An apparently hallucinating father-of-4 smashed third-floor windows in hospital and fell to his death.

Investigators are investigating the circumstances of Aaron Deeley’s death on Friday, after he fell through the Southend Hospital windows.

The family of the victim’s grieving son is demanding clarifications from hospital officials after they claimed that they assured him that supervision would be provided as he had been admitted for an overdose.

Mr Deeley, 43, was suffering from depression and had been taken to A&E three days earlier where he was kept for 24 hours before being moved to the acute medical unit on the third floor of the hospital with severe liver damage.

Canvey’s Mr Deeley texted his wife Michelle early Friday morning.

The family claims that he was having hallucinations and thought he would end up in jail.

Father-of-four Aaron Deeley died after falling from a window at Southend Hospital after being admitted following an overdose prompting his family to ask why he was left on his own

After being treated for an overdose, Aaron Deeley, father of four, fell from a Southend Hospital window. His family was shocked to learn that he had been left alone.

The father-of-four was described as 'one in a million' in tributes shared by family after his death

Family members described the father of four as “one in one million” in their tributes to him after his passing.

Michelle Collins was told by Louise Collins, his sister, that the drug from which he was suffering had caused him to ‘not think straight.

She said, “It’s hard to put my disgust at this hospital into words.” It is absolutely shocking.

‘After receiving promises that he would be watched 24 hours a day, we were completely disappointed. Was this really what happened?

They didn’t think about his mental health. It feels like they weren’t caring despite warnings to him to monitor him. He was left to that task unsupervised.

“We are absolutely distraught, we have no words. It could have been worse, but he wasn’t allowed to be.

Aaron’s security guard, who had been assigned to watch over Aaron at 9:00 pm, was no longer needed.

The Mid and South Essex Hospital Trust has confirmed it is investigation the circumstances surrounding Aaron's death after his family say they were assured he would be watched 24/7

Following Aaron’s funeral, his family claims they were promised that Aaron would be monitored 24/7 by the Mid and South Essex Hospital Trust.

Louise stated, “It is so terrible. Michelle thought we were saying that he was alright, that he’s secure, that he’s in a hospital. However, this wasn’t the truth.

According to the trust, an investigation has been opened into the death.

Essex Police spokesperson confirmed that they are investigating the incident and stated: “We were summoned at 1.30am Friday 14th January for an incident at Southend University Hospital.

“A man was injured, and unfortunately, he succumbed at the scene.

“We are conducting investigations to find out the causes of the incident. However, we haven’t identified any third-party involvement.”

Aaron’s family paid tribute, calling him a “one-in-a million” man and “the best father ever”.

Flowers have been left at the scene where Aaron died outside Southend Hospital on Friday

At the Southend Hospital, Aaron’s funeral scene was left with flowers.

Michelle Deeley had been married 12 years to Aaron.

“You are gone and I am shocked. We love and cherish you forever.

He leaves behind Michelle Canvey and Hunter Alexis 14, Destiny 11, and Jason 11. 

Louise Collins, his sister in law, stated that Aaron was her best friend and the most loving father she had ever known. My sister was able to relax knowing that Aaron was there for her and their children.

“We, as a family, knew that she would always be alright because Aaron was there. His body was flawless. He loved his family and was a wonderful man.

Aron was simply one of a million. But he was such a nice man. He was always smiling and a joy to be around.