According to reports, the Prime Minister directed a Whitehall review of the cross-Channel crisis of migrant workers.

Boris Johnson, who is said to be frustrated by his Government’s inability to reduce migrants travelling on small boats to Europe from Africa, wants ministers redouble their efforts to address the crisis.

The Times reports that Stephen Barclay, a former Brexit secretary, is now in charge of reviewing the situation.

It will seek to find solutions to the crisis and make sure all departments – not only the Home Office – are contributing.

This review comes after a record week of migrant Channel crossings. On Tuesday, 1,000 reached Britain and 24,000 made the trip this year. This figure almost doubles the 2020 arrivals.

After a string of promises by Priti Patel, Home Secretary to address the crisis, Mr Johnson is frustrated.

This week, they concluded with the idea that asylum seekers might be transferred abroad to undergo processing. Albania and other countries are being investigated as potential destinations. 

According to The Daily Telegraph it was revealed that Ms Patel has plans for a Greek-style crackdown upon migrants. New restrictions will be imposed on asylum seekers as well as the construction new purpose-built reception facilities.

Regular checks are made on migrants’ movements in Greece. They face curfews that prevent them from getting off the radar.

The Prime Minister has ordered a Whitehall review into the cross-Channel migrant crisis, it emerged last night. Boris Johnson is said to be 'exasperated' by his Government's failure to reduce the number of migrants on small boats making the journey and wants ministers to 'redouble' efforts to 'fix' the crisis

According to reports, the Prime Minister had ordered a Whitehall review of the cross-Channel migrants crisis. Boris Johnson said that he is ‘exasperated” by the failure of his government to decrease the number migrants who travel on small boats. He wants ministers to “double down” their efforts to resolve the crisis.

A senior source in government said that Johnson was frustrated that the migration crisis is still unsolved. He also stated that it was one of his top priorities. The PM was worried that after two years, there would be no solution.

Germany is becoming an important hub for immigrants trying to reach Britain 

Last night, Germany emerged as a key destination for migrants seeking to enter Britain.

Asylum seekers flock to the country in search of asylum.

Sources claim that organised crime groups also use German websites to store small boats and dinghies for crossings.

Six of the ten migrants reach France on the same day that they cross the border, crossing through Belgium or the Netherlands.

Sources in the UK described Germany as “the hub of criminal trafficking gangs” and called it “established.” 

The criminals also have this location as a hub for their supply chain. There, boats, life jackets, and equipment can be sourced to channel crossings.

“Boris is frustrated.” They told him that he had instructed ministers to double their efforts to resolve this matter, regardless of how hard it might be.

It’s likely to get worse when the weather warms up.

The Home Office is developing new plans that will allow migrants to have their asylum claims dismissed if they are caught or behave badly.

The changes – which will require legislation – will be crucial in the operation of the new processing centres, which will house asylum seekers while their cases are scrutinised.

The issuance of ‘asylum applications’ could be made to migrants for them to keep track of the status and progress of their applications through smartphones, computers or the centres.

Priti Patel (Home Secretary) was amazed by how Greece has digitalized its asylum process in order to keep track of cases and speed up the decision-making.

Miss Patel spoke to The Telegraph and stated that Greece has decided not to be a part of the EU bloc of competence.

Ministers also want to prevent riots in asylum centers again.

A source stated that “If they break the rules, it affects their asylum claim.”

They would then be instructed to report back by a set time. They would also be prohibited from absconding.

Previous reports have suggested that crossings could be tackled using giant wave machines and nets to catch boat propellers.

But Dan O’Mahoney from the Home Office’s Clandestine Channel Risk Commander told the Home Affairs Select Committee that they had never been considered’.

He said that wave machines are a ‘bizarre idea’.

The Home Secretary could admit to having failed to deal with the matter by bringing in Mr Barclay.

This comes just a few days after Sir Keir starmer had accused Ms Patel, accusing her of not fulfilling promises to stop illegal migrants from crossing the Channel.

According to the Labour leader, Ms. Patel had not reached strong agreements with France in order to stop migrants from making dangerous sea crossings.

