Today, a teacher from a top private school was sentenced to 27 months for sexual act with a student over two years.

Nicola Park (42) had sex for two years with her student (15) between 2016 and 2019. Contact ended in 2020 when the teen went to university.

Park and his wife had been separated for a while. Park helped the student with an issue personal.

They met at Park’s house, and the teacher called the girl “my angel”.

Park (pictured) pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to engaging in a sexual relationship with the pupil while in a position of trust between December 9 2016 and April 14 2019

Park (pictured) has pleaded guilty in Glasgow Sheriff Court to having a sexual relationship between herself and the pupil when she was in a position trust.

When the student reported it to her doctor, they were discovered. This led to police investigating and officers entering Park’s house. 

The officers made several discoveries that linked the two, including photographs of their’sexual nature.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, she pleaded guilty to having a sexual relationship between her and the pupil when she was in a trust position. This occurred between December 9, 2016 and April 14, 2019.

Sheriff John McCormick said to her, “This wasn’t a momentary slippage in an otherwise flawless career in teaching.”

“This was an abuse of trust by a teacher in her 30s with a young girl in her twenties that involved touching, kissing and engaging in sexual acts.

“You were a teacher. It was you that was responsible and trusted.

Nicola Park (pictured), 42, engaged in sexual acts with the student, 15, for over two years between 2016 and 2019

Nicola Park (photo), 42, was seen engaging in sexual acts, 15 years ago, with the student. This occurred between 2016-2019

“Such is gravity of offence, time and professional position as teacher at school that I think there is no alternative but a custodial sentence.”

Park was also added to the East Dunbartonshire sex offenders list for a period of 10 years.

The authorities also received her details, stating that she was ‘unfit to work with children’.

As an assistant housemistress, the teacher taught maths as well as social education.

After feeling alone, the little girl was upset in December 2016.

Jennifer McKee, the prosecution’s attorney, stated to court: “She claimed Park would not understand what she was feeling.”

She replied, “She understood having separated recently from her husband.”

Park provided support for the girl which allowed her to cope with her feelings.

Teacher said that the teenager could reach her after school.

Regular email exchanges were also conducted, including during Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Park decided to call herself “Auntie Nic”, and she would leave with many kisses.

They met at Glasgow’s West End in January 2017. According to the court, it was understood by both parties and would not be discussed with any other.

Miss McKee stated that Park mentioned they “probably shouldn’t be meeting up”.

“The girl was touched by Park’s willingness to go against the grain and meet her.

According to the court, they met on Sundays and began kissing.

Park later reached out to the teenager, before she left for her holiday.

This was the gushing message: “You’re my angel. Your love is all mine.

Park got into sex with the girl later. Park was often taken to the teenager’s home in Hyndland, Glasgow.

At 18 years old, the teenager decided to go to university. He believed that their’relationship was over’.

Sheriff John McCormick told her: 'This was not a momentary lapse in an otherwise unblemished career in teaching. 'This was abuse of trust of a teacher in her late 30s with an adolescent young female that included kissing, touching and engaging in sexual acts

Sheriff John McCormick said to her that it was not a temporary lapse in an otherwise flawless career of teaching. “This was abuse to trust by a teacher in her 30s who had been with an adolescent girl in her twenties that involved touching, kissing and engaging in sexual acts

However, Park was unable to overcome his ‘breakdown’ or ‘displayed manipulative behavior’ toward the girl.

As a result, the teenager was stressed and ended up losing more than one stone of weight.

Park was revealed to Park’s doctor by Park in September 2020.

After blocking contact with Park, she contacted the NSPCC.

Park was detained by the police in October 2020.

Police seized several photos taken by the two of them together, as well an iPhone.

Park claimed that there was contact between the girl and Park outside of school. However, he denied any inappropriate conduct.

On being charged, she insisted: ‘Completely untrue. She did not engage in any sexual activities.

Park’s lawyer stated that Park would never again be a teacher.

Ian Patterson, the defense, said: “She had dedicated her entire life to teaching, and in this particular instance, she fell asleep and became involved in something she now regrets.

His name was plastered in newspapers. She has lost her professional reputation and lost her friends.

“She knows that she made a terrible mistake and has a great deal of empathy for the victims, their families, and school.