Today’s storm Arwen is expected to rip through Channel, raising concerns that more migrants could die trying to cross the Channel from France to Britain. MPs asked that Emmanuel Macron flood beaches with police in order to stop boats leaving the channel.

Channel Gusts up to 75 mph and huge waves along Britain’s Coast are likely as the first named storm brings rain, snow and gales through today and tomorrow.

Three children and 27 others were killed when the ‘flimsy ‘dinghy’ collapsed during rough seas. One man who refused crossing after the deathtraprib fell was reported to have been shot in his knee.     

Craig Mackinlay from Kent, a Kent MP, stated that Storm Arwen is expected to generate 75mph winds in France. Macron should ensure that there are no crossings today to prevent any more deaths on the Channel. However, only a few police officers were visible on the streets near Calais despite being warned.

MailOnline received this statement from him: “The French should maximize ground resources over the 20 mile stretch of high risk beaches north-south of Calais.” The traffickers will try to find the fastest route if it is bad weather. 

Natalie Elphicke, Dover MP said that the English Channel conditions will become more dangerous in the next days. France must work with the UK, EU and EU Allies in order to prevent more deaths. It is unacceptable for anyone to make this type of crossing over a turbulent sea. French authorities must appeal to people not to travel across stormy seas. 

It is believed that five of those who were killed in Wednesday’s tragedy may have been Afghan youths who didn’t text their family back in Calais. Concerning the safety of winter crossings in the future, it was claimed a migrant who was afraid was “knecapped” after refusing to board the boat just hours after the dinghy was down. 

It all happened today as Emmanuel Macron exploded in anger at Boris Johnson calling the PM ‘not seriously’ for writing a public notice demanding that Channel 4 end the migrant disasters. And  French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told counterpart Priti Patel this morning that she is no longer welcome at the crisis meeting on Sunday, after UK condemnation of lax patrolling at French beaches where migrants are launching boats in a desperate bid to reach Britain.

Police search the dunes at Wimereux beaches near Bolougne from early this morning days after 27 migrants died heading to the UK as Storm Arwen threatens to take more lives if more people try to cross

The dunes of Wimereux, near Bolougne were searched by police this morning after 27 migrants drowned crossing into the UK.

Riaz Mohammed, 12, his relative Share Mohammed, 17, pictured wearing life jackets on the beach prior to the crossing which resulted in the deaths of 27 people

Riaz Mohamed, 12 years old, and Share Mohammed, 17 years, are shown wearing life jackets along the shore before crossing, which led to 27 deaths.

According to Afghans still waiting to cross the Channel, pictured here are two of their countrymen feared drowned - Palowan, 16 (L) and Shinai, 15 (R)

Afghans are still waiting for the Channel to be opened. Fig. 2: Two of their countrymen who were feared to drown – Shinai (R), and Palowan (16L).

The flimsy and dangerous dinghy that sank off Calais on Wednesday, killing 27 people including seven women - one of whom was pregnant - and three children

The flimsy and dangerous dinghy that sank off Calais on Wednesday, killing 27 people including seven women – one of whom was pregnant – and three children

Migrants sit near wood fire at a makeshift migrant camp in Loon Beach, the day after 27 migrants died when their dinghy deflated as they attempted to cross the English Channel

After 27 migrants drowned trying to cross the English Channel, a group of migrants gathered at Loon Beach’s makeshift camp for migrants.

Macron’s meltdown, as Boris labels Boris “not serious” about the migrant crisis 

Emmanuel Macron exploded at Boris Johnson, calling him ‘not serious’ and blaming the PM for writing a letter in which he demanded that the Channel end the migrant tragedy.

Following a conference in which he was visiting Italy, the French President launched an angry tirade at Johnson. This came after Britain was notably not invited to Calais’ summit to discuss the crisis.    

The Elysee Palace had already warned Mr Johnson not to ‘exploit’ the disaster that saw dozens of migrants drown off the French coast earlier this week for political gain, but the premier penned a letter overnight with a five-point plan for cooperation. 

Today, Mr Macron couldn’t contain his fury when he was asked about these developments.

He snorted, “I am surprised that things are not taken seriously.” “We do not communicate with leaders through tweets and published letters. We are not whistleblowers.”

