Female prison officer, 33, who sexted inmates on smuggled mobile phones and ‘warned prisoner of planned cell search’ is jailed for 16 months

  • Sarah Milburn (33) is a prison officer who has formed close relationships with three of her prisoners
  • She stated that she was “absolutely in love” with one of HMP The Mount’s men    
  • Milburn was sentenced to 16 months in prison for misconduct while serving office at an earlier hearing
  • The three defendants pleaded guilty at St Albans Crown Court to possessing a telephone

According to a trial, three male inmates were harmed by smuggled phones and had sexual conversations with a female prison officer in Hemel Hempstead’s The Mount jail.

Sarah Milburn was 33 when she began inappropriate relationships to Jay Bell, Jawan Sachhil, Dean Fleming and Jawan Takhil.

Sakhil, 26 years old, was warned by her about a cell-search plan. Today, St Albans Crown Court heard that she did so.

Milburn was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment at an earlier hearing after pleading guilty to three counts of misconduct in public office.

Today in St Albans Court Sakhil (still in prison), Fleming Of St Albans and Bell of Barnet all pleaded guilty for possessing mobile phones in prison.

Sarah Milburn, 33 years old was a HMP The Mount prison officer (pictured).

James Keeley, the Prosecutor of Milburn, stated that Milburn had been temporarily employed as an officer in prison starting July 23, 2017.

He claimed that 924 messages she had saved from her 2017 phone were between her, and the one Fleming was using. Fleming was serving time for cocaine possession with intent-to-supply. His phone was used for three months.

Many of these messages are indicating sexual contact. There is also a photo of Fleming’s penis.

Milburn, who says that she misses him and refers to him being introduced to her family, stated she was “absolutely in love” with him. Mr Keeley agreed.

The two were seen holding hands, kissing and kissing one another. She also sent him a picture of herself wearing a bikini.

Sakhil, who had been serving a 22-year sentence for attempted killing, was moved to The Mount from Chelmsford in May 2018. Milburn communicated with him from 29 July to 14 August. Milburn had his phone for seven months.

Mr Keeley stated that the messages included speculation about the attraction between blonde-white girls and black boys – Milburn, a blonde woman, and Sakhil, a black man.

Sakhil received a serious message from her on 14 Aug at 7.13pm, informing him that he is subject to “security spins”. He is advised not to inform everyone as they might wonder who knew.

“Later, there will be messages about sexual intimacy and touching one another when they are in prison.”

The prosecution stated that Bell arrived on The Mount at 29 years old after Bell had been sentenced to possess Class A or Class B drugs with the intent of supply. 

Most calls and contacts occurred between February 21st and March 12, 2018.  

Sakhil’s representative, Tessa Shroff said that Sakhil was the prison officer who had acted in breach trust. Seven years older than Sakhil, she was. At the time, he was just 23 years old.

“If it had not been a prison officer, the matter could have been handled internally in the prison.”

She requested that the judge add the sentence to the 22 year term he was currently on.

Leila Gaafar, Bell’s lawyer, asked for a suspension of sentence. He pleaded guilty to the charges and was released from jail in August.

Fleming himself represented himself. He stated that he was freed in November 2019.

Judge Sandeep Kainth stated: “The legislation that states you cannot have mobile phones or SIM card in prison serves a very good purpose. This sentence means that you will be denied certain privileges.

He said that the three defendants weren’t nearly as guilty as Sarah Milburn.

Sakhil was given 6 months probation to go with the 22-year sentence.

Bell was given a suspended 6 month sentence and Fleming was suspended 32 weeks.

They were warned by the judge: “Don’t be stupid. Keep out of trouble.”