Ex-member of the QAnon cult that flocked Dallas to’see JFK Jr. return to life’, has revealed the ugly truth of the resurrection. He claimed that many of his followers almost bankrupted themselves in order to attend the gathering. Children and seniors were left to sleep on the ground while the self-proclaimed leader paraded about acting ‘like Jesus Christ. 

Devoted QAnon follower Maureen McNamara was one of hundreds of conspiracy theorists who traveled to Texas earlier this month to gather at the spot where John F. Kennedy was killed in 1963 under the instruction of a man named Michael Brian Protzman, who predicted that the former President’s son, JFK Jr., was going to be resurrected. 

Protzman claims that the deceased JFK Jr., who was in an airplane crash in 1999, was to return to life on November 2, at 12:29pm. He will then, alongside Donald Trump, announce his plans to run as Vice President for 2024. 

Q members flew from all around the world and some of them even spent thousands of dollars to get there, McNamara alleged in an interview with Vice News. The group waited on the streets for 16 hours and refused to move, calling Texas their “promised land”. Protzman kept insisting that JFK Jr. would soon reappear.

McNamara states that members didn’t experience the resurrection promised. Instead, they endured an agonizing wait. Protzman began giving out T-shirts to them, while McNamara had ‘a group around him kissing and distributing his rings’.  

An ex-member of QAnon's JFK 'cult' has lifted the lid on the 'fraudulent' Dallas 'resurrection' - claiming that kids slept on the ground while the leader 'acted like Jesus Christ'

A former member of QAnon’s JFK cult hatched a new revelation about the alleged ‘fraudulent Dallas resurrection. The ex-member claimed that the leaders acted like Jesus Christ while children slept on ground.

Earlier this month, a group of QAnon followers congregated at the spot John F. Kennedy was killed after a man promised them that his son was going to be resurrected

Earlier this month, a group of QAnon followers congregated at the spot John F. Kennedy was killed after a man promised them that his son was going to be resurrected

They waited for more than 16 hours on the street as the group's leader Michael Brian Protzman (pictured) continued to insist that JFK Jr. was going to re-appear at any moment

As Michael Brian Protzman (pictured, leader) insisted that JFK Jr. would return at any time, they waited more than 16 hours.

A woman named Maureen McNamara has now shared her experience from the gathering, alleging that children slept on the street and elderly people in 'a lot of pain'

Maureen McNamara, a woman by the name of Maureen McNamara, has shared her experiences from the meeting. She claimed that elderly people were in ‘a lot pain’ and children had slept on the streets.

“There were many children who slept on this ground. She said that there was an elderly population, cane-wielding people and people who had walkers.

She said that Protzman was constantly telling his followers it would happen any minute. McNamara was specifically informed by Protzman: “Don’t be afraid, you have one of the most spectacular views, and you will not miss anything.” It won’t matter what you miss. You need to keep your eyes wide open. Your eyes are right there.

It didn’t happen. Rumours started to circulate at one stage that Princess Diana might be seen in one the nearby windows. However, nobody appeared.  

McNamara was excited to see Protzman, and rushed to get to him. But he lost his way, as everyone else began to hurry towards Protzman’s advisors. 

Instead of the promised JFK return, members discovered that the excitement was all because they were being given free T-shirts –  which had Protzman’s online alias, Negative48, printed on them.

“Everybody is scrambling for one, as if we flew all of the way to Dallas, and waited 16 hours to have a T shirt,’ she said.  

McNamara stated that Protzman behaved like Jesus Christ during the 16 hour period they were standing in the street.

She stated, “He acts like Jesus Christ and his disciples.” This ring was kissed by the little group that was around him everywhere he went.

People flew from all around the world and some of them spent thousands of dollars to get there. In the end, nothing happened - but Protzman did, however, give out free T-shirts

Many people flew all over the globe and spent thousands to travel there. Protzman offered free T-shirts, even though nothing actually happened.

'Everybody's scrambling to get one, like we flew all the way to Dallas and stood around for 16 hours so we could have a T-shirt,' McNamara recalled of the free piece of clothing

McNamara stated that everybody was scrambling to obtain one. He recalled how they flew 16 hours to Dallas just to have one.

Throughout the long 16 hours that they spent standing on the street, McNamara said Protzman was 'acting like he was Jesus Christ' and made people 'kiss his ring'

McNamara stated that Protzman “acted as Jesus Christ” during the 16 hour period they were standing in the street and encouraged people to ‘kiss’ his ring. 