French officials said that Mr Johnson’s proposals ‘do not correspond at all’ to the discussions held on Wednesday by the leaders. He added that ‘We’re sick of double-speak’.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told counterpart Priti Patel this morning that she is no longer welcome at the crisis meeting on Sunday, after UK condemnation of lax patrolling at French beaches where migrants are launching boats in a desperate bid to reach Britain. 

It was labelled ‘le grand sub’ and sparked protests in the UK, with Macron’s ministers being accused of having ‘forgotten 27 people died just two days before’.

A spokesman for Mr Darmanin, who yesterday accused Britain of ‘bad immigration management’ and enticing migrants with benefits and slack labour rules, said: ‘We consider Boris Johnson’s public letter unacceptable and in opposition with discussions between counterparts. 

“Priti Patel has been rescinded from the Sunday meeting. Summit with European Interior Ministers will be held without Priti Patel, as her aides had already arrived by Eurostar in Paris last night.

British MPs were angry at this decision. Jacob Young, Tory backbencher and MP for the British People tweeted the following: “Ridiculous behavior from the French government seeming not to remember that 27 people drowned crossing the Channel just two days ago.” It’s as easy as it gets.

Fellow Conservative Nicola Richards said: ‘It’s truly childish behaviour being shown by France, becoming more and more evident they don’t want to stop these boats leaving France. 27 people lost their lives in the past few days. Yet, they prefer to be selfish than work for a solution. 


High winds from Storm Arwen in the UK are first expected to reach Scotland. But, later the Channel’s northerly flow will bring the high winds southwards.  

According to forecasters, the storm may cause travel disruptions and damage to power supply and buildings. Material could be carried onto beaches, fronts or properties by large waves. 

MailOnline has revealed that the death trap dinghies were being slashed by 500 Euros per person, in order to continue cramming as many people as possible. 

Mohammad Aziz (31), has been missing since his panicked call to Peshraw Aziz, a fellow Iraqi Kurd. Last night, he told The Daily Mail from Calais that he panicked about whether the boat would sink.

On social media, the two victims of the tragedy were identified as Omer and Mohammed Khalid (both from Kurdistan).

An Iraqi-Kurdish husband who was devastated by the loss of his wife told how his GPS signal disappeared suddenly while he was following her travels.

Maryan Nuri was a Ranya woman from northern Iraq who told her husband that she was on a trip in a boat together with 30 people.

The husband of her, a Kurdish immigrant who lives in the UK, did not wish to be identified. He described how he was following his wife’s progress to meet him, before she suddenly vanished in the middle the ocean.

“She isn’t in the UK. This means she is gone. He said that it was very disappointing for him, as well as for all of us, to tell The Daily Telegraph.

‘I maintained constant communication with my wife. I also tracked her live GPS. Four hours, 18 minutes had passed since the time she got into the boat. I believe they were still in the middle, and then I lost them.

“I’m in a terrible state.”   

MailOnline has heard from Calais migrants that they want to get to the UK, despite the fact that 27 people died crossing the Channel yesterday. This was despite the fact people traffickers having lowered their prices in order to sell them their boats to Britain.

Some people claim to be from Iran or Syria. We’d like to have a life in the UK just as you do.

Some brave souls were willing to take on the risk in November’s rough seas. However, their boats broke off the French coast and they were saved from drowning. Smugglers have reduced the cost of one-way travel to Kent by 500 euro following yesterday’s tragedy.

It came as the first picture of the doomed dinghy that deflated just off the coast of France emerged as French police again failed to stop 50 migrants crossing the Channel to Britain yesterday. Yesterday saw the deaths of 17 men and seven women, including one pregnant woman. Three children also died.

France’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin claimed that all of the deaths were directly linked to five men. However, five others have been detained in France. 

Thousands of migrants are in the Calais region hoping to get to the UK by Christmas, and speaking in France, a Kurdish computer programmer called Kochar, 25, told MailOnline: ‘It is not going to stop people from wanting to come to England. Every aspect of life comes with risks, so it’s worth taking the big chance to reach England.

Aram (41), a Kurdish Iraqi Kurd, stated that while some may be discouraged if they believe they will die, most people are forced to make the best of it. The only way to England is to go.

“I’ll get on a boat sometime.” You might get on a boat this week, or next. My friend called me and told me of the deceased. I didn’t know them all.

