“It’s absolute hell: Zac Stacy’s ex-girlfriend claims she’s afraid that a former NFL star will chase her after he’s released from $10K bail after shocking beating video was made public

  • Just days after his brutal beating of his girlfriend, Zac Stacy was arrested in Orlando and released on Saturday with $10,000 bail
  • Kristin Evans was his ex-fiancée and said Monday in a restraining or that Stacy would kill me if I released him
  • She spoke out Saturday in an interview, saying that the abuse she endured was “absolute hell” and started when she was pregnant for the couple’s first child. 
  • She said she initially forgave him and wanted my son’s dad to be there for me and for the birth of his first child’

As Zac Stacy was released from a Florida jail Saturday on $10,000 bond, his ex-girlfriend said she’s terrified the disgraced former NFL star – who was captured on video brutally beating her – will attack again.

Stacy, an ex-NFL running back was seen leaving Orange County Jail in Orlando after shocking home surveillance video showed him attacking Kristin Evans.

In the video posted Thursday, Stacy, 30, is seen tossing the 32-year-old woman into a TV and their son’s bouncy seat as she begged him to stop while their baby watched from the couch.

Evans stated in an Instagram posting that the attack took place last Saturday

Stacy was taken into custody for battery aggravated late on Thursday, but released less than 48 hours after. He carried a Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag with him and appeared solemn while he walked beside an unidentified female.

Former NFL running back Zac Stacy is pictured leaving the Orange County Jail on Saturday after he was arrested for domestic battery on Thursday

After being arrested on Thursday for domestic violence, Zac Stacy was seen leaving Orange County Jail Saturday.

An unidentified woman attempted to shield Stacy with an umbrella after he was released on $10,000 bond

Unidentified women tried to cover Stacy’s head with an umbrella when he was released from $10,000 bail

Evans claimed that she wept while witnessing her ex-bondee being released from jail by a live stream in court.

‘I never did anything to deserve something like this,’ she told NBC affiliate WESH 2.

‘No one could do anything to deserve something like this.’

Shocking home surveillance footage showed the athlete attacking former flame Kristin Evans, who said he began abusing her in May when she was pregnant with their first child

Surveillance footage at home showed Kristin Evans being attacked by an ex-fiancée Kristin Evans. She claimed he had started abusing her when Kristin was six months pregnant with their first child.

She said she cried while watching online as Stacy was bonded out of jail

According to her, she wept online while Stacy was being bonded from jail.

Evans claimed that Stacy had abused her since she was five months old.

‘I wanted my son’s dad to be there for me and for the birth of his first child,’ she said. ‘I forgave him.’

It was hard for her to remember the cruelty she experienced at the hands a man she loved.

‘He has bullied me for so long and put me in a mental state where at one point I believed it was my fault,’ she said.

Video footage shows Stacy throwing Evans into a TV as their baby boy watches from the couch

Stacy is seen putting Evans in a TV while her baby boy watch from the sofa.

‘It was absolute hell and I know there are women out there that have gone through worse. To feel what I felt, I can’t imagine what it would feel like for it to be worse.’ 

Evans claimed in a restraining order filed on Monday that Stacy’s attacks were escalating and that ‘he will kill me.’

After an altercation over rent money, photos from the alleged August incident reveal cuts and bruises across her body.

Evans said in a restraining order that Stacy (pictured in a mugshot) would 'kill me' if released

Evans stated in a court order that Stacy, pictured in amugshot by Evans, would “kill me” if she was released

In the application for restraining orders, she stated that “He assaulted me multiple times” because he wanted his rent money back.

“He punched me in the legs and grabbed me by the arms. He then threw me through my window which was broken. Evans added, “I had broken glass at my feet so I removed it myself.”

In September, she claimed that she had been slapped on the forehead.

Evans wrote: “[Stacy]He has been increasing violence against me since I was pregnant in May. I was also attacked by him just weeks before my son was born. He won’t stop. He will kill my family and feel justified by his actions.

Thomas Feiter was her lawyer and said that despite the disturbing nature of the surveillance footage at home, he was shocked by the decision to let him go.

‘That just doesn’t’ seem right especially given the fact the judge saw the video – he saw the horrific video of blatant, egregious domestic violence committed on our client,’ he told WESH 2.

Stacy played college football for Vanderbilt, before becoming a fifth-round selection by the St. Louis Rams as part of the 2013 NFL Draft. 

After being traded to the New York Jets, in 2015, he played later for the Saskatchewan Roughriders or Memphis Express.