This is not scrummy. This is NOT scrummy!

  • Joe Marler, who had tested positive for coronavirus after being forced to isolate himself from the world, was made to do so by his doctor. 
  • The veteran prop tried his ineptitude by daring to eat a chili. 
  • Marler acknowledged that he could feel the heat despite the side effects from Covid-19.
  • In a hilarious moment, he ran to the camera in order to drink milk. He said that chillies were too hot. 

Joe Marler from England is apparently still feeling the effects after testing positive for coronavirus. Joe tried his best to get over the symptoms by tasting raw chilli, which gave him eye-watering results.

Covid-19 is known for its loss of taste, which Marler experienced after experimenting with it during his brave – but perhaps foolish – challenge.

After taking a big bite of the chili pepper, the Harlequins veteran prop, who had to miss England’s victory over Australia by 32-15 on Saturday, stated that he couldn’t taste the spice. However, he soon acknowledged that he could sense the heat and was then in severe pain and ran off the camera. 

Marler held up a chilli for the camera

He was forced into isolation after testing positive

England’s rugby player Joe Marler tested the effects of Covid-19 after he ate a Chilli.

Starting off his short video, which was posted to his Instagram account and captioned ‘f*** you Covid!Marler, 31, said he was “nervous” about his feat.

His wide Daisy was not present on the camera so he said: ‘Does this sound like something you would do? Why bother? What do I have to gain? It doesn’t affect your taste.

Marler continued to push forward, eating every bit of the fiery chilli and not stopping at the bites. His severe discomfort became obvious, and he was quickly treated with little compassion by Daisy. Daisy laughed off-camera, not hiding her amusement at Marler’s plight.

After hesitating, Marler opted to take a large bite

It took just a few seconds for the heat to kick in

Marler, a veteran prop, decided after briefly hesitation to try a big fiery bite.

He said, “I cannot taste it!” After only a couple of seconds. He can sense the heat.

Marler ran towards the fridge in a fast turn of pace, something he’s displayed many times during his elite rugby career.

While out of shot, he exclaimed ‘f***ing hell!’ He also admitted feeling on fire. He added, “I feel it burning but can’t taste it!”

He then drank some milk and returned to the camera, sheepishly declaring that it was still hot. 

Marler said he felt the heat despite his lack of taste

After disappearing off camera, he returned with milk

Marler confessed that he could feel heat even though he didn’t have any taste. So he raced off to buy some milk.

England’s Autumn campaign seemed to be at risk earlier in the week after staff and players anxiously waited for results from Covid testing.

These photos were taken after Marler’s positive testing, which resulted in him being ruled out of Australia against Australia at Twickenham on Saturday.

After a PRC follow up test confirmed that the virus had been contracted, he was placed in isolation at the Surrey base for ten days.

Each member of the setup was tested once more, and in an instant of relief no coronavirus complications were experienced.

Marler was ruled out of England's clash against Australia after returning the positive Covid test

After returning the positive Covid Test, Marler was expelled from England’s match against Australia

Ellis Genge (centre, pictured in training earlier this week) has also tested positive for Covid-19

Ellis Genge, centre (pictured earlier in the week during training), has tested positive for Covid-19.

A staff member also tested positive last week and Captain Owen Farrell was placed in quarantine for a long time.

The laboratory received the sample and determined that it had been false positive.

Farrell, despite this, was not able to attend the Tonga game, but was later cleared to return to training and rejoin the squad.

England has four Covid cases in this month’s England – Farrell, Marler, and Ellis Genge are the names of the staff members. Ellis Genge also missed Australia’s match.