It was stated today that Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s deal with Jeffrey Epstein will not hinder her right to sue Prince Andrew.

New York will release the settlement with the billionaire paedophile on Wednesday, before Duke of York’s lawyers use it to push for a dismissal of the case tomorrow.

Andrew B Brettler represented the Duke. He had previously argued that Ms Giuffre (suing Epstein for unspecified damages) had reached a settlement agreement that would terminate her Epstein lawsuit.

But David Boies, who represents Ms Giuffre, has described the deal with Epstein as ‘irrelevant’ to the case, which could go to trial in the Autumn. The Telegraph reported that Epstein/Giuffre’s settlement “doesn’t name the Duke, and only makes broad reference to Epstein’s associates”.

MailOnline reached out to Prince Andrew’s spokesperson for comment. 

Tomorrow will see a remote hearing at US District Judge Lewis A Kaplan in New York. This will allow the legal team of the Duke to request dismissal.

If the ninth in line to the throne’s team fails, and he doesn’t settle out of court, his aides, bodyguards and members of the Royal Family could be dragged into a potentially damaging discovery and deposition process.  

The deal Virginia Roberts Giuffre made with her abuser Jeffrey Epstein won't hamper her ability to sue Prince Andrew, it was claimed today.

The deal Virginia Roberts Giuffre made with her abuser Jeffrey Epstein won't hamper her ability to sue Prince Andrew, it was claimed today.

It was stated today that Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s deal with Jeffrey Epstein will not hinder her right to sue Prince Andrew.

The Duke of York was photographed with his arm around the bare waist of then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts. In the background, Ghislaine Maxwell. Ms Roberts claims she was forced to have sex with the royal three times

Virginia Roberts was 17 years old when the Duke of York photographed him with his arm around Virginia’s waist. In the background, Ghislaine Maxwell. Ms Roberts claimed she was made to have three sex sessions with the royal.

The Duke Of York leaves Royal Lodge and heads to Windsor Castle to have lunch with the Queen on Friday

On Friday, the Duke of York departs Royal Lodge to go to Windsor Castle for lunch with Queen Elizabeth.

In New York, Mr Brettler previously stated that the agreement “releases Prince Andrew from all purported liabilities arising out of the claims made by Ms Giuffre here.” 

Prince Andrew might be required to leave his nine military posts ‘within the next weeks’ after Grenadier Guards veteran asks him to stand down as Colonel of Regiment’s Col. After not attending any official function since the sex controversy broke 

As legal action against Prince Andrew comes to an end this month, and as a result of growing anger over his “toxic” friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell (convicted child sex dealer), Andrew may be required to leave up to 9 military positions.

Since he was forced to resign from his royal duties in 2012, the Duke of York is reportedly absent from every military event. This follows allegations that he had three sex sessions with Jeffrey Epstein’s young slaves.

The Duke of York’s attorney believes that this will prevent the civil sex suit against him. This document is likely to be made public and unsealed today. Tomorrow will be the hearing.

He may lose Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s civil case against her in New York. Military chiefs say it might be time to let him go.

After his attorneys admitted that he doesn’t have any proof of his famous claim that he can not sweat because he served in the Falklands, his lawyer suffered a setback Friday in his US case.

He also said to Emily Maitlis in his Newsnight interview that the date Miss Roberts claimed they had in London was actually at a Pizza Express, Woking. He was told to show this as well.

The Daily Express was told by a source that events were moving quickly. According to one source, The Duke of York might have to relinquish all military titles within weeks. Andrew’s relationship with Maxwell and Epstein made the position untenable.

Although the Queen will make the final call on titles for military personnel, military insiders believe he will resign to save his mother’s job.

Today it also emerged the Grenadier Guards officers ‘are uncomfortable having to drink to the health of Prince Andrew at the end of regimental dinners’ – as the first veteran goes on the record saying he should step down as regiment’s Colonel ahead of key court battle in New York.

Julian Perreira, a former lance sergeant, and three-time Afghanistan veteran, said that allowing Andrew to continue his position as colonel in the Grenadier Guards, and other military titles will be a slap on the regiment’s proud history. This will also devalue past and future Grenadiers’ hard work. He must resign as soon as possible.


Ms Giuffre sued the King’s son, claiming that he sexually assaulted her as a teenager.

Although she is not seeking any specific damages, there are rumors that her claim could amount to millions of dollars.

She alleges that Epstein, a disgraced financier, trafficked her to have sex and she did so when Andrew was 17 years old. Andrew is a minor according to US law.

Andrew denies all allegations.

