The WFH has been ended by Facebook! Tech giant’s parent company Meta says it will fully reopen its offices from January for vaccinated staff – but workers won’t have to return until June

  • Meta, the company behind the social media giant, said some employees will be allowed delay their return to work until June. 
  • It is part of an employee-centered program to allow employees to choose their workplace. 
  • The option for Facebook employees to work remotely has been made available. However, the June deadline applies to anyone who wants to return to the office.  
  • Due to the increase in Covid, Ford and Google have announced further delays to their return-to work policies. 
  • Meta’s US office, which includes the California headquarters, has returned to work only in a few cases in recent months 

Meta, Facebook’s parent company has stated that it will continue with its plans to reopen all of its offices starting next month despite the recent emergence COVID Omicron. 

Meta also holds WhatsApp and Instagram. They announced that certain workers would be allowed by Meta to defer their planned return up until June, as part of an ‘office delay program’. 

Facebook gives workers the opportunity to work remotely full time, while those who would like to go back into the office only part-time are given until June. 

Meta employs approximately 68,000 people worldwide. Its headquarters is in Menlo Park (California), with around 30,000 employees based on its massive campus. 

It is designed to allow employees to choose their workplace. Ford, Google and other companies have also announced delays to their return to work policies in light of recent Covid cases.  

Lyft rideshare firm announced Tuesday they will postpone staff’s February plans for return to office. The workers can return to work as often and how they like, but also can continue to work remotely until 2022.

An aerial view shows a newly unveiled logo for "Meta", the new name for Facebook's parent company, in front of Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California

Aerial view of the newly revealed logo for Meta, Facebook’s new parent company. It is located in Menlo Park in California.

Facebook - who's CEO and founder is Mark Zuckerberg (pictured) - will ask workers to return to offices in January but may allow some to stay home until June

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will request that employees return to work in January, but some may be allowed to remain home until June

Facebook rebranded their billboard sign featuring a new logo and name 'Meta' back in October of 2021

Facebook changed the name of their billboard sign with a new logo in October 2021.

Hartford Financial Services Group originally planned to have senior staff return to Connecticut offices on Monday. However, it was delayed by omicron. 

Hartford’s spokesperson said that the company was still working on plans to have all workers back at work by January 18.  

Dell Technologies has also delayed plans for reopening remaining offices following January 4. 

Apple’s demand for workers to come back to Cupertino to work full-time has caused a rift with employees. After arguing that their hardware products need to be perfected in-person, Apple demanded that all of its workers return.  

‘Those whose work allows it—and who choose to do so—may continue to work virtually,’ Jenn Saavedra, Dell’s chief of human resources, said in a memo to employees. We know that no one way of doing things will work for everybody, so we’re moving ahead.    

Meta’s US office, which includes the California headquarters, has returned to work with a small number of employees in recent months. 

Over 68,100 employees work at Facebook, over half at Bay Area offices like the one in Menlo Park

Facebook has over 68,000 employees. More than 50% of these workers work in Bay Area offices, such as Menlo Park’s.

The United States is closing in on a total of 50 million positive coronavirus cases and 800,000 deaths

America is close to 50,000,000 positive cases of coronavirus and 800,000. deaths

Cases have ticked up in recent weeks with the announcement of the new Omicron variant of Covid-19

The announcement of the Omicron version of Covid-19 has prompted an upsurge in the number of cases.

Employees can postpone their return to work with the office deferral plan of the company. This allows them to delay it for between 3 and 5 months, but they cannot be interested in remote permanent employment. 

Meta is among many American companies that require American workers returning to their workplace to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.  

“For those who wish to return in January, we look forward providing an exciting office environment that still prioritizes safety and health. Meta VP for Human Resources Janelle Gale said that while some people aren’t ready to go back, others may be. 

USA is nearing 50,000,000 positive coronavirus cases, and 800,000 deaths. The announcement of Covid-19’s Omicron version has seen cases rise in the last few weeks.