JFK Jr. is a popular figure within the QAnon conspiracy movement, with some believing that he's going to come back and announce a vice presidential run with Donald Trump

JFK Jr. is a well-known figure in the QAnon conspiracy group, where some believe he will return to announce a vice presidency run alongside Donald Trump

Things didn’t stop there. After JFK Jr. didn’t show up at the AT&T plaza, Protzman told the group that he was going to appear at a Rolling Stones concert instead.

McNamara, despite not being a huge fan of rock-and-roll, decided to splash hundreds on concert tickets.

“I wasn’t a Rolling Stones fan, and I didn’t intend to go there.” Then, last-minute, everybody’s saying that you have to be there.

“And so, I spent $300 to buy tickets. It was cold, rainy, and miserable.” 

McNamara claimed that her trip total cost her several thousand dollars including lodging, flights and food. And that McNamara eventually ran out of cash and was forced to return home.

She said, “I know many people who will not be able now to afford Christmas. But it was more important than them being there. Or they don’t know how to pay next month’s mortgage payments.” 

“Many people have to sacrifice a lot in their financial lives and in relationships just for the sake of being there.”  

After JFK Jr. didn't show up, Protzman told the group that he was going to appear at a Rolling Stones concert instead. The group is pictured outside the concert

Protzman informed the group that JFK Jr. would not be attending after he failed to show up. Photograph of the group outside the concert

'Last minute, everyone's saying you got to be there, you got to be there. And so I spent $300 on tickets and it was raw and rainy and cold and miserable,' McNamara recalled

“Last moment, everyone was saying you had to go. McNamara said that she had spent $300 on tickets, and the experience was miserable.

But when JFK Jr. once again didn't appear at the concert, the Florida-native, who is a longtime QAnon supporter, had enough. JFK Jr. is pictured with his wife, Carolyn

The concert was cancelled by JFK Jr., a Florida native who has been a long-time supporter of QAnon. JFK Jr. and Carolyn are pictured

She now spends much of time calling Protzman out for his empty promises online, and has been branded a 'traitor' by the group

Now, she spends a lot of her time calling Protzman online for empty promises and is being called a traitor by the group.

The Florida-native, who is a longtime QAnon supporter, explained that the main reason she decided to fly to Texas, was so she could meet more people like her. 

“What pulled me in was more than that, it was being able to connect with like-minded individuals, since everyone in this movement has a story of having lost friends,” she said.

“We have lost our family and credibility. We’ve felt isolated.

“And so it was that I had the opportunity to meet like-minded people suddenly, and that is what I wanted. 

McNamara was fed up when JFK Jr. didn’t show up at the concert. Although others began to dislike Protzman, some remained faithful. 

“That’s when all the group started turning against each other, and it was very ugly,” she stated.

Now, she is spending a lot time online calling Protzman for empty promises and has been called a “traitor” by the group. 

The QAnon conspiracy movement has grown in recent years. Pictured is a man wearing a QAnon t-shirt at a rally featuring former President Donald Trump on September 25, 2021

Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of the QAnon conspiracy. A man in a QAnon tshirt is seen here at a rally with former President Donald Trump, September 25, 2021.

It holds that Trump is waging a secret war against a global cabal of elite Satan-worshipping pedophiles. Photographed is a supporter of the movement in June 2021

This document alleges that Trump is conducting a secret warfare against an elite group of Satan-worshipping and pedophiles. In June 2021, a supporter was photographed.

More than a week has passed since the gathering first began, and Protzman and some of his loyal followers are still in Dallas waiting for JFK Jr. to return

Protzman, along with some loyal supporters, has been in Dallas for more than one week since the first gathering began.

The outlet also heard from a sibling who was a part of the group and said everything had changed since their brother began watching Protzman videos online.

“There were moments when he would bring over to [my sister’s] place and say he’s just gotta get away from the computer for a little bit because his brain’s just all over the place because he’s watching these videos, they’re so mesmerizing,’ the family member, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

The videos they are referring to, which are posted on a platform called Telegram, show Protzman making predictions and theories based on his own interpretation of gematria – the ancient Jewish numerology code that assigns a numerical value to letters, words, and phrases, and translates them to create a new meaning.

In recent years, the QAnon conspiracy group has seen a rise in popularity. The conspiracy theory states that Trump is fighting a secret war on a global network of Satan-worshipping elite pedophiles in business and government.

JFK Jr. is an actor and publisher of magazines. He is popular with the movement. However, some believe that Q is actually the leader. 

Protzman has been waiting in Dallas since JFK Jr. returned more than a week ago. The possibility exists that they will make this their permanent headquarters.

“I’m not sure how it’ll end but it doesn’t seem to be going well.” McNamara said, “I am glad I’m back here in Florida.