Brilliant Shear! Fenwick’s Shaun the Sheep Christmas Window Display shows characters wrapped in fairy lights while enjoying festive food. The event is streamed worldwide

  • Fenwick Live Streamed the Unveiling of their Christmas Window Display in Newcastle
  • Watching Facebook live from Australia and America was possible thanks to the many users who tuned in. 
  • The creative Shaun The Sheep theme of department stores has earned them praise  

Fenwick unveiled the Shaun the Sheep Christmas Window Display in an event that was streamed all over the globe. 

A variety of scenes were used to decorate the Newcastle branch’s front, which includes a Christmas present unwrapping scene and a celebratory Christmas lunch. 

The new Shaun the Sheep BBC movie, The Flight Before Christmas (premiering next month) inspires all.

Fenwick Newcastle has unveiled a playful Shaun the Sheep Christmas window display in an event streamed around the world. Above, they get into trouble on Christmas morning

Fenwick Newcastle’s Shaun the Sheep window display was unveiled in a worldwide streamed event. The above picture shows how they have a lot of fun on Christmas morning

Christmas carols! One scene, also inspired by the film, shows carolers coming to the door

Carols for Christmas A scene in which carolers come to the front door was also inspired by this film.

Santa's grotto: Father Christmas is hard at work in his workshop - and the sign points straight from the North Pole to Fenwick

Santa’s workshop: Father Christmas works hard in his workshop. This sign is straight from Fenwick to the North Pole. 

The unveiling was viewed in person by approximately 2,000 people. 228,000 more tuned in via a live stream in order to view it remotely. 

You can see The Flight Before Christmas Story in the Northumberland Street window front. It depicts Shaun the Sheep with his flock at Mossy Bottom Farm. 

Mossy Bottom Farm, which is covered in snow and ice, is getting ready for Christmas. Shaun, the Sheep,’s season excitement is turned to disappointment when Timmy (Shaun’s cousin) disappears from the farm to obtain a larger stocking. 

Festive magic: A young visitor peers into the window at the unveiling of the Fenwick display

Christmas magic: Young visitor looks into the Fenwick window during the unveiling 

Festive feast! The characters tuck into a Christmas lunch, surrounded by some of their friends

Festive dinner! Enjoy a delicious Christmas meal, with some of their closest friends. 

Jingle all the way! A sleigh ride goes badly wrong after it is hijacked by the sheep

All the best! The sheep hijacks a sleigh ride and it goes horribly wrong. 

Fenwick took to Instagram to thank fans for tuning in to watch the virtual unveiling of their themed Christmas windows

Fenwick took to Instagram and thanked their fans for watching the virtual unveilings of the themed Christmas windows 

Director at Fenwick Mia Fenwick said: ‘Every year our Christmas window reveal is the highlight of the Fenwick calendar and this year we are thrilled to have partnered with Aardman to give audiences a glimpse into the new Shaun the Sheep Christmas special. 

“It felt very appropriate to partner with British animation studio, on the eve 50th anniversary our Christmas windows.”

Richard Beek, Shaun The Sheep producer added that it was a great honor to be able to view moments from Shaun the Sheep’s latest film, The Flight Before Christmas. This movie inspired this year’s Fenwick Christmas window. 

“We are very proud of this film, and being able to share with everyone in such a unique and special manner is amazing. I’m certain that everybody will love the windows just as much as us! 

A stream of comments on Fenwicks' Instagram page praised the brand for their decision to use Shaun The Sheep

Fenwicks Instagram page received many comments that praised Fenwicks for using Shaun The Sheep. 

Fenwick shared photographs from the unveiling of their Christmas windows on their Instagram page as they thanked fans for viewing their virtual event, saying:  ‘Did you guess our theme? We are thrilled to have Shaun the Sheep join our 2021 Christmas windows in partnership with @aardmananimations 

“This year, Fenwick Newcastle was transformed into a magical Christmas wonderland with @shaunthesheep telling the hilarious story of his mischievous Flock across the whole frontage of Northumberland Street window windows. 

“We’d like to say a sincere thank you to everyone who has viewed our windows online. We can’t wait for you to visit them in person starting Monday, 8th November through early January. #ChristmasAtFenwick’

Fenwick’s theme selection was well-received by many.

One user wrote: “Love it. Thank you @Fenwickofficial, and all those involved for your Xmas cheer.

One other person said, “That’s so adorable!” Shaun The Sheep is my favorite animal and I also love Christmas! Another comment: “A wonderful choice. It is absolutely wonderful.