Is your bra too big? Fitter shares the steps for picking the right cup size and what 80 percent of women do wrong.

  • DeBra’s  is an Australian lingerie brand that caters to women from sizes A-K
  • Debra, owner of the company, shared her top tips on choosing the right cup size
  • Triumph revealed that 82% of Australian women have the wrong sleeve. 
  • The underband, cups and bra material should be examined. 

After it was discovered that 80 percent of Australian women wear the wrong bra, an expert fitter has given her tips on choosing the right bra for you.

Research conducted by Triumph Lingerie found the eye-opening statistic when they quizzed women on what bra size they were opting for.

Daily Mail Australia was told by Debra that she owns DeBra’s label.  

Good bras must fit comfortably around your back. They should also sit equally on your body, from front to back. The underwires should not be visible. Your breasts should cover the cups completely.  

Research conducted by Triumph Lingerie found the eye-opening statistic when they quizzed women on what bra size they were opting for

Triumph Lingerie’s research revealed a shocking stat when it quizzed women about their bra sizes.

“The underband should not be too tight, but it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Debra stated that if the underband rides up, it is because the back is too large.

The breasts must be completely enclosed within the wire. This should lie flat against the body. A larger cup is required if the wires are digging in the armpits or the breasts bulge over the cups.

An underwire is a wire that sits below the cup to provide extra support. A smaller underwire may be needed if your bra lifts above the band.  

It is equally important to find the perfect bra shape for you. She said that the correct bra shape can reduce bust size.

The underwire, which sits under the cup for extra support, should keep the bra in place when your arms are lifted and if the wires lift under the band in this scenario a smaller band is required

For extra support the underwire should be placed under your cup. If the wires are raised under the band, a smaller bra is needed.

How to select the perfect bra 

1. Balconette bras are somewhere in-between a full cup and a plunge bra. It has a sweetheart neckline. They are very well-suited for larger busts. They are great for boudoir and lingerie.

2. A full cup bra is generally your everyday or t-shirt style bra. Your entire breasts are covered in the cup. For larger cups or a more slender bust, this style provides great support and lift. Plunge

3. These bras, which are triangular-shaped and have the underwire stop at the breast base, are called plunge bras. These bras are perfect for tops with a plunging neckline. While wearing your bra, look in the mirror sideways. Is your bra still causing you problems? You might need a bra that is more supportive.

Quality materials look amazing and provide superior comfort, support and durability. This bra will give you great shaping and support, so you don’t have to worry about ripping it off.

Debra noted that tape measuring is not accurate for A-D cups, but it can be used up to size 14. After that size 14 it’s very unlikely that the fit is perfect. 

“Choosing bras from different brands, styles or fabrics may result in a variation in the size of your breasts,” she explained.

“With lockdown over and summer around the corner there is a lot of interest in colourful lingerie especially in romantic colors like reds, pinks, and corals.

“We’ve also seen a great demand for supportive swimwear, which is still fashionable and fashion-forward. This can be found again in vibrant summery colours or prints.