Last night, escape to the Chateau’s Dick (and Angel) amazed viewers after turning their dim and dark roof space into an amazing bar. 

The programme follows the ambitious pair as they renovate the 45-bedroom Château-de-la-Motte Husson in France, which they bought in 2014 for £280,000. 

Yesterday’s Channel 4 program featured Dick (61) and Angel (50), who were parents to Arthur, 8 and Dorothy, 7. They transformed the attic space from a storage area into an amazing roof bar.

Many viewers were shocked by the outcome of the renovation. One viewer commented that they watched #EscapeToTheChataeu and felt jealous. Makes me realise how w*** I am at most things.’  

Escape to the Chateau's Dick and Angel wowed viewers last night after they transformed their dark and dingy roof space into a stunning bar (pictured, the attic before the renovations)

The Chateau’s Dick & Angel made a spectacular bar out of their dark, dingy roof area. (pictured is the attic prior to renovations). 

Dick, 61, and Angel, 50, who are parents to Arthur, eight, and Dorothy, seven, gave the attic a face-lift with new insulation, windows and funky furniture (pictured, after)

Dick (61) and Angel (55) are the parents of Arthur (8 and Dorothy (7). They gave their attic a makeover with insulation, windows, and some funky furniture. 

Another wrote, “I love the …. program and everything it has to offer.” I would love to spend an evening at the Observatory Bar. I’m so jealous.’

Angel and Dick have been working together to replace their home’s roof over the past several episodes.

Steve, the roofer, was working on the house’s old slates. However, the roofer discovered an area that had not been touched in 150 years. 

It was a large room above the attic floor which ran from the front to the back of the house.

Angel discovered the huge attic room as the couple continued their renovation of their roof (pictured, before the renovation)

Angel found the enormous attic space as Angel and the couple were continuing their roof renovation (pictured before renovation). 

The mother-of-two was determined to give the space a new lease of life, rather than turn it into a storage room (pictured, after)

Mother-of-two, Lisa, was more interested in giving the room a fresh lease of life than turning it into storage. (Photo, after). 

Angel was overwhelmed and exclaimed, “I had no idea this was happening!” It’s so amazing.

‘When you mentioned an attic I assumed you meant a tiny room that was too small to stand in. It’s absolutely gorgeous up here. 

Angel was more creative than Dick, who stated that he would use the space as storage.

She said: ‘This is stunning. It is necessary to put plasterboard on it. However, I would hate to see it all gone. This is just a covering.

The programme follows the ambitious pair as they renovate the 45-bedroom Château-de-la-Motte Husson in France , which they bought in 2014 for £280,000

The programme follows the ambitious pair as they renovate the 45-bedroom Château-de-la-Motte Husson in France , which they bought in 2014 for £280,000

‘It’s incredible.’

He asked her: “Can you have a skybar? It is quite beautiful, isn’t ‘t? The view is amazing. 

Dick was initially reluctant to listen to his wife, but Angel continued: ‘It is actually going to be amazing, let’s discuss.’ 

However Dick said he was struggling to face the mammoth task of building a bar in the chateau’s attic.  

Many of those watching the programme confessed they were blown away by the couple's efforts, calling the new bar 'stunning'

A lot of people who watched the program admitted that they were impressed by the efforts of the couple. They called the new standard’stunning’. 

He replied, “You don’t want to let it go, are you?”

Finally, inspired by Angel’s astronomical ideas, Dick gave in and the pair got to to work on the 46th room in their home.  

Insulating the space using silver insulation was one of the first jobs. 

Angel admitted that she found the colour quite captivating, saying “It feels very galaxy-like!”

Among the changes needed to transform the space were adding a staircase for better access and windows to flood the room with light (pictured, the room before)

One of the major improvements to the space was adding a staircase and windows to let in more light. 

Dick proposed: “This wall can be studded or insulated while that one wall may be. However, the walls on either side of it don’t need to be. They can also be insulated because they’re internal walls. 

Angel described it as “sexy” insulation. He said: “It’s multi-layer high-performance insulation darling.” 

Angel was inspired to furnish the room when Dick installed a staircase.

She called the insultation a “monster”, adding that she didn’t know how beautiful it would look. Is there a way to make this look a bit more nicer than insulation?  

Finally, inspired by Angel's astronomical ideas, Dick gave in and the pair got to to work on the 46th room in their home

Inspirated by Angel’s astronomical insights, Dick finally caved and they got to work in the 46th bedroom of their house. 

Angel decided to leave the insulation as the main feature of the bar and added white sparkly Hessian fabric on top with blue buttons.

To make the space lighter and brighter, two new Dorma windows were installed to the Sky Bar. They open into balconies. 

Angel’s and Dicks children created a galaxy-like gold mural on a navy feature walls and made disco balls look like they were from planets. 

Angel commented, “There is something in this room that’s so magical because it is ours. With all of the beautiful lights and glitter, I feel as though I am in a nightclub.

Two new Dorma windows, which unfold into balconies, were added to the sky bar to make the room lighter and brighter (pictured, Angel decorating the space)

To make the room brighter and lighter, two new Dorma windows were installed to the ceiling bar. They open into balconies. Angel decorated the area. 

Meanwhile Angel was keen to keep as many of the room's original features exposed as possible, including low hanging beams (pictured)

Angel, however, was determined to leave as many original features of the space as possible. Angel included low hanging beams in her plans (pictured). 

“I don’t need more in this life!”

The transformation of the space was a surprise to many, and one commented that it was an ‘absolute stunner’. Angel is amazing.

One wrote, “Once more, I was watching #EscapeToTheChateau while smiling warmly on my face. It made me feel very jealous and said repeatedly, “They’re so smart.”