An ex-Sheffield United footballer who won a £1million lottery jackpot after being forced to give up his career due to a knee injury said he will travel the world with his girlfriend.

Terry Kennedy, 28, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, played for Sheffield United and Harrogate Town and was a teammate of Manchester United captain Harry Maguire before having to leave the game in 2016.

The video of Camelot employee telling him about his win was widely shared on social media.

With Kay Yoxall, Kennedy celebrated his win by taking a week off in Tenerife as well as a weekend in Dublin. The couple is now planning an even bigger vacation.

He stated today: “It’s not my thing to build sites in winter. I’m planning on getting away from it all and seeing the world. 

Kay can have a vacation from work and we would love to travel across America and South East Asia. 

“We have New York City booked for January. It would be ideal to never work another British Winter.  

Terry Kennedy, 28, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, played for Sheffield United and Harrogate Town and was a teammate of Manchester United captain Harry Maguire before having to leave the game in 2016

Terry Kennedy (28), from Barnsley in South Yorkshire played for Sheffield United, Harrogate Town, and was teammate with Manchester United captain Harry Maguire. He left the club in 2016.

He won a £1million lottery jackpot last month and now plans to travel the world with his girlfriend. Above: Mr Kennedy, 28, spraying champagne with his girlfriend Kay Yoxall, 25, after his win

He won a £1million lottery jackpot last month and now plans to travel the world with his girlfriend. Above: Following his win, 28-year-old Mr Kennedy was seen drinking champagne with Kay Yoxall (25),

Kennedy spent over 15 years at Sheffield United and was nicknamed ‘the ginger John Terry’ by fans. 

Nigel Clough highly praised him for his partnership with Harry Maguire, an England international.

As a player, he was a graduate of the Sheffield United Academy. He made his Blades debut in 2011, before moving to Alfreton Town (non-league) in 2016. However, he suffered recurring knee injuries that forced him into retirement.

He and his girlfriend play EuroMillions lotto most times. However, they needed to get a Lotto ticket because it was Saturday last month. 

While Mr Kennedy only managed to match two numbers in the Lotto main draw, he was automatically granted a ‘Lucky dip’ entry for the draw on Wednesday.

His second ticket matched the five main numbers and the bonus number in the November 10 results, meaning Mr Kennedy had won £1million.   

When Mr Kennedy was on his lunch break, he discovered that his ticket had been awarded to him.

However, his father and colleagues believed he meant to joke when he shared the story with them. 

Both Mr Kennedy and his girlfriend most often play the EuroMillions lottery but had to buy a 'Lotto' ticket last month when they were reminded that it was a Saturday

His girlfriend and Mr Kennedy play most of the EuroMillions lotto, but they had to purchase a Lotto ticket when it became clear that Saturday was not a Saturday.

Kennedy himself was skeptical and denied that he was luck, even though he had already scanned his ticket with the National Lottery application multiple times.

When he called Camelot, the penny dropped and he realized that he actually had won. 

Mr Kennedy purchased the ticket at Dunsville Post Office in Doncaster.

In the drawing, the winning numbers were 10, 11, 18, 20, 39, 49 and Bonus Ball 5. 

Twitter shared footage that showed Mr Kennedy nervously clutching his ticket while he waited for the results.  

Kennedy could be heard saying: 'Oh my god!' when the operator told him the good news

The former footballer was filmed laughing and getting emotional as his friends cheered

Kennedy can be heard exclaiming, “Oh My God!” Kennedy could be heard saying, “Oh my god!” when the operator gave him the good news.

After just a moment, Kennedy was asked by the lottery operator if he was willing to hear the good news.

Kennedy answered nervously: “No, but I don’t think so.”

Then the operator confirmed that he had scooped a jackpot of £1million, whilst his co-workers cheered and shouted in the background.

Then Mr Kennedy said, “Oh my God!” Before becoming emotional.   

Today, he said: “I was initially confused and couldn’t believe it wasn’t a winner. 

Mr Kennedy is seen competing in the FA Youth Cup in 2011 with Harry Maguire shown right

Right: Mr Kennedy competing in the FA Youth Cup 2011. Harry Maguire is shown below

‘Despite all the checks it isn’t until you hear on the phone that it is a £1M win that you really believe it. 

“Making that call in front my friends and coworkers was brilliant, and I took them all to the pub immediately for a celebratory pint.”

Both Mr Kennedy and Mrs Yoxall agreed to call Ms Yoxall if they win the lottery together while at work.   

Ms Yoxall explained that even though he had called to say “come home”, I wasn’t quite sure. It was clear that there were lads playing in the background, and I felt certain it was just a wind-up. 

“My brother is Terry’s employee and I only realized it when Terry Facetimed it to me.