Julian Schnabel, 70 years old, and his infant son, are seen together in New York City with Louise Kugelberg.

  • Julian Schnabel (70) and Louise Kugelberg (70), went on Saturday for a stroll in West Village with their baby.
  • Kugelberg, a Swedish interior designer, is Schnabel’s third wife   
  • Schnabel is a father to three children and a former wife Jacqueline Beaurang was his first.
  • He has twin sons with his second former wife Olatz López Garmendia
  • May Anderson, a model and his son is also named May Anderson 
  • Schnabel was born in Brooklyn and raised in Texas, but currently resides in a pink Palazzo Chupi mansion on West 11th Street, in New York City, with Kugelberg and their newborn baby


Julian Schnabel, the famed artist, was first seen with his infant baby while he and his wife Louise Kugelberg took a stroll in New York City. 

In exclusive photographs taken by DailyMail.com, the Brooklyn-born director and painter was responsible for pushing the infant’s stroller as they walked through West Village. 

Kugelberg, an interior designer from Sweden and screenwriter, was smiling as she walked next to them. 

He is very protective of his privacy and does not use social media.

Schnabel is currently married to her seventh child. 

Julian Schnabel, 70, and his partner Louise Kugelberg, stroll with their new baby in the West Village neighborhood of New York City on Saturday

Julian Schnabel, 70 years old, and Louise Kugelberg, his partner, strolled with their newborn baby Saturday in New York City’s West Village neighbourhood.

Schnabel pushed his newborn in the stroller while his partner walks just ahead of him

Schnabel carried his baby in the stroller, while his partner walked just behind him 

Kugelberg, a Swedish interior designer and screenwriter, is Schnabel's third wife. This is their first child

Schnabel has a third wife, Kugelberg who is an interior designer and screenwriter from Sweden. They have their first child.

Schnabel has six other children with two former wives and a former girlfriend

Schnabel also has six additional children from two previous wives and a former partner. 

Louise Kugelberg and Julian Schnabel attend Charles Finch And CHANEL's 11th Annual Pre-Oscar Awards Dinner in 2019 in Beverly Hills, California

Louise Kugelberg, Julian Schnabel and Charles Finch And CHANEL’s 11th annual Pre-Oscar Awards dinner in Beverly Hills in 2019, California

Schnabel has been married twice before, first to clothing designer Jacqueline Beaurang and then later he was married to Spanish actress Olatz López Garmendia.

Beaurang has two sons and one daughter, while Garmendia shares twin boys. A young boy he shares with May Anderson (a Danish model who is best known for her collaboration with Victoria’s Secret), also exists. 

Schnabel was raised in Brooklyn, but was born and raised in Texas. She currently lives in West Village with Kugelberg’s baby and her mother. 

Their West 11th Street home was once a horse stable. It has since been transformed into a pink Palazzo Chupi residence, designed in the Italian style.

The couple step off the curb with baby in tow in the West Village area of NYC on Saturday

On Saturday, the couple stepped off the curb in West Village with their baby. 

Schnabel, who was born in Brooklyn and raised in Texas, currently resides with Kugelberg in the West Village

 Schnabel, who was born in Brooklyn and raised in Texas, currently resides with Kugelberg in the West Village

The couple's home on West 11th Street is a pink Palazzo Chupi mansion, which was built in the style of an Italian palace

This pink Palazzo Chupi home, built in the Italian style as an Italian palace, is located on West 11th Street.

Andy Warhol’s friend and famed artist received worldwide attention for his plate paintings, which featured broken ceramic plates that were attached to large-scale paintings.  

In the 1990s Schnabel started making feature-length films. He considered it a natural extension to his parallel work in art. His first film, Basquiat (a biopic about Jean-Michel Basquiat), was his first.

Most recently, Schnabel’s 23-painting show at the Centro de Arte Comporaneo was expected to open at the end of March, ARTnews reported, but has been postponed due to a truckers’ strike in Spain causing ongoing transportation issues.  

Julian Schnabel and his Louise Kugelberg walk the red carpet ahead of the 'J'Accuse' (An Officer And A Spy) screening during the 76th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande in 2019 in Venice, Italy

Julian Schnabel with his Louise Kugelberg on the red carpet prior to the “J’Accuse” (An Officer and a Spy) screening at Sala Grande during 2019 Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy

Schnabel and Kugelberg at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival Jury Lunch at Tribeca Grill Loft on April 25, 2019 in New York City

Kugelberg and Schnabel at 2019 Tribeca Film Festival Jury lunch at Tribeca Grill Loft, April 25, 2019, New York City