Since news broke of the tragedy, migrants shared their stories about how cruel traffickers had reduced prices for boats by 500 euro.

MailOnline reported that there was a reduction in cost for open dinghy places from 2,500 to 2,000 Euros for those looking for a better life.

Kochar stated that last week, it cost 2,500 Euros to rent a room. Last night, I learned that it was now 500 euros cheaper. These people have apparently made the cost of this product lower. The people smugglers are worried about losing business – so they want to give a better deal’.

Aram stated, “I heard that there was a drop in the price.” Everyone has a message for you. It is a good thing that it happened. However, it is far too costly.

Police in Calais detain a number of migrants wearing lifejackets after removing them from a bus before they tried to cross to the UK

Calais police detain migrants in lifejackets. They removed them from a bus just before they attempted to cross the border to the UK.

Migrants set up camp on a railway line in Grande-Synthe near Calais today after police smashed their previous camp

Migrants set up camp on a railway line in Grande-Synthe near Calais today after police smashed their previous camp

To reach Germany via Kurdistan through Belarus, he paid 2,500 Euros and 500 Euros to travel to France.

MailOnline interviewed another half-dozen Iraqi Kurdish migrants. They told MailOnline how their inflatable boat burst in the Channel and that they nearly died. Then they were thrown into freezing water.

The 52 passengers were paid €2,500 each for their place on a boat that left Dunkirk’s beach last Friday.

They were standing outside an Auchan grocery to shelter from the rain, and claimed they’d spent 4 hours driving out to sea. Then disaster hit in the dark.

Ali (22-year-old student) mimicked the sound of air blowing as the boat deflated.

“The air came out, and all of us landed in the water,” he said. We thought it was going to end in death. Everyone had lifejackets, so we were able floated. The water was rough for about 15 minutes. People were screaming before the French boats rescued them.

The boat was carrying five small children, six adults and six other women. We were all afraid, and it was very dangerous. But we were all brought back.

“It’s sad to see people die, but we are determined to make it right again. This could be within a few days, two or more days. The weather right now is just too terrible to travel.

A lifeboat captain photographed the flimsy and fragile grey inflatable boat. He arrived at Calais to see bodies in the waters off Calais, in what is the most tragic migrant tragedy in Anglo–French history.

Two survivors – an Iraqi and a Somalian – have told police their poorly made dinghy was hit by a container ship, puncturing its thin rubber hull and taking dozens of lives. 

Emmanuel Macron was urged by French police to take control. However, French police failed again to stop a group consisting of approximately 200 asylum seekers who were crossing the Channel in two boats. The RNLI brought them to Dover, freezing cold.

A few officers patrolled beaches near Calais today, but this time they failed to stop dozens of people setting sail for Britain in dinghies. There are claims that 17 men and seven women (one of them pregnant) were killed yesterday by the French.

Boris Johnson, Mr Macron and their ministers are expected to hold more talks today as the Prime Minister insisted that British boots are needed on the ground in France to stop evil slave gangs ‘getting away with murder’. 

As relations between the UK and France become increasingly fraught, Macron’s minister in charge of the crisis, Gerald Darmanin, today blamed Britain for the crisis and claimed migrants are promised ‘Eldorado in England’ by people traffickers because of its suite of benefits and ‘attractive’ labour market.

Mr Macron is said to have ignored the renewed offer for help with patrols during his call with the PM last night with the French President, who insists he won’t let the Channel to ‘be turned into a cemetery’, again accused by critics of allowing a bitterness over Brexit for his failure to tackle migrant traffickers.

Macron attacked critics for not doing enough while on a Croatian trip this morning. He stated that the police are ‘working daily and night since the beginning of the crisis in order to stop the boats’ and that there have been no more officers along the coast. As far as he is concerned, ‘our mobilization has been total’. 

French interior minister, Mr Darmanin, is scheduled to meet with his counterpart, Priti Patel (Home Secretary), this afternoon. 

He stated that Britain’s attraction, as well its labor market is the problem. Everyone knows there could be as many as 1.2 million clandestine migrants living in Britain. English business leaders use this workforce to make things for the English. 

French radio station RTL told him that the smugglers were ‘criminals’ who exploit others’ misery. There have been many children and women who drowned yesterday while on the boat… And for only a few thousand Euros they will promise them the “Eldorado of England”.