EXCLUSIVE: 26-year-old Stunned Primary School Teacher reveals that she was struck by Covid the third time in one year.

  • Maryia Hussain (26), was first positive for HIV in December 2020. She then tested positive again November 2021.
  • Last Monday, her most recent bout with Covid was caught. She tested positive.  
  • Ms Hussain claimed that “there are always more insects going around school.”  

One primary school teacher told us that she caught Covid three times in a span of just over a decade.

Maryia Hussain (26), from Luton in Bedofrdshire was the first to test positive for the virus. She did so in December 2020.

Her belief was that she had gotten the Omicron, a less serious but highly transmissible variant.

Maryia said to MailOnline, “I believe I catch it because of what my job is – there are always many bugs in school and Covid has the same.”

“But nobody can believe it, I’ve caught it three times. It is amazing.

“I was double-jabbed, and I thought it strange that I had the same result last year. My friends are shocked that I tested positive at least three times.

Maryia Hussain (pictured), 26, from Luton, Bedofrdshire, first tested positive for the virus in December 2020, then again in November last year and then a third time last Monday

Maryia Hussain (pictured), 26-year-old Maryia Hussain from Luton. Bedofrdshire. Maryia was first positive in 2020. The second time she tested positive in November 2017 and the third time on Monday last week.

While many people have caught the virus twice – including Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer – a triple infection is thought to be extremely rare.

Maryia contracted the virus for the first time in December 2020 as the Delta variant of the disease was rapidly spreading throughout the country. Businesses and schools had been placed under lockdown.

Maryia also lost her sense of taste, smell, and was bedridden for 10 consecutive days.

The virus was transmitted to her by her mother and father, who were also infected. It was a good thing that she didn’t need to be admitted to the hospital.

Her response was: “The first time round was very bad. I felt a persistent cough and had a sore throat. To breathe easier, I was feeling awful. Even though my test was negative, it was still too severe for me to return to work due to long Covid.

Maryia stated that she went back to school in March, and continued taking lateral flow testing. 

The children had been home-schooled but they were now socially distant in class to avoid infection.

Maryia told MailOnline: 'I think I keep catching it because of my job - there are always more bugs going around school than anywhere else and Covid must be the same'

Maryia said to MailOnline, “I believe I catch it because I work – there is always more buggers around school than elsewhere and Covid must also be responsible.”

Nearly a year later, Maryia tested positive for Covid in November 2021.

Although the symptoms weren’t as severe, they were still very noticeable.

An PCR test revealed that the virus had already been transmitted twice, and she was required to stay at home.

“I was too sick to go to work again and I had trouble breathing. After I had tested positive, I went to the gym often so I decided to visit the sauna in order to improve my breathing. This was what made it worse, being unable to properly breathe.

Maryia believed having been infected twice – and double jabbed – she had seen the last of the killer virus.

Last Monday, she began vomiting suddenly and developed diarrhoea.

Almost a year after the first Covid bout Maryia again tested positive in November 2021

Nearly a year later, Maryia tested positive for Covid in November 2021.

The symptoms of Omicron were similar to those described by a friend’s father, who was a GP.

Even though it is more common, the symptoms are less severe than those of the Delta variant or other pandemics.

“I couldn’t believe it, when it came back positive,” she said. She must be Britain’s luckiest woman.

The symptoms are not nearly as severe as my previous episodes and it is now under control. I find it so irritating because only a few people in my life have experienced this. Although a negative lateral flow test result has been reported, it is still causing me to feel alone. “I want to get to 100 percent before I go back in school.

Maryia stated that she is still waiting for a booster jab, but will get it once her recovery has been complete.

“I’m not sure if this will prevent me from getting coronavirus for the fourth time but any thing that makes me feel better will do.”

Late December data showed that 69 of the 116,000 Omicron case records between December 1st and December 18 contained Omicron variants.