV pundit went on trial in Paris this month for ‘complicity in provoking racial hatred and racial insult’ after calling child migrants ‘thieves, rapists and murderers’.

A source close to Zemmour, who asked not to be named, told AFP that the gesture in Marseille was ‘instinctive’, an action for which he assumed full responsibility.

‘He told us “I was insulted, I was shown the finger so I responded”,’ said the source.

Mr Zemmour and Miss Knafo had complained of ‘invasion of privacy’ over the magazine article, but Paris judges ruled otherwise.

French magazine Closer had revealed details of their relationship on Friday after a privacy application was thrown out of court

Closer, a French magazine, revealed their relationship details on Friday following a rejection of a privacy request.

They are very well-known and have been photographed together in a sexy clinch while they were swimming in the ocean.

Closer published a photograph of Mr Zemmour in an October issue. It also featured Mylene Chichportich (his wife), who he had married in 1982.

They have three children. Journalists claimed that it was in the public’s interest to learn about their affair with Miss Knafo.

Zemmour is yet to declare his candidacy for the 2022 election, but intense campaigning has made it clear that he intends to run and polls have suggested that he might be able to make it through to the second round against President Emmanuel Macron.