REVEALED : England’s Ashes disaster tour featured a BOOZE culture, where coaches drank as much as the players. Curfews will now be enforced on any away trips.

  • Ashely Giles, managing director is currently preparing an End of Tour Report for Ashes
  • This could be a major factor in Chris Silverwood’s decision to stay as the head coach
  • Due to the Covid restrictions in Australia, rules were relaxed
  • The heavy 4-0 loss means curfews might now be able to resume the setup 

England’s Ashes failure has been made worse by drinking problems among the players. Ashley Giles was the team managing director and prepared an End-of-Tour Report that could be decisive for the fate of Chris Silverwood.

With bubble life at times restricting the movement of the tourists, alcohol was more readily available than usual at the team’s various hotels — and that placed a premium on making the most of the occasional night out.

Due to the panic-inducing nature of life in pandemic situations, the England team spent more time in bubbles that any other country since the declaration of the pandemic almost two years back.

It is understood that the coaching staff members were also drinking heavily. 

One possibility after Covid restrictions come to an end is the return of the curfews imposed by former managing director Andrew Strauss during the previous Ashes tour, when it emerged that Jonny Bairstow had greeted Australian opener Cameron  Bancroft with a headbutt in a Perth bar. 

Strauss is now the chair of the ECB’s performance cricket committee. He will also assess Giles’ report with chief executive Tom Harrison. Harrison was believed not to be impressed with England’s setup during his three week visit to Australia.

England players suffered an embarrassing 4-0 Ashes loss to Australia this winter

This winter, England’s players were humiliated by a 4-0 Ashes defeat to Australia

Rules had been relaxed regarding alcohol ahead of the tour given the Covid restrictions

Because of Covid’s restrictions on alcohol, rules regarding alcohol were not enforced prior to the tour.

One of the players refused to submit to a skin-fold examination, and then claimed that England wanted to “fat shame” him.

Silverwood’s future will have to be decided quickly as England’s Test team is due to depart for a series of three matches in the Caribbean at the beginning of February.

For his part, Silverwood has insisted he wants to stay on as England head coach — but admitted he could have ‘shown my teeth more’ to the players amid accusations of dressing-room cosiness.

Since beating India at Chennai last February, England have lost 10 Tests out of 14 and won only one — their worst sequence for 25 years. Silverwood’s destiny is now dependent on both the post-series Report by Giles as well as the opinions of Harrison and the other members of Performance Cricket Committee, headed by Strauss.

The players are losing confidence in Silverwood’s abilities and dissatisfaction at the poor communication.

A coach was about to inform a player that his Test had been abandoned, but the player responded by saying that he had read in a newspaper of the same fate. 

England head coach Chris Silverwood (left) is awaiting a decision about his future

England’s head coach Chris Silverwood is currently awaiting his decision regarding his future

Silverwood insists that he is capable of turning it around with help from a domestic structure that has been reformed and driven by red-ballism. His job would be scrutinized, he stated. “But, I would like to make those changes in the county structures. This is something I’d like to do. Although I believe I am a great coach, there are still things I cannot control.

Harrison and Strauss don’t have much time to recommend to the ECB board with six weeks left before England departs for the Caribbean. Silverwood is struggling to keep up with both the daily demands of Test and white-ball coaching, as well the role of chief selectionor.

Graham Thorpe, the assistant coach for the T20 tour to the Caribbean and Paul Collingwood may have to step in more.

It is also up to the hierarchy to decide if Silverwood and Root are a good-cop pair to share the truth with the players. Root admitted after Hobart that there might be instances when it’s necessary to work harder.

Silverwood stated, “I prefer to talk through problems with them than shouting or growling.” Although I don’t mind showing my teeth, I often wonder if I should. Is it more effective or less? It’s not clear.

His absurd conclusion of the fifth test may have been a mistake. Silverwood declared after the surrender, “I believe they are still playing for me.” We saw tired players. It was very difficult to observe.

At the moment, he stated that he was’starting to plan for the West Indies and looking at options beyond the 16 players who were in Australia. “What are we doing out there?” What are we doing wrong? Silverwood pondered.

His bosses will decide if he asks those same questions within a few weeks.

England's managing director Ashley Giles is now preparing an end-of-tour report

Ashley Giles, England’s managing Director is currently preparing an End-of-Tour Report