Five: Delicious in five: Sweetcorn and Spinach Fritters

These little fritters are perfect with smoked salmon and crème fraiche, go well with grilled mushrooms and a green salad, or can simply be served ‘to go’ inside a buttered roll. These little fritters can be heated in a skillet on both sides and kept warm in the refrigerator.


300-350g spinach

6 medium free-range eggs

75g fresh grated parmesan

200g tinned sweetcorn

Cut 1 lime in half, zest and then into wedges


Plain flour, sea Salt and Black Pepper, Olive Oil

  • Put the spinach under a cold faucet in a colander. Cover the spinach with a heavy saucepan and let it cook on medium heat until tender. Stir occasionally. Then drain the spinach into a colander. Press out as much liquid as you can (this is crucial to prevent a moist batter). Finally, coarsely chop the mixture on a board.
  • Mix the eggs with some seasoning in a large bowl. Next, add 2 tablespoons plain flour, grated parmesan and sweetcorn to the bowl. Finally, fold in the spinach, lime zest, sweetcorn, sweetcorn, and 1 tbsp of plain flour. It is possible to do this ahead of time.
  • On a high heat pan with nonstick coating, heat a tablespoon oil. Once the oil has heated up, drop tablespoons of mixture in the pan and make fritters of about 10 cm diameter. Cook for about 1½(one and a half) minutes on the first side until the egg on top is almost dry and it is golden on the underside, then turn and cook for another 30-60 seconds. You can do this by cooking in small batches, or using 2 pans. Once the egg is almost dry on one side, you will drain it onto kitchen paper and then add more oil to each pan.