After being caught napping in the Christmas tree branches, a sneaky cat surprised her owner. She was perfectly disguised among the decorations.  

Moon, a cute pet named after Sarah Nelson-McGuinness (42), lives in Liverpool and loves Christmas trees.

As she nestled between the fairy lights and ornaments in the tree branches, her 15-month-old kitten vanished.

Moon rumbled only after Freddo, Luna and Luna, the other family cats, were seen staring up at the tree.

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Can you spot the cat? Sarah Nelson-McGuinness, 42, from Liverpool, revealed her British short hair Moon loves to hide in the ornaments on her Christmas tree, pictured

Is it possible to spot the cat? Sarah Nelson McGuinness, 42 from Liverpool, said that Moon, her British short-hair, loves hiding in ornaments.

Cheeky Moon, pictured, sneaks into the tree and nestles in its branches whenever Sarah is not looking

Cheeky Moon is pictured. She sneaks up on Sarah and hides under the branches.

Sarah said that Moon loves to hide and run so the Christmas tree makes a great cat playground.

Moon, the confused mother-of-two, quickly climbed up from 8ft to rescue her.

Sarah is full-time caregiver for her son with disabilities.

“Our two remaining cats were sitting looking up at the tree, bewildered.

Rumbled! Moon was finally spotted hiding at the top of the tree behind an ornamental Santa Claus

Rumbled! Moon finally was spotted behind an ornamental Santa Claus at the top. 

Sarah revealed she did not realise Moon was hiding in the tree, pictured, until her other cats, Freddo and Luna, stared at the tree's branches

Sarah said that she didn’t realize Moon was in the tree until Freddo, Luna and Luna stared at it. 

“I glanced up to find out why they were so interested in Moon and found her curled up sleeping.

‘I took her out which she didn’t appreciate, she’s only small and it’s an 8ft tree so I was worried she may fall and get hurt.’

Moon was not the first to be caught up in this festive decor.

Sarah actually switched from her usual white Christmas tree to a traditional green this year, in an effort to find the cat.

Feline sneaky! Moon, pictured behind the Santa ornament, was adopted by Sarah last year, and both this Christmas and last, she hid in the tree

Feline sneakiness! Sarah adopted Moon last Christmas, which is pictured behind Santa’s ornament. Both this and the last Christmas, Moon hid under the tree.

Now you see meow! Sarah thought she'd be able to spot the white cat in the green tree, but admitted she was wrong

You can now see the meow. Sarah believed she would be able see the white cat under the green tree. But she admitted that she was mistaken. 

She said, “We purchased Moon right before Christmas 2020 so that we would have the same issue last Year.” 

“Last year, it was harder because she was so tiny and the tree was white.

“I thought this would make it easier because she’s bigger than the tree and easier to see, but I was wrong.

She is great at hiding.

‘Moon is constantly in the tree, she likes to be at the top so she can spy on us all, but she makes sure she’s well hidden so I don’t spot her and lift her out or make her come down.

The stealthy moggy, pictured, amused social media users when Sarah shared the picture online

Sarah shared this picture on social media and the stealthy moggy was instantly amused.

‘It’s often the other two cats that give the game away and she gets rumbled so I now rely on them to ‘snitch’ as I can never find her when she’s in there.’

Sarah shared the picture to Facebook, captioning it “FEELINE FESTIVE.. Spot The Cat” and garnering 1,800 likes.

One user on social media commented, “Beautiful trees. I had to search for your cat for a long time.

Shy Moon is so good at hiding, pictured, that even her own Sarah struggles to locate her sometimes

Shy Moon hides so well, as shown in the photo, even Sarah sometimes has trouble finding her. 

Sarah recounted that last year, they kept losing Moon, because the white cat hid in their white tree, pictured

Sarah recalled that they lost Moon last year because Moon hid under their white tree.

Moon took to hiding in the Christmas tree as a kitten during Christmas 2020, pictured, and it looks like the habit is here to stay

Moon, who was a kitten when Christmas 2020 began, found a way to hide in the Christmas Tree. 

Another person added, “Can you please put me out my misery by telling me the location of the bloody cat?”

One other confused commenter commented: “Couldn’t, for the love God locate it after discovering where it is in the comments. It’s a great Monday morning exercise for the eyes.

Some people were more successful in finding the cat.

Another one said that it was hard, but that the little snowball was well worth it.

After Sarah shared the picture on Facebook, any people said they had struggled to spot Moon in the tree

Sarah posted the photo on Facebook. Anyone who saw it said that they struggled to see Moon.