Council bans Christmas decorations from families who have covered their homes in lights for more than 20 years because of safety and health concerns.

  • Roger Clifford’s family has put on a huge Christmas show for over 20 years
  • Last year, Feock’s homeowner broke with tradition.
  • However, a new local housing officer warned them to not put on the lights again
  • Mr Clifford said the officer has cited ‘ridiculous’ safety rules like ‘slippery grass’

One family is being prohibited from installing Christmas lights at their homes after they were warned by a housing officer that slippery grass could pose a health risk.

Roger Clifford’s glowing displays in Feock, Cornwall for more than 20 years have brought joy to thousands of visitors who came from around the world.

The family created a stunning holiday display for their home and garden that included an enlarged Coca Cola truck, Santa’s sleigh, and reindeers.

The cul-de-sac attraction, which has been a staple since 1996, has been seen by tourists from as far away as Dubai who have paid the home a visit.

Roger (73), Elizabeth (71), Ryan (28), and Ryan took last year’s leave because of pandemic.

A family have slammed Cornwall Housing's 'ridiculous' attempt to ban them from putting up their annual Christmas display in the village of Feock

Cornwall Housing tried to prohibit a family from decorating their Christmas tree in Feock, but it was rejected by the family.

For over 20 years, Roger Clifford (pictured with son Ryan) has put on a glowing display in the village of Feock that has brought festive cheer to visitors from across the country who have come to visit

Roger Clifford, pictured here with his son Ryan, has been putting on an impressive display in Feock for over twenty years. It has provided festive cheer to thousands of visitors from all across the nation who come to see it.

When it came time to decorate ahead of this Christmas, they claimed a new housing officer has banned them from putting up lights

They claimed that a new housing officer had banned them from decorating ahead of Christmas.

They were forbidden to put up Christmas decorations ahead of the holiday by a new housing officer.

Cornwall Housing was established by Cornwall Council to own the area. It visited Cornwall Council’s offices and informed them that they could not do this anymore.

Roger is furious about the ban. The worker claimed that he had used a ridiculous’ safety rule regarding’slipperygrass, but Roger wasn’t able to provide a reason. 

He told CornwallLive that although we have never had any problems with anyone before, a new housing officer came in and said no. “The older housing officers would come and look at the old ones, but not to ask them questions but to observe their work. 

The cul-de-sac attraction, which has been a staple since 1996, has been seen by tourists from as far away as Dubai who have paid the home a visit

Tourists from all over the world have visited this cul-de–sac attraction which is a mainstay since 1996.

Roger has been left furious by the ban, saying the worker had cited a 'ridiculous' health and safety rule around 'slippery grass' but was yet to give him a 'good enough' reason

Roger was furious at the ban. He claimed that the worker had mentioned a “ridiculous” safety and health rule about slippery grass, but was still unable to provide a “good enough” reason.

'We have had no problems from anyone else previously but a new housing officer has come in and told us no,' he said

“We’ve had no issues with anyone before, but a new housing officer came in and said no,” he stated.

“It is a tradition and it’s important for me to keep it that way.

“My 28-year old son has done it ever since he was a little boy. Every year, he adds on to the project. It’s a complete shock to us.

MailOnline reached out to Cornwall Housing in order for comments.

The housing officer refused to embrace the Christmas spirit, leaving locals fuming.

The refusal to embrace Christmas spirit by the local housing officer left residents fuming.

'My son who is 28 has been doing it since he was little and it's been his project every year and adds to it. We are just wound-up really and gobsmacked,' Roger added

«My son, who is now 28 years old, has been working on it since childhood. Every year, he adds to the project. Roger shared that Roger was “blown away” by the experience.

Sonia Penny commented: ‘What a grotty housing officer surprised he hasn’t cancelled Christmas totally. It would be fine as everybody loves it, and those who are around it love it.

Linda Bode said, “Mr Jobsworth is a scrooge.”

Linda Allsop said that she enjoyed seeing the displays every year. She also added, “So many hard workers go into putting everything together.” Shame on the Housing officer.

Tony Fischer wrote, “Gotta Love Cornwall Council Trying to Make This County as Dark and Grey As Possible.”