Ursula von der Leyen advises that it is time to consider mandatory vaccination across all of the EU. This warning comes after Germany and Austria announced plans for forcing jabs on ALL adults.

Ursula von der Leyen suggests that Covid vaccines should be compulsory across all EU countries, since the continent has been hit hard by Covid infection.

“I believe it is appropriate and understandable to lead this discussion now,” the EU Commission President said at a press conference. This was in reference to the fact that 33% of the bloc’s population is unvaccinated.

Discussion is needed about “How can we encourage mandatory vaccinations within the European Union” A common approach is needed. She said that it was a topic she believes must be discussed.

Austria had announced last month that it would make jabs compulsory, and Germany’s newly elected chancellor yesterday said that he wanted Germany to adopt the same policy.

Europe is experiencing a Covid crisis right now. This has resulted in restrictions being reintroduced across Europe, amid worries about another Christmas locked down.

These fears are heightened by the discovery of Omicron, a new variant that is more infective than the Delta strain and which has already been discovered in Europe.