A heartbroken family whose daughter was raped and murdered in Qatar has accused David Beckham of ‘naivety’ over his £150million World Cup deal – asking ‘How can he think it is a safe place for people to go?’.

Alison Patterson (56) a mother in grief, felt that England’s football captain put money ahead of human rights.

Lauren, Lauren’s daughter was a teacher at Doha’s primary school when Lauren disappeared in October 2013.

Her body was found in the desert after she was raped and murdered by Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabr.

Lauren’s family were told he would face the death sentence but was given a paltry ten-and-a-half year jail sentence and her family offered just £200,000 compensation, which barely covers their legal, travel and accommodation costs so far.

And as they pursued further civil legal action they were stunned when Beckham was announced as the face of the 2022 Qatar World Cup and the country for a reported £150million over ten years.

The family felt it was a rude slap on the face. They feel that they were unable to obtain justice from the country for their daughter. 

Alison, a mother-of-three said that David Beckham does a great job for football. But he should also look into the human rights situation in Qatar. He is being very naïve.

Lauren Patterson was 24 when she was raped and murdered in Doha by Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabr in 2013

Lauren Patterson, 24, was 24 when Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabr brutally raped Lauren Patterson and murdered her in Doha.

Alison Patterson with husband Kevin Crotty have been left devastated by the court proceedings and lack of justice

Alison Patterson and Kevin Crotty were devastated by court proceedings.

David Beckham and Qatari track and field athlete Mutaz Essa Barshim, centre, at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Countdown

David Beckham, Qatari track and fields athlete Mutaz Dassa Barshim (centre), at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Countdown

Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabr got a paltry ten-and-a-half year sentence and Lauren's family just £200k compensation

Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabr got a paltry ten-and-a-half year sentence and Lauren’s family just £200k compensation

“He must have heard of Lauren. He must have seen the many other things out there.

“I do not understand how he could represent a country which cannot provide justice.

“To serve as ambassador for Qatar, is to tell all those who admire Beckham that it’s okay out there.

“I’d love to be able to ask him why he’s doing it. Is it possible to represent Qatar in a position like this when you have all of these other things happening behind the scenes?

“Do you believe Qatar is safe for tourists to visit?

Lauren was reported missing by Alison Crotty (60), a retired bond broker and husband Kevin Crotty. The British Consul advised them that the body of an elderly woman, badly burned, had been located in the Middle East desert.

The couple was told that identifying the remains would prove too difficult. Alison provided a DNA sample to police which confirmed the identity of Lauren.

Abdallah al-Jabr who was present with her that night was taken into custody. His parents were then informed that he will be sentenced to death for the murder of their daughter. 

When Lauren went missing Alison and her retired bond broker husband Kevin Crotty, 60, flew out to the Middle East

 When Lauren went missing Alison and her retired bond broker husband Kevin Crotty, 60, flew out to the Middle East

Lauren Patterson's grieving family have fought for justice for her since she was killed in 2013 but say they have had none

Lauren Patterson’s family, who is still grieving for Lauren Patterson after her death in 2013, have been fighting for justice but have not received any.

Lauren Patterson was teaching at a primary school in the capital Doha when she went missing in October 2013 in Doha

Lauren Patterson was a teacher in a Doha primary school, when she disappeared in October 2013.

Lauren’s stepdad Lauren fear that al-Jabr may soon be released after Lauren was given only 10-and-a-half years to forcibly murder Alison, Kevin and Kevin.

They’re furious Beckham, a former Manchester Utd player, has backed Qatari footballer Lauren.

Alison, an ex-reflexologist and mother of her youngest child was giving birth at London’s Portland Hospital. Victoria Beckham was in Brooklyn having Brooklyn.

“Lauren, a 10-year-old girl at that time, was in the same night Brooklyn was born. She met David Beckham by way of a lift. 

“She was very in awe at him and his wife being part of the Spice Girls.

Beckham’s deal has been criticized severely. It was also claimed that his team wanted to keep the details secret as much as possible.

He is expected to promote Qatari culture and tourism over the next ten years, as well as the World Cup. 

Kevin and Alison are pursuing legal action against the Qatari authorities in the civil courts because of criminal failings

Alison and Kevin have filed civil action against Qatari authorities at the civil courts for their criminal incompetences

It was a million to one chance that the body of murdered teacher Lauren Patterson was ever found after she was killed in Doha

After Lauren Patterson’s murder in Doha, there was only a one percent chance of her body ever being found.

Abdallah al-Jabr was given the death sentence but it was subsequently downgraded to just over a decade behind bars

Abdallah al-Jabr was sentenced to death, but the sentence was later reduced by just over 10 years.

The loss of Lauren, pictured here with a friend, is felt all year round but also very keenly at Christmas by her family

Lauren’s loss, shown here in a photo with a friend is very much felt throughout the year, but especially at Christmas when her family feels it most strongly.

Lauren had a one-in-million chance of finding her body 

There was only a one in a million chance Lauren Patterson’s body would ever be found.

When they left Doha (the capital of Qatar), two falconers had been training their birds in desert areas.

Lauren was found with her burned remains and a knife in her body.

Her body was thrown in a pit dug into the sandy sand after she had been raped, murdered, and then her corpse.

