After a party at Holiday Inn that was prosecco-fuelled, a Royal Navy Sailor was raped and beaten by his male coworker.

William Stewart, Able Seaman, is alleged to have taken advantage of the woman. She stripped down to her bra while she celebrated her birthday with fizz and enjoyed it along with half-naked men shipmates.

Bulford Military Court in Wiltshire revealed that sailors were out partying before returning to the North East hotel to carry on their drinking.

After someone called ‘naked’, several sailors took off their tops and laid down on the floor while the woman sailor “poured prosecco” on themselves and the others.

With three other members of the group, including AB Stewart she went to another hotel room with another male sailor. She changed her clothes there and then fell asleep on his mattress. According to the woman, she found out that Able Seaman had sexually assaulted and raped her when she woke up.

AB Stewart alleges a count of rape as well one each of assault by penetration (rape) and causing a person in sexual activity. Both sailors agreed to his sexual activities. 

Bulford Military Court heard that the alleged rape occurred during the night while the ship’s maintenance was taking place. 

Able Seaman William Stewart, pictured, allegedly took advantage of the woman after she stripped down to her bra and showered herself and her half-naked male shipmates in fizz while celebrating her birthday

William Stewart, Able Seaman, is pictured. Stewart apparently took advantage of her after she stripped down to the bra and swathed herself with fizz, while celebrating her birth.

A Royal Navy sailor was raped by a male colleague after a prosecco-fuelled ‘naked mess’ party at a Holiday Inn (stock image), a court martial has heard

Royal Navy sailors were raped after attending a Holiday Inn ‘naked party’ (stock photo), which was prosecco-fuelled. A court martial had heard about the incident.

Michael Saunders was the one who prosecuted. All had consumed significant amounts of alcohol. [The female alleged victim]A bottle of Prosecco was gifted to her as her birthday gift.

‘[Videos from the conference room]Please show [her]She poured the Prosecco on herself and onto males, their tops up on the floor. One was AB Stewart.

As she gave evidence, the female sailor said: “It was my birthday that day.” It was our birthday, and we also celebrated the promotion of a few people, so that’s what we were doing.

“We all had drinks, and everyone was having fun. [Later on]All of us were in the conference room and ordered pizza.

”Naked mess” was shouted – it was just tops off… we all had a bit of the Prosecco and I got a bit wet [from]The alcohol. When I was drinking Prosecco, I can recall people lying down on the floor. “I was standing up holding the bottle.

Four of the guests, according to the woman, went back into their room to continue their party.

“I inquired the boy whose bedroom it was, if I could get into dry clothes,” she replied. “I got into boxers and a shirt, and then I continued to drink. It was getting worse and I fell asleep. I fell asleep.’

However, the’scared, confused’ woman said she awoke to AB Stewart who she hardly knew and ‘fondling and touching’ her breasts. 

Bulford Military Court heard the alleged incident took place during a night out while the sailors’ ship was undergoing maintenance

Bulford Military Court was informed that the incident occurred during nightout while maintenance on the ship involved.

“It is a great feeling to be able to say that,” she said. [next]I woke up in the morning without my boxers on, and my shirt was raised above my chest. I was being touched and raped by this person. I was astonished. His actions started and I tried my best to squeeze my legs, but that didn’t work. But, I couldn’t move. “I just couldn’t find the energy or will to change it.

She said that AB Stewart moved on to the other side and assaulted a male sailor, who was also sleeping before she returned to her.

“He returned to me and agreed to have sex,” she said. He kept trying to make me move, but he just kept moving my hips. I lay down. My eyes were shut the whole time. It was clear that he did exactly what he wanted, and it seemed like it would end. It was like a lifetime ago that I prayed for the boy next to me to wake up. It felt like a lifetime.’ 

Michael Green, the defending party, argued that both alleged victims were involved in’sexualized behaviour’ with AB Stewart.

The man told her: “Someone shouted, ”naked fool” and it was you.” [female alleged victim]Your top was off and you had started pouring the prosecco on yourself.

‘[Three male sailors]AB Stewart, AB Stewart, and AB Stewart had all taken their tops off. They were all lying down on the hotel’s conference floor.

“A video of you with champagne or prosecco. It was pouring over you and trickling down. [the male sailors]The naked body. [Later on]When your bum was slapped you were all fours on the mattress. Your bum was gyrating and you were doing a lot of twerking. This is now considered sexualised behavior.

This was possible, but the woman admitted that it did happen. However, she said that she does not recall any of these events.

Green stated that Mr Green was confused when he first reported the incident. Things moved on [from]The conference room was a place where there were no lines. No doubt you regretted [it]However, you had sex with people who were drinking. [with AB Stewart].’

The trial is continuing.