To save his relationship, his father killed his daughter and son. He also had a habit of making his partners sick every time he threatened to quit. This was revealed by a court today. 

Jordan Monaghan (age 30, an accused triple murderer) is charged with smothering Ruby at the age of 24 on New Year’s Day 2013. He also was accused of having smothered Logan at 21 months.

Six years later, he also denied the murder of Evie Adams (23), by giving her an excessive amount of tramadol, diazepam, and a second time in October 2019. 

Monaghan, according to the jury, would cause harm to Logan and Ruby, if they were not taken care of and when their relationship with Laura Gray was strained.

Duncan Smith, QC was the prosecutor. He stated that every time Laura Gray threatened her departure, Monaghan made sure that the children were sick so she could feel forced to remain.

Monaghan of Blackburn is accused of having smothered Ruby and then murdered Logan eight months later. Monaghan is currently on trial and denies both murder charges.

Monaghan was being questioned at Preston Crown Court. Mr Smith stated that Laura Gray’s relationship was very important.

Monaghan responded, “Yes, but to a certain extent.” Monaghan replied: ‘Not more important than mine children.

According to Mr Smith, instances in which Monaghan called 911 to report that Logan had taken paracetamol, or Ruby struggling to breath, were made to save their relationship.

Mister Smith stated that “Logan’s sudden sickness meant that your relationship would continue.”

“Once again, what happened to Logan meant Laura Gray kept a relationship. It was a good thing that you created an environment to hold you together.

Ruby was also reported to have collapsed in court on December 29, when she struggled for breath. Paramedics were immediately contacted.

Mister Smith replied, “On your account these changes in Ruby were born out of nowhere.”

“They happened because Mr Monaghan had restrained her ability of breathing, she said. I don’t know how you did it.

Accused Jordan Monaghan pictured with Laura Gray - the mother of Ruby and Logan - in 2013

Jordan Monaghan, the accused in this photo was pictured with Laura Gray, who is the mother Ruby and Logan.

Monaghan denied harming Rugby.

According to Mr Smith, Mr Monaghan was “remarkably” calm throughout all calls to the medical service.

Monaghan said: “It was normal. Monaghan replied: ‘I was normal, yes. I was concerned but normal.

Smith said, “Were you normal? Because what happened wasn’t a surprise nor a shock?”

Ms Smith told the jury then that Ruby, his 3-week-old daughter, had been with Monaghan for more than one hour when Ruby’s death occurred on New Year’s Day 2013.

He stated: “You have not killed her by restricting the airflow, have you?”

Ruby passed away at her residence on New Year’s Day 2013, while Logan, her brother, was killed eight months later.

The court heard previously that Miss Gray had found Logan, her son, dead in his buggy following Monaghan’s swimming.

Jordan Monaghan, 30, denies three counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder and two counts of cruelty to a child and is standing trial at Preston Crown Court (pictured)

Jordan Monaghan (30), denies the three murder counts, two attempted murder counts, and two cruelty charges to children. He is currently on trial at Preston Crown Court.

The jury was also told earlier in the day that Evie Adams had threatened to commit suicide by Monaghan.

According to the prosecution, Monaghan bought prescription drugs Tramadol (and Diazepam) on black markets and was allegedly able to feed Miss Adams the drug ‘covertly’ without her knowledge or consent.

Today’s trial saw the jury hear that 23-year old Miss Adams messaged Monaghan, saying, “Jordan, it’s not my place anymore.” I’ve taken drugs, but I’m not looking for help. 

Monaghan said to the jury that he initially was concerned Miss Adams might have taken an overdose.

He stated that he thought she was taking drugs and urged me to speak with her. She denied that she’d taken any drugs.

“I inquired her about why she had sent me the message. She said that it was similar to the days prior, when she stated she was feeling bad.

I asked her if she would take it, and she replied “no”.

Hearings heard that Miss Adams also threatened suicide two days prior.

Jordan Monaghan, of Blackburn, is also accused of murdering his new partner, Evie Adams (pictured), 23, by giving her an overdose of Tramadol and diazepam on October 24 in 2019

Jordan Monaghan (Blackburn) is also being accused of killing his girlfriend, Evie Adams (pictured), 23. He gave her an excessive amount of Tramadol, diazepam, and Tramadol on October 24, 2019.

Monaghan was notified by her: “I just took the 10 co-codamol tablets and 10 paracetamol, because I’m not going to die any more.”

“And I will continue taking more.”

Monaghan said that Miss Adams was speaking about paracetamol, which he previously bought for her.

According to Miss Adams, internet searches were performed on her phone. This included the question: “How many tablets must I take to be admitted to the hospital?”What medication is required to avoid overdosing?You can also get help for suicidal thoughts.

Monaghan denies murdering Miss Adams in October 2019.

According to the 30-year-old, Miss Adams had been visited by a doctor on the morning of her death.

He explained that Evie had said to him that he had seen her. The doctor had told her that the stomach flu was still present and had recommended tramadol for her.

Monaghan took to the witness stand and also said that he felt ‘in an awful mess’ after returning from work only to find Miss Adams not breathing.

Ben Myers, QC (Defendant) asked, “Have you seen any around the bedroom, or any other area that could be relevant to what had happened with Evie?”

Monaghan explained that a paramedic had asked her if she would have taken any items and asked me to take a look at the house to determine if it was.

“He requested me to go and check the area to make sure she didn’t have any allergies. “I did check, and I found that there were empty paracetamol packets outside her bedroom. I took them and gave them to him.”

Monaghan said that the police had asked her if she was able to take any other medications.

“That was when they found out that she took four tramadol strips.

Monaghan said that the tramadol was not supplied and that the doctor gave it to him.

When asked whether he contributed to Evie’s passing, he replied “definitely not”. 

Monaghan of Blackburn denies the following: three counts murder, two counts attempted murder and two counts cruelty to children. These charges were filed between January 1, 2013 and October 24, 2019. 

Continue the trial.