Federal Judge Blocks Last of Biden’s COVID-19 Bvail mandates for Businesses Tuesday. The judge ruled that the government overstepped its authority and required federal contractors to have millions of their employees inoculated.

This ruling is the latest blow to President Joe Biden (Democrat), who had announced a number of steps in September to increase vaccination rates against the ongoing pandemic which continues to claim more than 1000 Americans each day.

All three of Biden’s vast vaccine mandates for the private sector were put on hold Tuesday by the courts. 

The stay has been issued by Judges to the one that is applicable to companies with more than 100 employees and another for U.S. health workers. 

Stan Baker, a 44-year-old judge sitting in Savannah, Georgia, on Tuesday ruled that Biden's vaccine mandate for federal contractors was unlawful

Stan Baker, 44 year-old Savannah judge, ruled on Tuesday that Biden’s federal vaccine mandate was unconstitutional.

Joe Biden is seen on Tuesday in Washington DC, arriving with his wife Jill to place a wreath and pay their respects while visiting the World War II Memorial on the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor

Sandra Lindsay, left, a nurse at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, is inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine by Dr. Michelle Chester on December 14, 2020 - the first person to be vaccinated in the country

Sandra Lindsay (left), a Long Island Jewish Medical Center nurse, was inoculated by Dr. Michelle Chester with COVID-19 on December 14, 2020. She is the first to receive the vaccine in the United States.

Yves Duroseau, MD, chair of emergency medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital volunteers to be the second person to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, on December 14, 2020

Yves Duroseau MD, Lenox Hill Hospital chair in emergency medicine, volunteers to become the second recipient of the COVID-19 vaccine, December 14, 2020

Alan Wilson, a Republican and South Carolina’s attorney General, stated, “Abuse by the Biden government has been stopped cold once again.”

Stan Baker, U.S. District Judge in Savannah, Georgia stated that Congress didn’t explicitly authorize President Obama to use procurement to impose vaccine requirements on contractors. This will have a ‘vast political and economic significance’

He ruled that Executive Order 14042 – which on September 9 brought in the mandate for federal contractors – was not lawful. 

‘The Court holds that Plaintiffs can prove that Congress didn’t clearly authorize the President to issue the type of mandate contained within EO14042. Because EO14042 is far more than addressing administrative or management issues to promote efficiency in procurement and contractsing, but instead acts as a regulation in public health, which was not authorized by the Procurement Act 9,” Baker stated in his ruling.

‘While Procurement Act clearly and unquestionably confers some authority on the President, Court at this stage is not convinced that it authorizes him to direct actions of agencies as described in EO 14042. 

This lawsuit was brought by West Virginia, Georgia, Alabama and Indiana as well as an association of building contractors.

This rule mandated that contractors have all employees fully vaccinated before January 18. 

Biden’s executive orders were only applicable to contracts that have been awarded recently. However, the government had been asking suppliers for their cooperation to modify contracts in order to include the vaccine requirement.

This contractor requirement was created to increase efficiency of government suppliers and reduce outbreaks. It was also broad-reaching.

Baker’s Tuesday ruling, which was an appointee by President Donald Trump, temporarily halted the remaining Biden-announced business mandates. Courts have found that the government exceeded its authority when imposing these rules.

Republican governors, conservative business associations, and conservative civil rights groups challenged these mandates.

According to data from the government, 83% of Americans have had at least one shot. The lawsuit could continue for many months.

Last month, a federal appeals court in New Orleans revoked a requirement for businesses employing at least 100 workers to have their employees vaccinated and tested every week.

Last week, a requirement that all healthcare workers be vaccinated was halted.

More than 780,000 Americans have died from the pandemic, which has slowed economic growth as well as stymied supply chains.

Mandatory vaccination is a popular method of fighting pandemics and has increased U.S. vaccination rates.

Even though the Biden administration has been unable to implement its plans, court judges upheld mandates of private employers and universities as well as state and local governments.

Courts rejected the Biden government’s request for civilian and military employees.