Europe faces a heat apocalypse. All-time temperatures in France are set to fall today, while Spain fights wildfires that have killed one firefighter.

Today’s extreme heat warnings have been issued across Europe’s Western Flanke. There are figures of more than 104F (40C), forecast all the way from Faro, Portugal in south to Manchester in the UK. 

In western France, all-time records will be broken. It is possible for temperatures to drop as low as 111F near Bordeaux. This could lead to a heat apocalypse according forecasters.

These extreme conditions have caused a number of fires. One such fire, in Gironde (near Bordeaux), has forced 16,000 people from their homes and burned 14,000 acres.

David Brunner (commander of the local firefighters) said that he had ‘never seen anything similar’.

Meanwhile, 36 fires are burning across Spain. Two dozen are out of control. One of the fires claimed the life of a firefighter aged 62 on Sunday. He was trapped in flames and burned around 60 miles from Leon.

‘There are never words to thank the immense work of those who fight in front of the fire without rest,’ Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez tweeted as news of the death spread.

With more than 2,300 residents evacuated, two thirds of all the firefighting personnel in the country are currently deployed to contain the flames.

The temperature in Iberian peninsula is generally higher than 104F. Sunday was the hottest day with 110F. It is likely that the heat will continue into the first part of this week. 

The EU’s emergency management plan states that almost the entire country of Spain has been placed under an ‘extremely danger’ fire warning. Many parts of the central and southern parts are under the most severe’very high danger’ warnings. This also includes some parts of eastern Portugal.

Portugal’s authorities have also been fighting wildfires throughout their country. However, the situation is improving since last week when temperatures reached 117F (47C).

Portugal is currently experiencing four wildfires. 700 firefighters are deployed to put out the flames, but that’s down on Sunday when 16 were still burning.

A national state of emergency will be in effect until Tuesday. Then, parliament will determine if the need to extend it. The chances are that these emergency measures will be lifted as they stand.

Heatwave 2 is the latest to sweep parts of Southwest Europe within weeks. Fires in France, Greece Portugal, Spain, Portugal, and Spain have left thousands homeless and destroyed thousands of hectares.

Scientists attribute climate change to the increase in extreme weather like drought and heatwaves. 

France’s interior ministry has announced that it will send three additional firefighting aircrafts and 200 more firefighters to France.

Francois Gourand, a meteorologist for AFP, stated that there will be a heat apocalypse within some southwestern parts.

Grand Hotel Dieu was a chapel in the historic Lyon hospital that offered sanctuary to visitors on Sunday. Jean-Marc, 51 from Alsace visited.

“We went back to enjoy the spot, but it is so hot that we cannot leave. The fire is lit by us. he quipped.

Mikael Cherel, a French cyclist, took part in the 15th stage of Tour de France between Rodez and Carcassonne. On Sunday, he described the conditions as’very difficult’.

“I have never experienced such hot days on my bike.” It was hard work.

Juan Manuel Moreno, regional leader in Spain, stated that firefighters had managed to stabilize a wildfire which destroyed 2,000 hectares worth of forests and bushes in southern Andalusia.

A fire broke out Friday, just inland from Malaga. It prompted the evacuation of approximately 3,000 people.

Moreno stated that around 2,000 people were now back home, and the fire has stabilized.

Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish Prime Minister of Spain will visit Extremadura’s hard-hit Eastern Region on Monday. There are numerous fires that have been burning for several days.

Portugal saw almost all of its citizens remain on high alert in case wildfires even though temperatures dropped to 47C on Thursday. This was a record-breaking temperature for July.

One fire was set on Sunday north of Toronto.

These fires claimed the lives of two people, left 60 injured and decimated 12,000-15,000 hectares in Portugal.

The United Kingdom weather office has issued the first-ever “red” warning about extreme heat. This warned of a possible ‘risk for life”.

According to The Met Office, the temperatures in Southern England may exceed 40C Monday or Tuesday. Schools were advised by this warning that they might be closed on Monday and Tuesday.

On Tuesday, mercury will reach 38C in some parts of the Netherlands.