An ex-NFL player claims that his girlfriend made a brutal attack video on him, by inciting him to do it because she needed cash. 

Zac Stacy was a former Jets back running back and was taken into custody in Orlando after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend Stacy Evans in front their baby son, November 13.

After the assault, shocking footage of home surveillance showed Evans being repeatedly punched by Stacy (30) and tossed into Evans’ bouncy-seat TV. Evans demanded that he stop.

An arrest warrant for Stacy describes how he threw Evans around ‘like a rag doll’ in the November 13 incident at Evans’s Oakland, Florida, home. 

The alleged assault resulted in him being charged with criminal mischief as well as aggravated Battery. He faces up to 20 years behind bars. 

TMZ has obtained arrest footage that shows Stacy telling Orlando Police Department officers Evans orchestrated the assault to deny her romance.

Zac Stacy, a former Jets running back, was arrested in November for allegedly attacking his girlfriend, Stacy Evans, in front of their infant son on November 13

He claims Evans (pictured) staged the assault because he denied her romantically

Zac Stacy (a former Jets runningback) was taken into custody last month after allegedly attacking Stacy Evans’ girlfriend in front of their son on November 13th. According to reports, Evans told officers that he had attacked Stacy Evans because she denied him romantically.

Home surveillance footage shows Zac Stacy, 30, attacking the mother of his child in front of their five-month-old son on November 13

Video surveillance at home shows Zac Stacy (30) attacking his mother in front their 5-month-old son, November 13.

According to TMZ, he said that it was just a matter of bitterness. She staged the entire assault. She made me stand up.

He continued, “The entire thing was faked.” “All she wants to do is make money from me,” he said. “She got a response from me.

He said that he was just out of treatment for anxiety and depression. She also discovered that she had an affair, but he went back to her home to visit Evans.

“She was aware that I was feeling down and she also knew my struggles with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. She understood that I was trying close the gap between myself and my son.

“And now she has taken it all this far.”

But, he admitted his actions were ‘f***** up,’ noting: ‘I don’t know what man – how any man could have handled that situation.’ 

Evans denied these claims Monday in a video, saying that he didn’t know how to stage beating Evans on several occasions.

She said, “This is what abusers are doing.” They will try to make you look crazy and like they are the victim.

She stated that she was also unhappy with how the cops talked to Stacy following his arrest.

Evans stated, “Everything about it makes me uncomfortable.” 

The incident began when the former football player visited his son at Evan's house at around 2pm. But once there, he flew into a jealous rage and attacked his ex, punching her multiple times in the head before dragging her from the couch and throwing her into the TV, which then fell on her

Evan, a former football player, invited the victim to his house around 2pm. He then flew into jealousy and began to attack his ex-wife, hitting her repeatedly in the head, before pulling her off the couch and throwing the television on top of her.

She can be heard begging for Stacy to stop in the disturbing video

You can hear her asking Stacy to stop the disturbing video

Evans uploaded the horrific video to social networks following Stacy’s arrest. Evans claimed through an Instagram story, that Stacy’s friends were concealing him after the incident. 

At around 2 p.m. on November 13, Evans invited the ex-football player to his house. He allegedly attacked Evans’ son in jealousy and he flew into an attack on his daughter, punching multiple times and dragging her off the couch before throwing her onto the television.

Evans claimed that Stacy was abusing Evans while she was pregnant. She said that the attacks had escalated and that “he would kill me.”

A Freedom of Information request filed by The Sun revealed that there had been a series of domestic disturbance calls that police responded to starting in August.  

It is believed that Evans and Stacy had a dispute over rent money on August 16. Evans demanded Stacy pay Evans back.

The police reported that Stacy stared at Stacy while crying as she left the house.

There were however no reported incidents of Evans or Stacy physical violence.

Evans called police once more on September 26, claiming Stacy had punched her in the face with a bunch of mail, while she held their baby.

Evans, who was holding her child when officers arrived at her home, was found emotionally distraught and had tears in her eyes. 

After an altercation over rent money, photos from August’s alleged incident show her with bruises and cuts all over her body.

She wrote that he had physically attacked me multiple times in order to get the rent money he paid back.

“He punched my legs, grabbed my arms and pulled me to his window. It broke. Evans added, “I had broken glass at my feet so I was able to remove it myself.”

Stacy was charged with with aggravated battery and criminal mischief in the alleged assault, and faces 20 years in prison. He was released on a $10,000 bond

Stacy was charged with with aggravated battery and criminal mischief in the alleged assault, and faces 20 years in prison. His $10,000 bond was sufficient to release him.

Evans denied the claims she staged the assault in a video statement on Monday

Evans denied that she attempted to stage the assault.

Stacy, who played three seasons in the NFL, two for the Rams – before the franchise moved to Los Angeles – and one for the New York Jets, was arrested for the more recent incident upon arriving at Orlando International Airport on an inbound flight from Nashville on November 21. 

In a prior statement, Oakland police stated that the suspect flew from Nashville and Orlando with the intent of surrendering.

Evans has been placed on $10,000 bail and released from Orange County Jail.