Do not let the images of protests in mass over Covid restrictions being implemented this week in Europe put you off.

Travel is most definitely ‘on’ to all countries — except Austria, where a lockdown is in place for the coming fortnight.

Yes, Covid cases may be on the increase, with talk of a ‘fourth wave’ — and there is widespread concern about the potential impact of the new Covid variant discovered in South Africa this week — but fully vaccinated Britons are welcome across the Continent. Here’s our update…

Britons can travel to all countries in Europe, except Austria, where a lockdown is in place for the coming fortnight

All European countries are open to Britons, with the exception of Austria.


WHAT’S THE LATEST? There will be a lockdown from December 13th to prevent any tourists from entering the area. Closed bars, restaurants and cafes as well as all non-essential shops.

How to get in: After lockdown, you will need to show proof that your child has been fully vaccinated and have recovered from Covid.

WHEN YOU’RE THERE: Full vaccination or proof of recovery required to visit indoor venues and ski lifts. For enclosed public areas, you will need to wear a mask.

WHAT DO THEY STAY: Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein says the ‘sledgehammer’ of a lockdown was desperately needed.



WHAT’S THE LATEST? A ‘semi-lockdown’ with an 8pm curfew on bars and restaurants. Restrictions in effect until December 4. Further ‘strong measures’ are expected soon, with the Outbreak Management Team suggesting that curfews could even begin at 5pm.

How to get in: All children must have been fully vaccinated within the last 24 hours. Age is a factor in the rules that apply to children (see

WHEN YOU’RE THERE: Dutch Covid Passes are required to enter bars, restaurants, and museums. Download the Dutch CoronaCheck App. It is against the law to shake hands. Takeaway and room service available after 8pm.

What THEY SAID: Following clashes between police and anti-vaxers Mark Rutte the Prime Minister has called to calm.



The Christmas market in Munich, pictured, has been axed this year to prevent the spread of Covid

This year, the Christmas market in Munich was closed to stop Covid spreading. 

WHAT’S THE LATEST? Munich’s Christmas market has been cancelled as part of tougher Covid measures nationwide.

How to get in: The test is not required if you have been fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated minors under the age of 12 can enter without being tested. Complete a pre-departure form (

WHEN YOU’RE THERE: You must have proof that you have been vaccinated or a negative certificate from a laboratory in order to enter bars and restaurants.

WHAT DO THEY SAY? A total lockdown, according to government officials cannot be excluded.



Skiers will have to be fully vaccinated or have proof of a negative Covid test to access the lifts in the likes of the French resort of Courchevel, pictured

For access to the lifts at Courchevel in France, skiers need to have been fully immunized or can show evidence of negative Covid testing. 

WHAT’S THE LATEST? Over-65s over 65 must be vaccinated for indoor events starting December 15th. To access the lifts, skiers must be fully vaccinated.

How to get in: Fully vaccinated tourists may go after completing a ‘sworn statement’ that they do not have Covid symptoms ( Children under 12 years old can travel with their parents. A negative test is required for children under 12 who have not been vaccinated.

WHEN YOU’RE THERE: For indoor venues such as restaurants and bars, a ‘Pass Sanitaire’ is required proving full vaccination or a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours for children. Download the ‘TousAntiCovid’ app to register. For ski lifts, you must wear a face mask.

WHAT THEY SAID: Lockdowns are currently ‘not necessary’, says President Macron.



‘Tourists can freely enter Croatia,’ says the country's tourist board. Pictured is Split, a popular Croatian tourist haven

‘Tourists can freely enter Croatia,’ says the country’s tourist board. Split is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia.

WHAT’S THE LATEST? Demos over Covid passes. Recent cases have been slightly reduced.

How to get in: Fine if you’re fully jabbed, recovered or can prove a recent negative test.

WHEN YOU’RE THERE: For public transportation, masks are required. Covid cards are not required for bars or restaurants.

