A hooligan dressed in only tight underpants and a mullet causes havoc at a pizza joint before his furious owner chases him.

  • Hooligan with the mullet gets slammed in Bondi after he wrecks havoc inside a Bondi pizzeria 
  • Facebook posted Vision on Monday that shows a man in his underwear. 
  • Then he runs to Piazzaiola, where a huge stack of boxes is found. 
  • A man is shown trying to chase an older man as he assists customers in repacking the boxes

In a Sydney pizza joint, a hooligan wore nothing but tight white pants and caused havoc.

On Monday, bizarre footage was uploaded to Facebook showing a man wearing a mullet removing his clothes before entering Pizzaiola in Bondi’s inner east suburb. 

The weekend’s events were captured by spectators. They show the hooligans racing into the pizza shop to knock down a large stack of boxes. 

A man wearing nothing but a pair of tight white underwear was seen causing chaos inside a Sydney Bondi pizza shop at the weekend (pictured)

At the weekend, a man was seen in Sydney Bondi wearing only a pair white tights.

The streaker, after making a mess, then goes back out and flashes both of his middle fingers at confused employees. 

He covers his head with one hand while mulletting his manhood. The two of them make a running for it.

A man from the restaurant is believed to have seen the older man. He tries to follow the two men but fails when he realizes they are gone. 

He runs into the Pizzaiola shop and throws a large stack of pizza boxes to the ground before making a run for it (pictured)

The man runs to Pizzaiola and throws large quantities of pizza boxes on the ground.

The man heard saying, off-camera, “Oh no! That was mean!” while others were seen picking out the pizza boxes from the shop floor. 

This footage was posted to Bondi’s Facebook group and criticized the men for their behavior. 

‘What the f**k is wrong with people,’ wrote one person.  

One other commented that “guys with small bags are mumbling with large items, cheers to customers”,

“Why did they do it?” “That bloke that owns the pizza place is wonderful,” added a third. 

One user also praised female customers who cleaned up after the chaos:

“Cheers for the girls that helped to pick up boxes.”

An older man, who is believed to be from the pizza shop, tries to give chase but the streaker manages to get away

A man from the restaurant is thought to have been an older man. He tries to chase the streaker but he manages to escape.