The murderer and accomplice set her ablaze with petrol before running back into the city, believing that their crime would not be found.

Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabr had been a suspect already. He was the last to see Lauren, aged 24, alive.

The Qatar Police believed that the killer returns to his crime scene and scouted out the spot in which Lauren was discovered.

Jabr, along with his Rayban-wearing companion Mohamed Abdallah Hassan Abdul Aziz, were taken into custody as they traveled out to the desert for gruesome work.

Kevin Crotty (60), Lauren’s stepfather, stated that if those falconers hadn’t gone to the desert on that day, she wouldn’t have been found. This was an extremely rare chance.

“By this time, Lauren had gone missing. We received the call from our parents that Lauren’s body was found.

Lauren and Kevin had just arrived in Qatar with Alison, their mother. They asked for a tour of the desert fire pit.

Kevin, an ex-bond broker, said that there wasn’t much to see and you would get whatever was on the tray.

Lauren was identified by Alison’s DNA. Both suspects were arrested within days and are now facing trial.

Alison, Kevin and their daughter Jabr were informed from the start that they would face the death penalty.

They met with the country’s attorney General and he said that crimes like these do not occur in Qatar, and that executions are used when necessary.

After eight years of fighting for Lauren’s justice, the couple is afraid that her evil killer will soon be free. After serving three and a half years in prison for disposing of Lauren’s corpse, Aziz was already released.

Lauren loved Qatar, where she was a teacher for four- and five-year olds at Newton International School.

She enjoyed traveling, loved her job, and she had close friends who loved her. Alison was proud to call her a “perfect” daughter.

Lauren from Kent was killed two days after she returned from visiting her grandmother Lilly’s funeral in the UK.

Alison, mother of three said she felt numb from grief. The worst thing that happened in my entire life was losing Lauren. After my husband called, it was clear that Lauren had died.

“It will be etched in me forever and ever.

Lauren was easy-going and had lots of friends. She was fluent with French and worked hard.

She was loved by children, enjoyed her teaching job and was family-oriented. It is a loss that I feel every day.

Alison & Kevin are now living in quiet Pembrokeshire (West Wales), where Lauren’s photograph is prominently displayed in the cottage’s hall.

A small box with sand from desert was also found by Lauren, along with the feather of one falcon that lead to Lauren’s discovery.

Lauren’s parents have moved to Pembrokeshire in West Wales to live with their aging parents. They urged Beckham today to reconsider his affiliation to Qatar.

Alison said, “He was brought in to make something that is wrong appear right.” He needs to think twice.

“He promotes it as safe, but we don’t believe it to be.”

The couple is fighting for Lauren’s justice and vow to never stop.

They have been to Qatar over 30 times in the past eight years. Their daughter was murdered at court.

Jabr was sentenced to death in March 2014 after Lauren’s suicide was described by the public prosecutor as ‘heinous’ and’shocking’ for Qatar society.

Alison was asked by Jabr to choose between’retribution or compensation’ and ‘forgiveness’. She stood in front of the courtroom and stated that she did not forgive the judge for the death sentence.

However, in May 2018, the Court of Cassation overturned the decision. This Court is the highest level of Qatari judiciary system.

They have sent letters by hand to Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani (the Emir of Qatar) asking for his intervention in this case, but they never received any response.

Alison explained that she and her husband made the conscious decision to observe their laws, systems, and we did not want to disrupt the ship.

“But it’s absurd and parents shouldn’t be subject to what we have endured in the past eight years.”

“A reenactment video of my daughter was shown to me at a court hearing. I stood next to her killer during one court hearing.

«I was literally glued to the screen to witness Lauren do everything he wanted to to Lauren. I felt so close that I almost could touch him.

“It was all written in Arabic. I remember standing there, and my legs felt like jelly.

“Kevin was not permitted to hold me hand, or to stand beside me to support my position. You’re not allowed do that here.”

Jabr wasn’t to be executed, but they hoped that the death penalty would lead to Jabr being locked up for life.

They have received a message saying that he might be freed in 2023, only months after the World Cup.

Alison stated that he was not worthy of his freedom for what he did or the manner in which he did.

“He is dangerous, but if you have the mentality to do so again then he can.

“When a man is liberated, he can marry and have children. He can live the life he deserves.

“Lauren was a woman who had all she wanted, but will never experience it.” It’s all gone.

“Two her close friends will be getting married in this year. I cannot help but wonder if Lauren could have done that.”

More than £40,000 was raised through an online Justice for Lauren appeal, the couple have downsized their home and taken out loans.

Alison stated, “On multiple occasions, I thought that I couldn’t do it anymore, the constant fights, the back, and visits to Qatar.

“For the past eight years my whole life, I have been trying to do justice for Lauren. It doesn’t stop.

Lauren deserves justice. However, if you’re honest with me, I doubt that this will ever be possible.

Officials from Qatar affirmed that the country is safe, and they said that their thoughts and prayers were with Lauren’s loved ones.

“Crime prevention and the protection of women’s safety in Qatar has always been a priority,” they said. This is reflected in the fact that Qatar has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s safest countries.

“We will continue to enforce protections for women, and provide access to justice. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family as they continue to mourn their loss.’

Beckham representatives were unable to respond.