Two children and a mother dodge a speeding train in Indonesia after their motorbike got stuck on the tracks.

  • A family narrowly avoided being hit by an oncoming train in East Java, Indonesia
  • CCTV footage shows two young children and a mother trying to cross the railway tracks.
  • A family of four, who were traveling by motorcycle, became stuck on the tracks while trying to cross.
  • The incident of December 9, however, did not result in any injuries to anyone. However the bike was severely damaged. 

After their bike got stuck at a railway crossing, this is how a mother and her children managed to avoid being struck by trains.

The family attempts to maneuver the bicycle forward on tracks at Lumajang Regency, East Java province. This dramatic CCTV footage was captured by the camera of the family. It was taken December 9, 2009.

They try desperately to get the bike closer to the train as they see it, but the train smashes into the motorcycle. 

The mother and daughter spring away from the incoming train seconds before it smashes through the bike

Mother and daughter leap away from the approaching train just seconds before it crashes through their bike

As the young boy flees away from the motorbike, the mother and daughter try and drag it away from the tracks

The mother and her daughter attempt to drag the bike away from tracks as the boy runs away.

The clip shows the children and their mother driving to the tracks, before getting stuck at the crossing.

As their mother attempted to get the bike started, they were unable to move the bikes across the street.

The children jumped out as they saw the train coming and ran to the side.

As her daughter ran to assist, the mother continued to push the bicycle, which was now on the tracks, away from the mother. 

The pair pull at the bike for a few desperate seconds before the train speeds across

For a couple of desperate seconds the pair pulled at the bike before the train sped across.

The family try to make their way across the rails on a motorcycle before getting stuck

Family attempts to cross the tracks on their motorcycles before they get stuck

After a few seconds of futile attempts, they joined the boy and ran to the side. The train was moving fast and the bike was swept by it.

Then, it was thrown into the nearby undergrowth. 

Lumajang police arrived at the scene to investigate the cause of the accident. Local council officers were also instructed to inspect and repair the bridge. 

The motorcycle is flung out into nearby undergrowth after the incident on December 9 in Lumajang Regency in the province of East Java, Indonesia

After the accident on December 9, in Lumajang Regency, East Java province, Indonesia the motorcycle was thrown into the undergrowth.

The train passes through, sweeping the motorcycle away from the family with it

As the train moves through the area, the motorbike is taken away by the family.

The family attempts to make their way through the crossing before the bike gets stuck on the rails

Familie tries to get through crossing, but the bike is stuck between the rails.

Inspector Mohammed Lestari stated that the mother had been very fortunate, especially since she was accompanied by her children when the accident occurred.

“We interviewed her, and she has not done anything wrong. The accident left her very traumatized.

“The crossing is being inspected by the relevant authorities to determine if it could be made more secure.”

The mother and two children recover at home after the level crossing accident

After the accident at level crossing, both mother and her two children are able to recover at home

Earlier this year in March, a motorcyclist was almost struck by a speeding train at a level crossing in West Java, Indonesia.

The incident was captured on video. It shows the motorbike crossing the tracks just moments before it is shot.

It was necessary for the train driver to sound his alarm to alert the motorcyclist. He seemed to be unaware.

Muhlis Jajang of the Indonesian Railroad Lover’s Facebook group posted the footage as a warning to other railway users. He wrote: ‘Don’t copy it.’