The review follows a week of record migrant Channel crossings, with 1,000 reaching the British shores on Tuesday alone and more than 24,000 making the journey this year. The figure is almost triple the number that arrived in 2020. Above: Migrants arriving in Dover yesterday

Following a week that saw record numbers of migrants crossing the Channel, the review was conducted after the fact. More than 24,000 of them made this journey in the year. This figure almost triples the amount that arrived in 2020. Above: Yesterday’s arrival of migrants in Dover

It is thought at least 10 migrants have died in the last few weeks while trying to make the dangerous crossing. Above: Migrants aboard a Border Force rescue boat yesterday

At least 10 people have been killed trying to cross the dangerous border in recent weeks. Above: Yesterday’s rescue boat by Border Force for migrants carrying migrants

Last night it emerged that Ms Patel is planning a Greek-style crackdown on migrants which will see new restrictions imposed on asylum seekers, as well the construction of new purpose-built reception centres

It was revealed last night that Ms. Patel plans to implement a Greek-style crackdown against migrants. This will include new restrictions for asylum seekers and the construction of purpose-built reception centers. 

The new arrivals bring the total number to have made it to the UK this month to 4,019, exceeding the previous record of 3,879 in September. This year's total is now a record-breaking 23,761

These new arrivals increase the number of people who have reached the UK in this month’s total to 4,019, surpassing the September record of 3,879. The record breaking 23,761 total for this year is already in place

He claimed that the Home Secretary used strong language to repeatedly state how she would deal with the problem but did ‘absolutely absolutely nothing’.

Priti Patel’s promises were broken again and again 

October 15, 2019.

Priti Patel vows to halve migrant crossings – then a tenth of the current level – by the end of the month and make them an ‘infrequent phenomenon’ by the spring of 2020.

“I will do whatever it takes to end these Channel crossings, which put vulnerable people at risk.

WHAT HAPPENED? The record number of migrants reached 1,185 last week.

August 7, 2020

The Home Secretary supports sending Royal Navy Patrols to the Channel.

“The illegal smallboat crossings are appallingly high.”

WHAT HAPPENED? Within minutes, the Ministry of Defence had deemed that these proposals could not be implemented.

July 6, 2021

Miss Patel announces the UK Border Force’s new powers to return migrant boats, and lower asylum rights for illegal immigrants.

“Access to the UK’s Asylum System should not be determined by ability to pay people smugglers, but need.”

WHAT HAPPENED? Despite opposition from France, the UK Border Force and legal issues, these tactics are not yet being used.

July 20,

She agrees to give France another £54million to tackle the crisis.

“The public is angry at the arrival of small boats on our shores. They are being facilitated by criminal gangs that profit from human misery. It puts lives at risk.

WHAT HAPPENED?France and the UK were accused of withholding money in October amid disputes over Paris’ ability to prevent the boats from leaving. The first instalment of UK cash was later paid – but numbers coming over the Channel continue to rocket.

November 15,

Gerald Darmanin (French counterpart) and Miss Patel both promise to keep their word on illegal crossings.

JOINT STATEMENT“More should be done to stop dangerous crossings… and render this deadly route inoperable.”

WHAT HAPPENED?A few days later, the French Embassy in London declared that 100%’shouldn’t be presented to as an agreed number’.

November 18

The attack by the Home Secretary on EU’s Open Borders Policy is launched, and Brussels blamed for creating the crisis.

‘The real problem on illegal migration flows is the EU has no border protections whatsoever – open borders. France is unable to stop illegal migration flows by itself. They can’t.

WHAT HAPPENED?The principle of free movement between EU member states within the Schengen region is fundamental and it is unlikely to be changed. 

His attack came as Ms Patel blamed the EU’s open borders – established by the Schengen Agreement – for failing to check the movement of people through the bloc.

She spoke to journalists during her Washington visit and said that she was constantly pressing the French about the issue but they were overwhelmed.

‘Let’s not forget that the real problem on illegal migration flows is the EU has no border protections whatsoever – Schengen open borders,’ she was quoted as saying.

At least 10 migrants are believed to have drowned trying to cross the border in recent weeks.

This comes after campaigners threatened to sue the Home Secretary for legal action due to so-called “pushbacks” following allegations that she has sanctioned the tactic of turning migrants back toward France at sea.

Apparently, Emmanuel Macron (French President) said that Britain’s ‘oscillate of partnership and provocation’ during a discussion on the migrant crisis. He added: ‘We have to strengthen collaboration.

French officials have spoken out about the rise in violence against police officers. They highlighted instances where one officer was bitten on the ear and another when CS gas canisters were needed to disperse a large group of migrants.

Downing Street stated that while the government was working ‘extremely closely with French authorities to resolve the matter, it felt the need for a coordinated response by countries throughout Europe.