Last week Judge Kaplan denied Andrew’s motion to stop civil proceedings. While the matter of Ms Giuffre’s whereabouts is being dealt with,

Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and Andrew’s best friend Ghislaine Maxill was sentenced last week to spend the rest of her time in prison for helping to purchase teenage girls from a disgraced financier.  

It was claimed that Buckingham Palace “sleeped” into Prince Andrew’s crisis, and is now paralysed by indecision about how to deal with it.

Sources close to the royal family claim that the Duke operated in ‘impunity” as a Royal Family member because his staff was too scared to confront him.

The idea that he might still be allowed to return to public life despite controversy over his friendship and marriage with Jeffrey Epstein must be rejected.

Andrew was facing two major setbacks in US sex cases. Andrew admitted he didn’t have enough evidence to support his claim that he couldn’t sweat. The judge also made an unsuccessful attempt at stalling the case.

Virginia Roberts is his accuser and is seeking damages from the prince in a New York civil lawsuit. Virginia Roberts’ lawyers demanded that he produce evidence that he doesn’t perspire. This was what he stated in an interview with Newsnight about a car accident two years ago, when he denied her claims.

However, his legal team stated that there were no documents in the plaintiff’s possession, custody, or control.

Andrew made no request to defer the case, claiming Miss Roberts could not sue the US because she lives in Australia.

Yesterday was the prince’s first public appearance since his friend and British socialite Ghislaine Maxiwell was convicted on multiple charges of child sex traficking. He drove himself to Windsor Castle.

He also said to Emily Maitlis in his Newsnight interview that Miss Roberts claimed he slept with her in London on the date, but he actually was in Woking at Pizza Express. He was told to show this as well.

Miss Roberts is now Giuffre and claims that she had slept with Andrew three more times in 2001. This was at the time she was 17, when Epstein controlled her.

He strongly denied the allegations. However, Maxwell’s conviction has put more pressure on the prince.

An ex-royal adviser spoke under anonymity. He said that, while no one knew about the extent to which the duke was friends with Maxwell or Epstein outside his private office, but the Andrew problem was a persistent issue within the royal household.

‘Anyone who even dared to offer their professional advice that maybe his way wasn’t the right one was met with a decisive ‘f*** off out of my office’,’ the source said.

Lawyers for Prince Andrew's accuser are demanding he hand over any documents which explain why he doesn't sweat - his alibi for never having met her. He is pictured at a Trump nightclub in 2001

Prince Andrew’s lawyer is demanding that he turn over all documents explaining why he doesn’t sweat. This could be his excuse for not having ever met her. In 2001, he was pictured in a Trump club.

This account has been supported by former royal staff who claim that the prince was allowed to act as if no one had to hear him and could ‘go wild’.

Andrew acknowledges that there is no evidence to support the infamous claim that Andrew can’t get his sweat. 

Prince Andrew suffered a setback in his US sex case, after admitting he has no proof over his infamous claim he cannot sweat and also seeing the judge throw out an attempt to stall the case.

His accuser is being sued by lawyers in New York for damages.

However, his legal team stated that there were no documents in the plaintiff’s possession, custody, or control.

Andrew’s role in roving trade “ambassador” was also criticized. This was because he was able to get close to controversial businessmen and leaders around the world.

An ex-member of Buckingham Palace’s staff recalled the ‘impossible task’ it took to convince either the prince or his advisors to follow any instructions. “The duke stated that he only answered to the Queen,” they added.

“He won’t listen to advice from anybody.” [He]His actions were completely unassisted and the staff couldn’t stand up against him, even though they were a part of the Royal Family. He benefited from the support of Her Majesty, who almost always supported him.

“There is an element of Buckingham Palace sleepingwalking into the whole crisis. Andrew would lie to his family and say that the whole thing would go away.

Andrew took a break from his duties after the Newsnight interview. Insiders stated that Andrew’s return to public life was not possible as it would be ‘unsatisfactory’. They stated that it would have been better for everyone to end the boil immediately and stop wasting time.

Andrew will again try to have Miss Roberts’ case dismissed Tuesday.

In court papers, she and her lawyers made clear that they were going to test her Newsnight alibi. He disputed the claim that he sweated while dancing in London’s nightclub, saying that he suffered from a “peculiar” medical condition, which meant it was impossible for him not to sweat. The lawyers want to see proof of his “alleged condition of anhidrosis”.

The police could request that his bodyguards from the past testify as to the whereabouts and activities of the duke during the time Miss Roberts claimed they were having sexual relations. Buckingham Palace refused to comment on the matter last night.