WHY THEY SAY THIS: ‘Tourists can freely enter Croatia,’ says the tourist board.



WHAT’S THE LATEST? There were violent protests at Brussels’ Work-from-Home Decree, but tourists are allowed to enter the country perversely.

How to get in: The entry requirements for fully vaccinated immigrants were eased yesterday. To be admitted, you will only need to have a negative test of PCR Covid that is less than 72hrs old.

WHEN YOU’RE THERE: Covid Safe Ticket vaccination passport is required to enter bars, restaurants, and clubs ( For the next three weeks, nightclubs and bars will be closed. Restaurants and bars will also close at 11pm.

WHAT DO THEY STAY: Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander De Croo says violent street protests are ‘absolutely unacceptable’.



Travellers hoping to visit Switzerland's Lake Geneva (pictured) are in luck - borders are open to double-jabbed Britons with passenger locator forms

Tourists who wish to travel to Switzerland’s Lake Geneva (pictured), are in luck. Borders are open for double-jabbed Britons using passenger locator forms.

WHAT’S THE LATEST?Tomorrow’s referendum will determine whether or not to expand the Swiss Covid Certificate requirement to permit access to bars and restaurants. Polls suggest a ‘yes’ vote.

How to get in: Borders can be opened to double-jabbed Britons using passenger locator forms from

WHEN YOU’RE THERE: Swiss Covid Certificates cannot be accepted with NHS Covid Passes. In indoor public areas and on ski lifts, masks are mandatory

WHAT DO THEY STAY: The tourist board is upbeat: ‘It’s not too late to book your winter trip!’



Free to Rome: Fully vaccinated Britons can currently visit Rome and its many tourist attractions - such as the Trevi Fountain, pictured

Rome is free for fully vaccinated Britons: Currently, you can visit Rome and all its tourist attractions (such as the Trevi Fountain).

WHAT’S THE LATEST? Anti-vax protests are ongoing over a Covid Green Pass to enter restaurants/bars/cafes, which was recently extended to workplaces.

How to get in: A passenger locator form ( can be used to enter the country for fully-vaccinated tourist. Also, a positive Covid test must be done within 48 hours after departure.

WHEN YOU’RE THERE: Indoor dining, drinking, as well as ski lifts require a Covid Green Pass. For public transportation, masks are required.

WHAT DO THEY STAY: Premier Minister Mario Draghi says that visitors are always welcome.



Costa banker: Spain is still open, though there is talk of an 11pm curfew for bars and 1am for clubs if Covid rates continue to rise

Costa Banker: Spain is open. There is however talk of an 11pm bar curfew and 1am club closing if Covid rate rises. 


You must complete a passenger locator form ( within 48 hours of returning to the UK — and buy/book a Day 2 antigen test. These are about £20. If a lockdown is announced when you’re abroad, you should have enough notice to fly back early either at your own expense (claiming via insurance) or your tour operator will arrange this.

Be sure to check that your policy covers travel disruption due to Covid before traveling.

WHAT’S THE LATEST? Numbers of covids are on the rise. Discuss a midnight curfew at bars, and 1am in clubs if the rates rise.

How to get in: You must be completely jabbed, or provide proof that you have had a negative Covid test in the past.

WHEN YOU’RE THERE: Public transport requires the use of face masks. No ‘Covid pass’ required for indoor public places.

WHAT DO THEY SAY? Reyes Maroto, minister of tourism, stated that more people are better.



WHAT’S THE LATEST? Portugal declared this week that it will require all applicants to bars, restaurants and hotels in order to pass the negative Covid test.

How to get in:All visitors to the country from overseas must show proof of a positive Covid test (PCR/antigen) by Wednesday.

WHEN YOU’RE THERE:For public indoor areas, a negative Covid test is required. You must show your NHS Covid pass to gain entry into bars or restaurants.

WHAT DO THEY STAY: Antonio Costa, the Prime Minister, says that lockdowns are unlikely.


  • All national entry requirements are subject to change at any time. Please refer to