“We face a global immigration crisis orchestrated by organised crime groups that put people onto these boats to make these extremely dangerous crossings,” a spokesperson from No 10.

‘This is an urgent issue for the whole of Europe, requiring incredibly close working together with our neighbours – France, Belgium and the Netherlands – as well as our friends across the continent. We need to find common solutions because it is a problem we all share.

Sir Keir claimed that it was only the Government who is to be held responsible for Britain’s failures with its ‘busted asylum system.

Ms Patel had complained this week about a dysfunctional system that allowed Emad Al Swealmeen, a Liverpool bomber, to stay in the UK. Despite having allegedly been rejected for asylum in 2015

Sir Keir stated: “My jaw dropped when the Home Secretary said that the problem was that the asylum system had been busted.

“This Government is in power for eleven years. They will bust the asylum system if it fails to comply with their orders.

“Asylum applications were used to take six months, many years back. These days, it can take years. We MPs all have constituents that have waited for years to have their cases even considered.

“So, if the asylum system has been busted, the question becomes who did it? The answer is the government.”

The British ambassador from Albania has denied that his country is in talks with the Government to host a centre processing migrants arriving in Britain.

Qirjako Qirko stated to LBC radio that the matter had never been discussed between the countries.

‘It’s absolutely fake news because as my prime minister stated yesterday – the foreign minister also tweeted yesterday – that doesn’t exist, any negotiations between Albania and the UK regarding these processing centres,’ he said.

‘It will not be changed because my prime minister was crystal clear yesterday when he said that Albania… will never be a processing centre for illegal immigrants.’

On a recent trip, Ms. Patel stated that offshore processing centers were still ‘on the table. However she refused to talk about specific negotiations. 

Some have suggested that migrants might be held indefinitely abroad while their cases are being investigated. 

‘We keep everything on the table… and this is why the new Nationality and Borders Bill is just so important,’ she said.

Newly arrived migrants are seen on board a bus in Dover harbour after crossing the channel, in Dover, Britain, November 18

A bus carrying newly arrived migrants is seen at Dover harbor after they have crossed the channel. Dover, Britain. November 18

Migrants are escorted into Dover harbour by Border Force officials, after crossing the channel. In new plans being drawn up by the Home Office, migrants will have asylum claims thrown out if they abscond or misbehave

Border Force staff escort migrants to Dover harbour after they have crossed the channel. According to new plans, asylum applications for migrants who abscond and misbehave will be thrown out by the Home Office.

“I am the only Home Secretary who has undertaken the task of reforming a system that is fundamentally broken in terms of illegal and asylum migration. I have done this for 20 years.” Her admission that Britain is facing a crisis in mass migration was her first.

Following months of tension with France’s government, Ms Patel changed her tone and said that small boats should be considered a European problem. 

She said France was ‘overwhelmed’ by asylum seekers heading for the UK.

And she blamed Brussels – which governs EU border policy – for failing to act. “Let’s not forget what the true problem is with illegal migration flows. [that]She stated that the EU does not have any border protections.

France is unable to stop cross-border crossings by itself. Others countries need to take a greater role in border protection.

French officials have confirmed that seven of the ten attempted crossers of the Channel were from Belgium, according to Miss Patel.

Video footage taken this Tuesday - the same day that a staggering 1,000 migrants made it to the UK - showed groups of migrants, including young children, clapped in celebration as they managed to restart their boat's engine on a Calais beach

Video footage shot this Tuesday, the day more than 1,000 migrants arrived in the UK, showed numerous groups of migrants including children celebrating as their boat was re-started on Calais’ beach.

Her comments were further emphasized by her: “The EU’s Schengen area is open to movement and free borders. They don’t have any border control or checks. 

“There is not a single position among EU members regarding how to deal with this problem.” It is an EU issue.

The Home Secretary continued, using highly charged language: “There is a massive migration crisis.” I’ve said this from day one – from the minute I walked into the Home Office. For everyone who complains about this – and no-one is more angry and frustrated about this than myself, alongside the British taxpayers – there isn’t a silver bullet.

It’s pointless to say, “Well, you could just pull boats back.” This will not stop them. There are numerous issues regarding criminal gangs, smugglers etc. Ms. Patel spoke out about the French, saying that they were overwhelmed. This is an affluent fact.

“We’re constantly pushing France to do this, and we ask them to tell us where they are lacking in honesty. They can’t fix everything. Although we have an excellent working relationship and are very close, no country is able to fix it all on its own.