EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE : Is Prince Andrew really a believer that the interview about the car crash was a success story?

Friends of Prince Andrew worry that the scandalous royal is still convinced his car-crash Newsnight interview went well. He wrongly believed he had distanced himself form Jeffrey Epstein and presented himself as an honourable man who does the right thing. Also, he believed his irresistibility to fairer sex wouldn’t be enough for Emily Maitlis. He should have his stripped honours replaced by the title Prince of Delusion.

'Friends of Prince Andrew fear the disgraced royal remains convinced that his car-crash Newsnight interview was a success'

“Friends of Prince Andrew are worried that the royal’s car-crash Newsnight interview is a failure”

Commons  speaker Lindsay Hoyle, reinstating predecessor Betty Boothroyd’s neck and wrist frills, wanted to wear the official wig last worn by Speaker Weatherill in 1992 but it has vanished. A replacement doesn’t come cheap. Legal outfitters Stanley Ley quote £2,625 plus VAT for a full-bottomed wig. Sir Lindsay is likely to keep his pants. Sir Lindsay has given up on tights and knee breeches for ceremonial events.

Perhaps the Lionesses would like a badge with a distinct design? The current Football Association logo features three maned male lions but the female of the species are stealthier, faster and better at teamwork and tactics than their male counterparts – in the wilderness and on the pitch. Prince William the maneless president of FA would approve

TV food chef Nigella Lawson

TV food chef Nigella Lawson 

Nigella Lawson, domestic goddess, describes TV cooking shows as “theatres of cruelty and humiliation” for the way they treat contestants. She also said that it makes home cooks feel intimidated because of this voice. You can’t possibly be talking about Gordon Ramsay or Nigella.

Star Trek’s late actress Nichelle Nichols, also known as Lieutenant NyotaUhura, died Saturday. She stated, “I don’t believe you are narcissistic.”

Chris Eubank, an ex-boxer who claimed that MasterChef presenteders John Torode & Gregg Wallace had learned from him the importance of food and romance, told Radio Times, “When I cook, regardless of whether my wife’s there, it’s almost like I’m out on a date.” The lights are dimmed and I play Nat King Cole. It is like I’m floating there. You can bet any woman would want to spend time in that kitchen. Douse Chris!

Adrian Dunbar from Line of Duty explains how he created his catchphrase. He tells Saga Magazine that he read the script and added “and the little donkey” once the cameras began rolling. It stayed in, even though everyone was quiet for a while. He continues, “If I walk down the street, there are chances that someone will shout at my, “How’s the little donkey?”