Photo from Fantasy Film: This amazing picture shows a huge storm cloud that appears to be a giant Dragon in Arizona.

  • Michael Shainblum (a top photographer near Tucson, Arizona) took the photograph. 
  • He said that the creature looks like the dragon from The NeverEnding Story or Smaug from The Hobbit
  • We also have other amazing storm photos that Michael took in Arizona, California, and Dubai. 


It’s not an action scene in a fantasy movie. However, it might be.

Michael Shainblum in Tucson took the amazing photograph below of this cloud formation with an uncanny resemblance a dragon.

MailOnline Travel told him that at first he did not realize that the dragon-like shape was his. He stated that “a few people had pointed out it looked like one.” It looked just like the Dragon from The NeverEnding Story, or Smaug. [from The Hobbit movies].’

This incredible photograph of a cloud formation bearing an uncanny resemblance to a dragon was taken by top photographer Michael Shainblum near Tucson, Arizona

Michael Shainblum, a top Arizona photographer took this incredible photo of a cloud formation that bears a striking resemblance with a dragon. It was near Tucson.

Michael is originally from San Francisco. He stated that the original purpose of his photograph was to show “something that wasn’t ordinary”.

He stated that he didn’t just want to show storm clouds and cacti. The wide-angle lens allowed me to change the perspective, getting closer into the cacti. This would allow you to think that we are in Arizona, but we’re only looking at a cactus.

“I was trying to create a fairytale-like fantasy scene, that would allow viewers to imagine what they want to see.”

Michael says that the dragon didn’t stay around long.

He said, “After that the storm subsided.” They would form during sunset.

“And this particular one died just after I took this picture. The image began to fade and then disappeared.

Michael explained that he's not a storm-chaser per se, but does enjoy capturing storms, especially lightning – something he's proven to be extremely gifted at

Michael explained that he’s not a storm-chaser per se, but does enjoy capturing storms, especially lightning – something he’s proven to be extremely gifted at

Michael describes this as one of his favourite lightning strike photographs from his portfolio

A sensational storm picture taken in Arizona

LEFT: Michael identified this photo as his most favorite lightning strike photograph from his collection. This picture shows the dramatic lightning tentacles around Arizona’s Kitt Peak National Observatory. RIGHT: This is another sensational storm image taken in Arizona

Michael explained that he’s not a storm-chaser per se, but does enjoy capturing storms, especially lightning – something he’s proven to be extremely gifted at, as the pictures we present here show.

He captured lightning at the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest) and also some amazing lightning images from Arizona.

His response was: “Storm-chasing, it’s definitely something I want to do more of in future.” I have done a bit of storm photography throughout my career with my friends Kelly DeLay and Mike Mezeul, both of whom are storm chasers.

Michael describes this shot as one that he was 'dreaming of' when he went storm chasing in Arizona

Michael says that this shot was one Michael “dreamed of” while storm-chasing in Arizona.

A spectacular photograph that Michael took of lightning striking the top of the world's tallest building - Dubai's Burj Khalifa

Michael snapped this incredible photograph showing lightning strike the Burj Khalifa, Dubai’s tallest structure.

“It has always been that there is a storm at the location I am photographing, and that it will be photographed in the way I wish to. It’s a completely different way to operate than my usual storm chase.

“It takes me a while to choose my composition. The location is my home for many hours, and I just wait for the right moment.

Storm chasing, however, is exactly the opposite. It’s difficult to drive very far. After that, you’re usually able to leave the vehicle for about 30 seconds. Then you must rush to the car again. This is intense. It is very chaotic.

“Lightning is amazing. The power and sounds of lightning are amazing. However, any type of storm like the beginning of a tornado is breathtaking to see.

Watch this video to see behind-the-scenes of Michael’s lightning and dragon photographs You Tube video. Michael is an amazing photographer. For more, visit his. WebsiteAnd his Insta page.