The 39-year-old father is left with severe injuries and needs to have stitches in his neck.

  • Tony Roberts was 39 years old and was on his mountain bike at the time he sustained injuries. 
  • An elongated barbed wire was strung across the trail, and it was hidden under trees.
  • He was rushed by many people who rushed to aid him before being taken to the hospital where he was given 17 stitches. 

A father-of-one has suffered horrific neck injuries after barbed wire was rigged across a mountain bike trail and hidden by branches.

Tony Roberts was 39 years old and was on his bike riding when the hidden wire near Gelli in Rhondda Valleys suddenly grabbed him by the throat. 

Council official Mr Roberts managed to unravel the wire around his neck and expose his terrible slashes down his throat.

Horrified onlookers rushed to help Mr Roberts before he was taken to hospital.

Koral Clarke of Barry in South Wales, his wife, said that he required 17 stitches due to the scary incident.

She stated that the wire had been hidden behind a tree and couldn’t be seen. He sustained 17 stitches because of his severe injuries.

“Specialist physicians were curious if the patient needed surgery. But luckily, the surgeon successfully stitched him so that he could return to his family.

Tony Roberts (pictured), 39, was out riding his bike when he was suddenly caught around the throat by the hidden wire on a trail near Gelli in the Rhondda Valleys

Tony Roberts, 39, was riding his bicycle when the wire hidden on the trail close to Gelli in Rhondda Valleys caught him around the neck.

Ms Clarke thanked all who assisted Mr Roberts and stated that the family wants to warn other mountain hikers.

She stated, “I’m glad that I am not planning to have a funeral.” The wire wrapped around his neck had to be unwrapped by him. The feeling of my wife sitting at home, watching her child not being capable of doing anything was terrible.

“I would like to raise awareness about how deadly these acts are.”

Anthony Owens, another fellow rider, warned bikers to take care while they were out on the roads.

“This man could have died from stupidity.” He stated. Pay attention to where your riding is taking you, people. You could be much worse.

“All mountain bikesrs, motocrossers and riders of the mountain bikers please be aware that there are many sad people out.”

He needed 17 stitches following the terrifying incident, according to his wife Koral Clarke, of Barry, South Wales

According to Koral Clarke (Barry, South Wales), he needed 17 stitches after the frightening incident.

Mr Roberts, a council official, managed to unwrap the metal wire from around his neck to reveal gruesome slashes across his throat

Ms Clarke thanked everyone who helped Mr Roberts - and said the family want to warn others who are using the popular mountain trail

Council official Mr Roberts managed to unravel the wire around his neck and expose his horrific throat.

The police are currently investigating the incident and appeal for witnesses.

South Wales Police Sergeant Karl Emerson stated that the victim was clearly traumatized and was lucky to avoid a worse injury.

“An investigation is ongoing into the incident. It occurred at approximately midday on Sunday, along a Bwlch Mountain Trail.

“It’s understood that the barbed wire was covered by trees. Anyone cycling along it should be extra vigilant.

“Local police are currently searching the area for evidence of the incident and to make sure there’s no risk to the public,”