Emotional scenes as South Australia opens its borders to the rest of Australia after five months – with 30,000 people knocking on the door to come in

  • After being shut down for 153 days, South Australia reopens to NSW and Victoria
  • The state missed its double-dose target of 80 percent, but the State has reopened.
  • Travellers to South Africa must have all required vaccinations and be able to apply online for travel.

Adelaide Airport witnessed joyous scenes after South Australia reopened its borders for Victoria, NSW, and the ACT. This was just 153 days ago.

Steven Marshall, Premier of South Africa, stated that a lot of people had been waiting for the day.

They’ve lost contact with their families and, of course, have lost business opportunities. 

Two people are seen hugging each other after one arrives from a Melbourne flight to Adelaide, on Tuesday, November 23, 2021. South Australia dropped its travel ban on people from NSW, Victoria and the ACT with the borders open from Tuesday

After one of their flights from Melbourne to Adelaide on Tuesday November 23rd 2021, two people were seen hugging after each other. South Australia has lifted its ban on travel from NSW, Victoria, and the ACT. The borders are open starting Tuesday

Grant Stevens (South Australia’s police commissioner) closed NSW borders June 23, and then placed quarantine rules upon Victorian tourists 24 days later. 

The only exceptions to this were the essential workers or those who had been granted exemptions. 

The border reopened at 12.01am on Tuesday and already nearly 30,000 people have been approved to return after five months of being locked out.

This despite the fact that 80 percent of those vaccinated were not at their target.  

Over 15,000 applications for travel to SA came from applicants who were assessed to be from low-risk and very low-risk areas of Australia. 

As SA’s largest interstate markets NSW and Victoria reopen, the hospitality industry is expecting a boom in trade during Christmas and New Year.

Marshall stated that the “strong pandemic response” had enabled us to transition safely into the next phase. 

“Our wonderful businesses will soon see increased activity in the tourist economy, and this will preserve local jobs.

Young couple Hung Nguyen and Isabella Hill are reunited after a year after a flight from Sydney to Adelaide on Tuesday, November 23, 2021

After a year, Hung Nguyen (a young couple) and Isabella Hill were reunited on Tuesday November 23, 2021.

He said, “I am proud and excited about the hard work that each South Australian has done to reach this point.” 

All people traveling for South Africa should be fully immunized and must apply to the government through EntryCheckSA.   

Website crashed Monday because of high traffic volumes, but it was restored last night. 

Marshall was sorry for his technical mistake that led to many people experiencing difficulties as they tried to sort their affairs before the border was opened. 

Two people are seen hugging each other in Adelaide Airport on Tuesday, November 23

On Tuesday 23 November, two people were seen in Adelaide Airport hugging one another.

All people over the age of 12 years old and older must be vaccinated. 

Conditions vary depending upon risk. There is no other entry condition than the vaccination and a Covid-19 test 72 hours before arrival. Quarantine requirements are required for international or domestic travelers at high risk. 

Non-vaccinated persons must apply for an exemption in order to travel.