An 11-member family was rushed to the hospital following several collapses at a Lancashire hotel.

The Royal Bar and Hotel was called at 9:45 on Boxing Day. Emergency personnel immediately made a cordon to the location after receiving reports from guests that they had suffered collapses.

Although an investigation is underway into the incident, witnesses reported that they had to drag relatives from their rooms.

Kerri Smith, 45 said her family was staying in the hotel following a trip from Manchester for Christmas.

“My nephew called me to inform me that my little boy had fallen,” she said. My son was taken to that place and, when he reached there, there were more of his family members who had also fallen.

Kerri said her son Callum, 28, had to drag children away to a nearby café before an ambulance was called to take them to hospital.

Then she continued to say that there were 3 people working in the bar. I informed them, “You have to call the fire brigade. It’s carbon monoxide poisoning.”

Emergency services pictured outside The Royal Bar & Hotel on Marine Road Central in Morecambe, Lancashire, on Boxing Day

Emergency services pictured outside The Royal Bar & Hotel on Marine Road Central in Morecambe, Lancashire, on Boxing Day

“They claimed they did not know that it was this. However, I explained to them that people can’t collapse out of nowhere. The rest of my family was able to escape.  

“11 of them were taken by ambulance to the hospital. Six adults were present, five children attended and one of them was released at the end of last night.

“They’re all fine and all are home. Their oxygen levels were low enough that they didn’t sustain any lasting harm.

‘Eleven of my family might not have woken up that morning and we had planned a big family breakfast in the café my mum owns in Morecambe; that didn’t happen.

“It was just waiting.” “We were all just waiting, worrying to the death.”

The chief fire fighter in attendance also praised her for being able to spot the signs of carbon monoxide quickly, and said she helped save many lives.

Kerri recognized the signs because she had worked previously in healthcare, and had’seen it happen before.

She said, “I was actually thinking that when I got my nephew into the car, he would die.”

“He was very confused. It was horrible.

Callum, who saved multiple family members, said he received a call from his cousin, describing how their families had had a “funny turn”.

He said: ‘I saw my cousin walking with his son along the way, he was walking towards the café and said that he’d just collapsed in the road.

“He stated that his son also did it in the bedroom, but he assumed he was simply sleepy.

“I had gone to the cafe when I was contacted by my cousin. He wanted me to pick them up after they all took some funny turns.”

Callum got the phone call and immediately instructed his family members to move out of the room. Callum then rushed into the hotel to grab his cousin, and the child, and was soon able to bring them out.

The hotel was cordoned off by police for public safety following reports of the carbon monoxide leak

Police sealed off the hotel following reports about a carbon monoxide leakage.

He continued, “One of them, limp, was lying on the floor. He couldn’t lift his head, or do anything. Although he had been fine five minutes prior to his arrival on the streets, the dad couldn’t walk. 

“He tried to carry a baby along down the stairs. I had to drag him behind my neck.”

Callum drove the children to the local café to have them checked by Callum.  

His family was so lucky to survive, he explained that they would not have found their cousin on the street. He also said that we wouldn’t have known if we hadn’t rung him.

“It is quite frightening to imagine that they may not have called for assistance and we wouldn’t have known.” 

“It was scary to see these children in this state. And it was terrifying for us as parents.

“Thankfully, we are not affected significantly. It could have been much worse if the children had stayed in the same room for another 10 to 15 minutes.

It’s tragic for business, considering the economic state and current events.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue spokesperson confirmed that two teams were dispatched to investigate the ‘presence of carbon monoxide in the air’ and ventilated all rooms.

To investigate this incident, the fire department is currently working together with Lancaster City Council and Health and Safety Executive.

The council released a statement saying that it supported emergency action to address a carbon monoxide leakage at Morecambe’s Royal Hotel.

“The investigation has just begun and we are working with partner agencies to find out the specific circumstances.”

Anybody with any information should contact Lancashire Constabulary at 101, quoting log number 0353 from December 26.